Sylvan Elves Background and Art Review

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  • Hello All,

    As many of you know, we have recently had the pleasure of having had a preview of the New Sylvan Elves army book. The book is released today, the 17th of May. I decided to make a "podcast edition" of the youtube video for those who prefer to listen rather than watch. You won't get the full-force of the release with the images, but it might be easier for some people.

    This special episode of the podcast is an interview with the head of the Background and arts team @Scottish Knight. We discuss a few of the topics and stories in the new book and also some of the general Background of the 9th age.

    Ammertime team. X

    "P.S. Upon consulting our linguistics team we have received the correct pronunciation for Trewi.

    "Trewi is natively pronounced with short vowels. This is something English speakers will always struggle with, since English doesn't allow short rounded vowels, only short unrounded or long rounded, which is a distinction most language don't make."

    So for those familiar with the phonetic alphabeth we have included how the Sylvan Elves name is spoken - /tre'wi/

    For those not familiar with phonetic transcription, the best approximation for English speakers is "tre" as in "trek" followed by "we", like the pronoun. This will vary a little by dialect, but should be close enough for most people. Those whose native language is not English will probably have an easier time figuring it out - but the specifics will differ by language. For most Europeans, "Tre-ui" might be a better approximation."
    Ammertime Podcast Host
    VC von Karlstein Army Blog
    The Von Karlsteins

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