Episode 1: Dragon Factory

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  • The first episode of The 'Ammertime Podcast!

    Patrick and Henry take us through their experiences from this weekends tournemant at Dragon Factory in Copenhagen and some initial thoughts on the 9th Age rules.
    Part 1: Introduction and Henry's winning High Elf list.
    Part 2: Patricks pre-tournament thoughts on his Lizardman army.
    Part 3: Lasse's thoughts on Beastmen after a warm up game against Henry's High Elves (recorded last week)
    Part 4: Patrick and Henry go through some highlights from their games at the tournament.
    Part 5: Henry talks Tomb Kings with Micheal after day 1.
    Part 6: A few thoughts on some of the new elements in the 9th Age rules.
    Part 7: Final thoughts and some ideas for new lists etc.

    This is our first podcast. Hopefully the sound quality is good enough. Its just recorded on the phone. I havent bothered to edit it too much as it is the first podcast.
    I think we are just going to put it out there and get some feedback. Hopefully it just gets better from here!
    If you have any feedback for us, please get in touch at:
    @henrypmiller on twitter
    Ammertime Podcast Host
    VC von Karlstein Army Blog
    The Von Karlsteins

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Comments 8

  • pk-ng -

    Can't used reform on naval discipline whilst mounted. :)

  • Henrypmiller -

    I will look into it :) Soundcloud was the easy option to begin with.

  • Echunia -

    Hey guys, really nice to see another podcast! :) I usually download my podcasts to my phone through an rss feed app, couldnt figure out how to get that to work with a soundcloud site. Do you know if its possible?

    • Henrypmiller -

      Hi there. I looked into it and we need a website before we can get an RSS feed. Although we dont have any plans to get a website in the next few weeks, perhaps over the christmas break we will have time to get ourselves together and make a website etc. Hopefully soundcloud format is manageable for the time being. Thanks for listening!

  • Pinktaco -

    Maybe I could be wrong, but in part two about the LM army it sounds as if you read the godly engine as something you can change in each Player's Turn. Just to clarify it may only be changed/chosen at the beginning of each Game Turn. This mean that you cannot boost the ward save in your opponent's turn and follow up with the reduced casting configuration in your own turn. You have to pick one that last the entire game turn. If you got it right then disregard this :D

    • Henrypmiller -

      Thanks for the clarification! I think we were playing it wrong.

    • Palinux -

      Yeah I played it wrong then. Thanks for the correction. Making it only available on an ancient seems okay now. The slann seems very underwhelming with the New magic. One item for 35 points and your important phase is gone.