Looking at Meta (Part 2)

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  • After the previous article I wrote about the Meta of two neighbouring countries, people got interested in the idea, and there seems to be a real need for blog posts detailing this kind of info. So, without further ado, let's talk about ...

    So I grabbed some easy data for me to have a look at. This includes 1056 tournament players, from around the world. Since not every country is yet helping us to obtain data by sending tournament results in, or haven't had at least 3 tournaments since 1.0 there are some notable gaps. No Britain, and no Italy for example. I hope to include them somewhere in the future when I have the results, or when I have enough time to find those results somewhere.
    One additional note: I don't look at the power level of armies or their final score. I will leave that to someone else. I believe in play what you like, not play what you need to win.

    Let's start with the countries I selected for this comparison.
    Most played armies: Vampire Counts, Saurian Ancients, Warriors of the Dark Gods and Sylvan Elves
    Least played armies: Empire of Sonnstahl, Ogre Khans and Undying Dynasties

    Austria hasn't had a lot of tournament yet (at least in our database), so not a lot to talk about. Very unusual to see EOS as the least played army.


    Most played armies: Warriors of the Dark Gods, Vampire Counts and Vermin Swarms
    Least played armies: Infernal Dwarfs, Dwarven Holds and Beast Herds.

    Denmark, the place where Warriors are still strong and proud. Behind the Warriors the Vampires are very popular. So it seems people in Denmark like Vikings and dark undead stuff? What a surprise....


    Most played armies: Highborn Elves, Empire of Sonnstahl, Vampire Counts
    Least played armies: Infernal Dwarfs, Undying Dynasties and Orcs and Goblins

    Making jokes comparing the attitude of French natives and the Highborn race is too easy. Let's just say I'm not surprised that they are very popular.


    Most played armies: Daemon Legions, Ogre Khans and Saurian Ancients
    Least played armies: Undying Dynasties, Dwarven Holds and Infernal Dwarfs

    Germany has a very active tournament scene. Daemons seem to be the most popular, but we are seeing more and more Beast Herds armies!


    Most played armies: Sylvan Elves, Dwarven Holds and Empire of Sonnstahl
    Least played armies: Beast Herds, Saurian Ancients, Vermin Swarm

    Yeah, like before Dutch people like long ranged shooty stuff it seems. Sylvan Elves still rule supreme.


    Most played armies: Warriors of the Dark Gods, Vermin Swarm and Vampire Counts
    Least played armies: Beast Herds, Saurian Ancients and Undying Dynasties

    Another very active community. Warriors, Vermin Swarm and Vampire Counts are the most often seen armies here. I was very surprised that VC was not number one, since everyone seems to believe that they are so popular. The Polish have tournaments just for VC players according to some posters...


    Most played armies: Vampire Counts, Orcs and Goblins and Ogre Khans
    Least played armies: Beast Herds, Sylvan Elves and Highborn Elves

    Spain is also one of the strongholds for the walking dead, but has a surprising number of Knights of Equitaine running around! One of the few metas where Elves are unpopular.


    Most played armies: Orcs and Goblins, Ogre Khans and Highborn Elves
    Least played armies: Vampire Counts, Deamon Legion

    So Americans like loud, aggressive, food obsessed armies? Wow, what a surprise! Cool that the O/G are so popular there tough.

    So, let's have a more in-depth look at each country, shall we?

    To read this graph, start from left to right per country, and from bottom to top for the corresponding armies.

    Since the world wide meta is what we are talking about today for now, let's go into a bit more depth, and with numbers instead of a graphic.


    So there you have it, the different percentages of armies being played all over the world. To rate them in order of popularity we have:


    So, in short, the most popular armies (WDG and VC) are 2.44 more popular than the Undying Dynasties. So, lets say for every two or three viking wannabes we have one mummy in the room. If we compare that to how things were in the past, in a certain other game most of us used to play, I think we can agree that this is already a vast improvement. I'm also guessing the numbers will only become even more balanced in the future when people finish their new army projects.

    I hope everyone enjoyed this blog post... and if you want to start a new army I suggest looking at ID and UD. Everyone wants to be special right?

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Comments 16

  • WCB -

    I can fully understand why Infernal Dwarves rate low - they were not supported in a previous game and few miniatures out there. (Except of course for the Forgeworld expensive stuff, but even that is limited.

    • Blonde Beer -

      Hmm I think ID is one of the easiest armies to get models for without using gw or fw. Theirs a lot of people making models for them now, so Im guessing their numbers on the tables will increase in the future.

  • Kathal -

    I would really like to know what metadata you have from Austria, since the amount of tournaments we had so far is diminishing (10 tournaments overall (since TAC), 9 are one day and only 2 are "big ones" (one one day tournament (28 players) and the two day tournament).

    • Kathal -

      And btw. why EoS has such a low metagame share is pretty simple, those guys playing the army have not switched over to T9A (they are doing a break basically) or did not participate on tournaments. That is what our metagame looked like pre T9A: [url]https://www.tabletopturniere.de/at/t3_armies.php[/url] (sadly in german :( ).

    • Blonde Beer -

      We have very little data from austria (the least amount I used in comparission to the other countries) but just enough for me to use). I dont mind using smaller tournaments for this kind of research since this is about what armies are seeing the tables, and not relative power level. Its more for fun I guess then anything overly serious.

  • Bugman -

    And the British?? Shame to see us not up there!

    • tiny -

      I suppose there is missing tournament reports from UK send to the Tournament Support team collecting the data for the data analyst team.

    • Blonde Beer -

      As Tiny mentioned. Ill proparly look for english results in the near future and do a report on britain seperately.

    • Bugman -

      Thanks #Tiny and Blonde Beer

  • Troels -

    The 2 least popular armies can be overlooked as statistical anomalies since they lack model support to some degree. Which just means an even more balanced worldwide meta.

    It's really interesting though. And it quells alot of very angry forumusers shouting about their local meta.

    • Blonde Beer -

      Thats what I meant with the last part of the article. Im guessing that if I would do this again next year they will be even closer to each other.

  • greentide -

    Very interesting statistics, like in part 1, keep ´em coming, Mr Blonde Beer :)
    It´s also remarkable how the meta has changed with the 9th Age ruleset.
    While Ogres were never popular in the german 8th ed tournament scene as we can conclude from the T3 data,
    WotDG were always the most popular army in those days. Both has changed and the
    Noble Bretonia and the Beastmen have been brought to new life in the 9th Age.

    • Blonde Beer -

      Meta is always fun to look at. OK were very populair here in 8th, but now have dropped to a way more average statistic, while they are still a powerfull army. It seems a lot of people have changed army in my meta, and now prefer to play with the armies that were less viable in 8th. Upcoming 9th age tournament here has KOE and BH as the most populair armies, while they were a complete non show in 8th.

  • There Is No Spoon -

    This is version 1.0 correct? It will be interesting to contrast country popularity against the their final ETC roster.

    • Blonde Beer -

      Yes, this is all from 1.0.
      I can tell you already you will see a big spread between ETC team and country general, atleast for my own country!

  • Blonde Beer -

    Added a nice graph made by @Calisson.