Ammertime Podcast : Episode 10 - Ammer Hammer Preview

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  • Ammertime Podcast Episode 10: Ammer Hammer Preview

    On this episode Henry is Joined by Kristoffer and Ulrik to talk about the up-coming tournament "Ammer-Hammer" in Copenhagen.

    News and Rumours:

    Warhammer Total war is out. We have a quick discussion about it and some of the new GW models.
    Kristoffer drools about the new Raging Heroes Kickstarter:

    We do the pairings live on air including the coverted podcast grudge match!

    Ammertime VS Thundercocks!

    We discuss each match up in depth and how much we think the Thundercocks are going to loose by.

    We talk about some of the other lists and match ups.

    For those involved or interested, you can find the rest of the lists here:…me%20Lists%20v.2.pdf?dl=0

    Ammerhammer will be held in Faros Cigar (Copenhagen) on the 5th of June 2016. We will be trying to live stream it if the internet connection is good enough (not looking hopeful at the moment) but hopefully there will be some good content coming your way.

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Comments 7

  • tommytucker -

    Excellent episode you blokes. I really enjoyed the combination of serious meta/list discussion paired with pissed up swearing.

  • Angrymiguel -

    Listening to the analysis of the Tuskar Cavalry and wanted to point out that because he took iron fists, they gain +1 attack, +1 initiative and are not allowed to take heavy armour. 3+ is the max armour save allowed.

  • corkydk -

    Thx guys - that eos army will lose capture the flag everytime...

    Hope i get to destroy it in the weekend. Btw nice review with my young padawan morten - think kritoffer is underestimating the ambush party

  • Gelmarus -

    #rigged ;)

    But for real though, I think you have massively underestimated how well Alex rolls.

    • Henrypmiller -

      Just got a message from Alex that he wants to change his list.... Was he a little scared about the matchup ;) haha.

      Looking forward to the weekend!

  • ZardukZarakhil -

    Really great episode guys, thanks :)