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  • Dear T9A players,

    You have been heard!
    Some 650 posts about Short Questions / Short Answers since the release of V1.0, more than 100 threads active since April 30th in the dedicated Rules Questions & Answers forum (well, not all of them were rules questions, but never mind). This proves that our members (you!) are invaluable to spot many situations that were left with some ambiguity, despite all the dedication demonstrated by our rule teams.

    For your future games, we do not want you to spend you time searching for a clarification which might have been given already - your time is much better spent playing or painting! So here you are, most of the clarification you needed (and many you did not need but someone else did) is gathered in our FAQ.

    Please download it here: FAQ
    And keep informing us in case there is a need for more.

    Thank you,
    The Rules Team

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  • Glonojad -

    Are there going to be any re-wordings of the rules to accomodate the FAQ? I guess most answers are pretty much self-explainatory, but there arw always ways to improve.