Dread Elves 1.0 Review

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Comments 5

  • Furbyballer -

    Very nice review. I agree with most of your points.

  • KiRaHyuU -

    Interesting write kudos for taking the time to nut out all your thoughts...your analysis of the army book I think is quite well written and insightful however your cult rivalry thoughts I find are unfounded....especially since your deem that cult of nabh army is useless well my thoughts would be just don't take them since the units from a nabh army u already can take without requiring a nabh general - circumventing your biggest complaint about army restrictions.

    Yema likewise is not unfounded, the ability to grant +1 movement and strider is amazing think about how much strider and +1 movement banner? Likewise u also dismiss the notion of lust magic which is a great lore for Dread Elves.

    Thematic lists always suffer and this has been balanced out in a range of army books. Your knowledge of army books is also need to be improved, Undying legions have thematic lists that place heavy army restrictions, likewise a bloodline Vampire Covenants list also. Other armies don't have access to thematic lists so your point about it being a Dread Elf penalty is overdone.

    Just my thoughts but still it's a great read and I've gotten a lot more appreciation for select units that typically I've overlooked so thank you again.

  • Astadriel -

    Great article, I think it sums up very well my feelings about the state of the army book! As of now it's like a raw diamond covered in mud, it needs a lot of cleaning and refining to get the shine it deserves.

  • Pellegrim -

    Wow this is great and fun to read

  • Marchosias -

    This is a really good review, thank you very much! I might disagree on some points but that changes nothing on the article being very informative and thorough.