Ammertime Podcast, Episode 9: The Gunline of Death

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  • Fthunder -

    Hey gents,

    Love the podcast, first listen on a long drive in Germany last week and cracked this one out on a drive in the UK.

    I've played the list above in some form or another since 9th age dropped, but have just switched double rocket battery for double cannon and added in the light council.

    Even though the Prelate cannot get to a 1+ (no mounts protection) like I think you guys said on the show, he is still an auto include in Empire lists as he just brings too much support to the table. I think the GW giving him only a 3+ in CC is a bit of a problem though if you want to use him aggressively.

    I ran the horde of halberdiers last tournament, but against catapults, that can hide from the cannons, you end up losing so many. If you come up against an Infernal Dwarves list with double engineer mortar and some terrain to hide behind, that list loses quite quickly. The K'dai pushes forward and can take out the flagellants no problem, if it can survive cannons.

    The standard ID list is a pretty hard counter for it. Something like Chris Legg's list from Bristol GT gives it a pretty hard time.…016/05/BRISTOLGTLISTS.pdf

  • jgetsi -

    Lords… 240
    260... Orc Big Shaman(175) w/ Dispel Scroll (35), Talisman of Supreme Shielding (50) Army General

    Heroes… 300
    135...Orc Chief (50) w/ Heavy Armor (5), Shield (5), BSB (25), Talisman of Greater Shielding (25), Dragonscale Helm (10)
    85… Goblin Shaman (60) w/ Ring of Fire (25)
    75… Goblin Shaman (60) w/ Tome of Arcane Lore (15)

    Core… 645
    490… 40 Feral Orc ‘Eadbashers w/ AHW, Full Command, Mammoth Stabber, Standard of Speed
    155… 25 Orcs w/ Bows, SB
    70… 20 Common Goblins w/ SB, Short Bows

    Special… 890
    320… 40 gnashers
    90… Git Launcher
    90… Git Launcher
    60… 5 Gnasher Dashers
    60… 5 Gnasher Dashers
    135… Giant
    135… Giant

    Rare… 355
    65… Gnasher Wrecking Team
    65… Gnasher Wrecking Team
    225… Gargantula

    I usually run a hard monster flank with 2 giants and 1 garganutla - supported by a gnasher dasher unit to chaff up anything that gets annoying. Depending on deployment i usually try to wait until I see the heavily armored units (my opponents used knights instead of a second heavy infantry block) and drop my Gnasher Wrecking Teams right in front of them and go balls out towards the armor. If there is no armor then I support the monster flank with the Wrecking Teams. I basically square up with my Eadbasher and Gnasher Herd blocks (both horde formation) against the flagellants or heavy infantry.

    Tactic wise I throw ALL my magic missiles and git launcher shots to bring down the arcane engine. Due to the ridiculous armor and ward on the Pope, I ignore this b@st@rd. Really the Arcane Engine is the better combat buff anyways. Hatred only lasts during the first round of combat, while Lightning Reflexes is continual. This usually proves pretty easy and fast. Either the Arcane engine or the Canons, depending on how quickly I was able to get my monsters into combat. Once these threats are removed I start throwing what I can at whatever is threatening the flanks of the flagellant combats. I usually win these fights in time... but we'll see as I play against these lists more.

    I do eat quite a bit of magic, but I think it kind of balances out as I throw a minimum of 3 magic missiles per turn (4 if I can snag the swarm of insects).

    I think my fatal flaw in my first game against this style list (other than the failed frenzy test) was that I didn't engage the popemobile with one of my giants. Had I engaged the pope with a giant, he would have (in time) fallen to the mighty hand of the giant! But seriously, the giant does such brutal combat towards large things (chariots) that the pope would have eventually lost combat against the giant. This will be my hopeful tactic in upcoming games against this list if I can manage to make that combat a reality.

    But yeah. I lost to this list, then beat this list. The loss was almost entirely due to a failed frenzy test (that I have subsequently removed from my list [feral orc boar riders]). So I feel fairly confident against this list and the different variants that it has to offer. They lacked the steam tank - so that might prove challenging. But again, relatively confident against this list with my own and actually pretty eager to learn how to perfectly counter this ridiculous gunline.

  • jgetsi -

    I played this list twice so far. I lost the first game due to a failed frenzy test that allowed the big block of heavy infantry to flank my eadbashers that were engaged with a unit of flagellants. I won the second game (dice were in my favor) because 2 giants and a gargantula beat flagellants. Will submit list when I'm not on my phone and give the benefits of each entry vs this lisy