ETC 2016 - Day 1 and 2 update!

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  • So I thought I'd give you a small roundup of what has been happening on the Belgian side of the Athens ETC. With 4 games in, we've had some ups, some lows but we are having a gr eat time!

    TOP 5 in-game moments: Days 1 and 2

    1. @Borgio rushing team Turkey Dwarves, losing 1750+ points in the process but getting 2850 in return. 18-2 in a game that may well be the bloodiest match in all of this year's ETC.

    2. Getting to play team Serbia: great guys, laid back attitude, manly armies; everything the ETC should be about in my opinion! Shout out to @kgkid @Bogi and @operatkovic, it's always great putting some faces to the names!
    Winning or losing against them really didn't matter, they would have gotten my "favorite opponent" so far.

    3. My round 2 game against Vermin Swarm: highly tactical, ETC level stuff. At times it felt like trying to get out of a bag full of snakes, and dice are dice. But -weirdly- my worst result so far is my best played game.

    4. @Timon getting his wings with his first ever victory in the ETC, against Vermin Swarm nonetheless!

    5. @PrinceCharming monster killing spree. Lets just say that Mammoths/Aurochs/Taurosaurs are all endangered species now.

    But definitely the high point up to now is getting to finally meet the so many people who have worked on the project so far, talk with the best Sylvan Elf generals out there about the book and the game in general, and participating in the greatest T9A event to date!

    And here are some teasers! Deployment pics for all my games so far:

    Game 1 - Denmark. (Empire of Sonnstahl)

    GAME 2 - Sweden (Vermin Swarm)

    GAME 3 - Serbia (Beast Herds)

    GAME 4 - Turkey (Kingdom of Equitaine)

    If you're a reader of this blog, and currently at the ETC, come over and say hi!
    I'll be putting updates on twitter too, so you can follow SmithF@T9A

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