Malorian's reaction to the Orc & Goblin book

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Comments 6

  • Boss Wargut -

    Malorian has no idea what he's talking about in this vid, but it's still quite fun to listen to

    • oncebitten360 -

      Agreed. He admits his ignorance of the rules, so that makes it more palatable. I miss his enthusiasm.

  • Warboss_R'ok -

    @oncebitten I'd be happy to answer some of Malorian's questions - I am a big fan of his. If you want to PM me a good way to get in touch with him I could do that.

    • oncebitten360 -

      The easiest way would be for you to answer his questions via comment(s) on his video. However, if that doesn't work, I can email him for you. You can send a message to him on youtube, but he may not see it. (I rarely see PMs on youtbube.)

    • Warboss_R'ok -

      Yeah there are a lot of comments there. I could do a reaction video I suppose, but I haven't dabbled much in youtube. Anyway watching that video got me really psyched!

  • Digger -

    i was hoping Malorian would take some time to read the O&G :) I'm glad to see him do it.

    ps. Neander Orcs should be Primal Orcs.