​NO CORE STRENGHT REQUIRED (T9A event Netherlands)

Sat, May 4th 2019, 8:00am - 8:00pm

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

    Have always wondered how awesome your army could be if you just didn’t have to bring those pesky core units? While here is your chance!
    For this event we will remove the Core% requirement in your army, meaning you can skip bringing any core units. Keep in mind that the other % requirements are still part of the game, so you will have to be care full on how to write your list without going over them… and don’t forget to bring scoring units!

    Date: 4th of May 2019
    Location: Quartermasters (Zeist)
    Costs: 8 Euro (or free if you’re a member).
    Places: 26
    Point Size: 4000
    (we are aware that without core some people might not have 4500 point armies, so we are reducing the point sizes a bit to compensate)
    Drinks: Coffee, Thee and Water for Free. Your allowed to bring your own food to the venue, and we usually go the mall as a group in the lunch break.
    Time Table:
    9:15 : Opening of Game Hall
    9:45 : Need to be registrated
    10:00: Start of Round 1
    12:45: End of Round 1, and Lunch Break.
    13:30: End of Lunch, Start of Round 2
    16:15: Start of Round 3
    19:00 : End of Round 3 and Award Ceremony
    Scoring Bonus Points:
    Fully Painted (table top Standard) 10
    Fully Based (table top standard) 10
    Best Painted will be voted on by the Players.
    Will be randomly decided on the day.

    How to sign up?
    Send a mail to BrunchandBattle@Gmail.com

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