Model Monday 2

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  • Welcome back, Internet! Today I bring you round 2 of what I've been working on for my painting and modeling projects. I ran a little behind schedule due to some medical procedures and some collaboration work with @Warboss Tooth of ChiHammer Fantasy Battles and @WAARGHammer... but I'm really looking forward to getting back on the horse and painting some more greenskins! Enjoy the update with a little bit of added video editing flavor that I hope to bring to some of my future battle reports. ;)

    Let me know what your #modelmonday projects are?! I'd love to see what you guys are working on and feature some of the coolest stuff on the next episode!

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  • Shlagrabak -

    This boar cavalry looks particularly fantastic. I love the way you positioned them in an arc formation, they appear to be surging forward very wildly. Congrats !