ETC 2016 - Day 3 update and Belgian team recap

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  • So we're all back to to the base now, but here's my top 3, game-wise, of the last day at the ETC:

    1. Playing my bloodiest game this ETC against the Greek BH player : more than 4500 victory points were scored overall, with a final result of 13-7 on the objective.

    2. @Arthur changing the course of a game against Vermin Swarm: he was losing badly, and managed to turn the game to a 20-0!

    3. @PrinceCharming 's BSB not failing to impress: held 3 turns (and survived) against 5 Winged Reapers and a full Barrow Guard unit +Vamps.

    Here's some deployment picture teasers:

    Game 5 - Greece (Beast Herds)

    Game 6 - Australia (Orcs and Goblins)

    Belgian team recap:

    So after a 3000km travel, 96 hours of gaming and T9A talk and meeting a lot of new and interesting people, the Belgian team ended up in the 19th position (out of 24). This was a bit far from the top10 goal we had (silently) set for ourselves, but at such a tournament every mistake is paid for and every shaky dice roll may cost the team the win.
    But what was really important is that we had 40+ enjoyable matches, met great people, and got to hang out in sunny Athens with the whole ETC crowd!

    Gaming for a team tournament is a whole different beast than singles tournaments. I guess the biggest contributing factor to any good results we had was the effort of @kiwii , our coach who got most of the pairings as we wanted them and kept going from table to table and orchestrating the team strategy. The end result doesn't do him justice, but at least we never hit the "cap" (only barely touched it) even when paired against the Danish.

    Battle reports will come soon enough, so stay tuned!


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