Confessions of an Alternate-Army-Addict (AAAA should be a thing)

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  • Oh, what's that? A new fun character build I found playing around with Battlescribe for a faction I don't own? Better do this^ to my wallet again!

    In my experience, there are two kinds of Wargamers:
    1. Wargamers that commit to their projects, think them out, plan them and purchase/accordingly.
    2. The rest of us.
    The first kind seem to commit; they have no issue playing an army for 100 games in a row with minor (sometimes major) tweaks, and really getting to know their force(s). The second, like myself, are pretty much the gaming version of this:

    That isn't to say we don't love the armies we play, or even that we don't aim to learn said armies to a high level of play. It's just... there's so much to try and play around with in The 9th age. Here's a list of my army swapping through the last year:
    1. 9th Age Begins. Started a Beastmen of Change army.
    2. Beast Herds, as it is now dubbed, seems to be getting away from the Dark Gods. Nah, not what I'm really after.
    3. Well, may as well try out the old Goblin hordes.
    4. Hey, look at that... Daemons don't have that stupid Reign of Random table anymore... seems legit. I've always liked the idea of a Lust army.
    5. Did I say Lust Daemons? Nah brah- totally meant to say, Mono-change... ignore the cabinet full of unpainted Sirens.
    6. Dwarfs seem like an interesting counter-army to my Daemons... and there is a tournie coming up... could be fun to try something new!
    7. Ogres on kijiji? much?! Done!
    8. Oh, those bearded fellas? Yeah, they're in the closet. Been painting up my Kingdoms of Equataine lately.
    9. Can't believe how great those five Blazing Chariots look on the table! ... Oh...right... Knights...
    10. Russian Alternative is having a sales? Evil Dwarves- done!
    11. That is a mighty sweet deal on Highborn Elves on eBay... I'll place a bid after my Daemons kill some rats, today.
    12. Oh... I forgot I ordered Elves. Well, into the closet with the Dwarves...evil and good? When the hell did I get these?
    13. And on...and on... and on....
    Now, this isn't to brag. If I told you what I spent on all of this, you'd probably say "that's pretty reasonable"- I'm a big fan of eBay and Kijiji and basically refuse to pay retail for CERTAIN COMPANY'S products (due to said company's prices being somewhere between the cost of a new car or the cost of bail for stealing that new car).

    "I'm the product of all that online bits and kits buying... kill me.... killllll meee... it hurts to exist!"

    So... what's the point?
    The point? Well... have never done this with another Game System. Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim, Warhammer 40,000, Kings of War, Frostgrave... I'm really not a miniature hoarder. In fact, until the beginning of The 9th Age I was perfectly happy running my goblin horde off to their merry doom every single game I'd play. Ditto for my Marienburg warbands and my Tyranid swarm. But... dammit... The Ninth Age did something to me. And, after a lot of thinking, pondering and drinking behaving like a completely rational adult, I think I've finally figured out what happened...

    ... the game, by in large, has so, so few bad choices... and the power level has been on a trend downwards (or upwards, depending), with almost all armies meeting in the middle (to a degree).

    That's it.

    That's really it, for me.

    Buying that Tyranid Swarm, once upon a time, was a hassle- most of it would die, turn 2, because of a few mega-powered blast weapons. It was super fun setting up 200 models and taking half of them off the table before I even got to move them. Well, that's a bit hyperbolic...they moved from my case onto the field and then back into the case. So there was some travel for the little guys, just not the kind I was hoping for.

    It was kind of the same with old Warhammer Fantasy- seeing the old Unkillable Chaos Lord of Skill, Skillcannons galore, The Broklock Bus... the ridiculous amount of broken combos just made me ambivalent towards paying more money (a lot more) for an army I wanted to play, and didn't try to counter cheese with cheese.

    Note: This guy loves 6-dicing Dwellers.

    And, really... that was it.

    I've always wanted to play at a competitive level- or, rather, get to the point where I was good enough to do so. But, I really didn't want to essentially try to cheese my opponent into submission at the sight of 2 STank, lvl 4 Life + Light Council lists of "WHY ****ING BOTHER?".

    And that, my friends, is solidly why I have become an Alternate Army Addict. Because, now... I feel like can, and have a fighting chance. The opportunity to learn new playstyles, new list building techniques and, hell, this has all made me a better modeler, painter and overall player.

    So, all in all, the strive for balance in The 9th Age has completely destroyed any moderation I used to have with model purchases.


    Goblin, Daemon Legions and Warriors of the Dark Gods Player and 9th Age Staffer
    Follow my journey through the world of 9th Age HERE

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