ETC 2016 - Preparation: Painting update!

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  • Having played several years with my brother with bare metal/plastic figures, I have to say that it doesn't ruin the game for me. But after I started attending big events and I saw how much work and effort people put into their army's presentation, I decided to also dο my best to have a presentable army. It makes the game more immersive, and allows me to take photos from time to time and make battle reports.

    Ever since I started playing wargames, my painting routine has always been the same:
    Speed paint everything to an acceptable level, in order to make the tournament/event deadline next week (best case scenario) or tomorrow (usual scenario). I then (sometimes) go back to the models and add details, but getting these first 3 colours and bases are always the start, and sometimes this beginning lasts for a couple of years.

    So with all of this noted, I'll pass to the painting update: I have been painting overtime (mainly after midnight, so details are not really my forte) to get the army ready for the ETC. Here is the list of things that needed to be done:

    - Put together and paint 9 Briar Maidens
    - Put together and paint 4 Kestrel Knights
    - Repair my 2 Great Eagles (will stand in for Kestrels, too)

    - Shade/Highlight 28 Forest Guard (they have been in "3 colours, based" limbo for the last 4 months)
    - Put together and paint a Citadel Forest (or at least its base)
    - Base Kestrels and Briar Maidens
    - Pin all mounted models in the army

    So here's what I've got so far:

    Not my finest work, but they are at least tournament ready and with some highlights on them, even. (lots of stuff to be done, though)

    The big issue I'm having at the moment is finding a good way to base the kestrels. I haven't got any of the small clear rods that they originally came with, and I just realized that the rare earth magnets that I used are probably a bit too weak for them. (I put 2 on each, normally each one can hold up to 150g...)

    I've got a couple of ideas, but it all depends on what I'll be able to find on such short notice. Ideas?

    Stay tuned, more updates as soon as I have something ready!


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  • Roald -

    If your Lgs sell dropzone commander stuff then their large flight stands come in 40x40mm, though the bases are solid so magnatizing takes more work then normal bases.

  • Skarloc -

    My offer is still opened in case you want to borrow any models from my SE army.. Don't be shy.. Just ask!!

    • SmithF -

      Thanks again, Skarloc!
      In the end I managed to finish the kestrels (bases need to be painted), so the whole effort left me with 2 extra units painted (I'll have to revisit them in the future for some details, but the base colours are there!)

  • Bugman -

    Local hobby shop not sell plastic or metal rods??

  • zqn365 -

    Look in the Sylvan gallery, Some1 put them on some trees. looks fine!

    • SmithF -

      That's a good idea, thanks! I also have a (faster and less pretty) idea that I'll test Monday afternoon. I'll keep you posted.