Michigan GT Warbands Tournament

Fri, Oct 6th 2017

6820 S Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48911, USA

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  • October 6th at Causeway Bay Hotel & Convention Center in Lansing, Michigan.

    2000pts, using v1.3.4 and Warbands army building restrictions:

    Minimum army size reduced to 3 units. All 0-X Units per Army, 0-X Choice per Army, and 0-X Models per Army are halved, rounding fractions up.

    Schedule is in-progress, but will most likely be a variation of:

    1pm-2pm : Registration
    2pm-3:30pm : Round 1
    3:45pm-5:15pm : Round 2
    5:30pm-7pm : Round 3

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