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    6. the first Arena victor!

    ach, Monday again... tough to come back to the usual weekly routine, especially after having met so many great people at the BeLaMa T9A tournament this weekend. i'll soon try and make a little vid with some pics from the event, but in the meantime let's try and soften the Monday blow with some Arena fun! some of you might have already seen the video i uploaded last Thursday, where HyperG and his Feral Orc Warlord was paired against Lucky6 and his Kuulima's Deceiver:

    i won't comment on this one, in case you haven't seen it yet... but ach, this could have been so close! i'm sure it deserves a rematch - and i'm sure sooner or later we'll get a chance to play one. but for those of you who had already seen the duel above, it's time for some more action, with the last clash from these first Arena games: Kingdom of Equitaine vs Dwarven Holds! HyperG gets a chance to play with Fnarrr's build - a juicy King with a devastating runic weapon and some high-tankiness profile. will the Duke smash enchantment (and faces) again, or will the dwarven King fare any better than the Warlord from the first duel? find out in the last match from our first Arena games:

    and after all this battling, it'll be time to draw some interim conclusions and discuss a bit on what can be improved, both in TabletopSimulator (in terms of Arena gameplay) and on YouTube (in terms of batrep style). oh, and i also have some news in terms of miniatures... but for now, first things first: enjoy the bloodshed!
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    Good evening! A short episode where I talk about the background about the 9th Age, this time focusing on Tsuandan. Main topic starts at 21:15.

    Hobby Spotlight
    Otherworld Giant by Otherworld Miniatures (seems to be OOP):…The-Otherworld-Giant.aspx

    Daemon Legions update:…pdate-2nd-edition-beta-3/

    New version numbering system:…bering-for-t9a-documents/

    Into the Abyss:

    Norba Miniatures:

    Main Topic
    Murder on the Sunrise Express: [Read More]
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    5. putting YOUR miniatures into the Arena!

    the Arena will be an open videogame, both in the sense that you'll get to play it for free, and in the sense that you can contribute your own gladiators. you've seen it on this forum already when it came to kitting our Highborn Prince: the community suggested many options for this build, and then we voted and chose our favourite (here is the full story). but this is not the only way for you to contribute to our project: you can also bring your own sculpts and your own paintjobs onto the virtual battlefield. in this way, your own creations will be seen and used and appreciated by all our players on TabletopSimulator!

    donors: sculpts by Admiralty Miniatures (Karak Norn Clansman), painted by Andrea Febo (Manacerace)

    for those of you who will join the BeLaMa tournament this weekend, consider bringing along your most beautiful miniatures, so i can work my magic and import them into the Arena before the day is over. we are looking for powerful heroes but, as you can see from the picture above, in the future we will create armies for 4500 pts games as well, so don't be coy and share any model you'd like - from lowly goblins to mighty dragons!

    since we want to do things cleanly and respect everybody's intellectual property, there are restrictions as to which miniature companies we will take into consideration, but this is something we can discuss in Düren while having a drink. in the meantime, huge thanks to Little Joe, Lich King, Adaephon_Delat and Klexe, who have already pledged to bring along some of their amazing minis (and terrain pieces!), and to DucdeGuerre, who'll kindly host us at his tournament. can't wait to be there, so we can grow the Arena together!

    your comments (also in the VotA blog) are always welcome.
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    4. the pairing mechanism

    so ok, as you've seen from the video above, that Duke is brutal. its weapon enchantment that destroys the opponent's weapon is nasty, particularly in the context of the Arena duels. but what if the Duke goes against our Highborn Prince with Ring of the Pearl Throne? the elf could block the Duke's enchantment before it can destroy the elven enchanted spear. or what if the Duke fights against a Kuulima's deceiver or our gladiator giant, who have no enchanted weapons in the first place? ...and that's why the pairing mechanism is so important. in the card below you find all the rules to recreate this mechanism yourself:

    and more importantly, you can use this thread to let us know what you think of the process.
    - do you find it fun? the idea is to recreate that feeling we had as kids, when picking team mates for our football games in the yard : )
    - do you find it effective? some builds seem abusive (like the Duke?), but the pairings should help to counter them
    - do you find it balanced? it's nice to start choosing your gladiator first, but also to remove the nastiest of the 4 matches. both player alpha and beta should have something good available.

    after the first Arena games, we asked the PTGs what they think about this issue and some others. we'll upload that video soon. in the meantime, in this thread you can see how this pairing mechanism made its way into the arena: thanks to the advice of tournie mastermind @Randomus. you can find a whole video of us chatting and playing on his Abrasus Tactics Channel:

    let us know what you think and help us make the Arena more fun and balanced. in the meantime, keep an eye on the VotA youtube channel, cos tonight we'll upload the second match of the PTG arena games!

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  • 3. first blood

    mace against hide, speed against magic, faith against stench!
    Destrian nursery rhyme

    yesterday night we finally played and livestreamed the first duel in the Arena. we surely had some tech issues to sort out, but after a few minutes everything started running quite smoothly. with the Duke having reaped a whopping 62% of the votes in the Facebook poll, many of us on camera (note: we were three) thought the match would be quick n' easy... well, get comfortable, grab a few minis to paint and see for yourself!

    thanks to Lucky-Sixes and Hyper-G for the game, to Marcos24 and Karak Norn Clansman for the minis, and to our viewers for their advice and their company (especially to @herzogar who helped the underdog with some rule advice and with some selfless occult volunteering!) : D
    see you on thursday night for another upload from the Arena series, or on "the VotA blog" thread for your comments. in the meantime, enjoy a screenshot of Lucky-Sixes calmly and politely commenting on an unlucky diceroll:

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  • 2. choosing gladiators

    it seems like the Duke has collected the favour of the community... but i still think that the Crown of the Wizard King could play a role here. maybe the Warlord could be lucky to roll a juicy missile (Quicksilver Lash or maybe Hand of Heaven). an augment could be nice as well (Awaken the Beast or, given that the Duke has Tristan's resolve, even some Spectral Blades). if you could choose, which spell would you give the Warlord to increase its winning chances?

    at any rate, this shows you how important the pairing mechanism is for the Arena games, which we designed with the help of one very knowledgeable member of our gaming community (thank you Randomus !). since you play every matche with a single model, the tactical component of the game is quite limited. and since the models are already built and kitted for you, the strategic component is quite limited as well. this means that selecting a good match-up before the matches start is absolutely crucial. it's a bit like the quote from the Great Cynic of Aschau, the one that you can find in the QuickStarter book (which is just another example of how Queens can be uncomparably cool):

    The result of any battle is all but assured
    by the time the armies take the field.
    All that's left are formalities.
    Queen Mother Siglinde, known as
    "The Great Cynic of Aschau"

    one might rephrase and say that in the Arena, the result is all but assured even before fielding your gladiators. the pairing mechanisms does a lot of the deciding. and that's why in the next video you can see a detailed report on how the pairing works, with our Proxy Table Gaming guests (Hyper-G and Lucky-Sixes) alternating in choosing and discarding gladiators. for extra fun, we did "blind pairings": the players had to work out the gladiator selection without having read the builds for the various characters! this was done on purpose, so you can focus on the mechanism rather than on the decisions. so if you're curious, here you go with the full story: now you know why the Duke was paired against the Warlord - and also about the two other upcoming matches. what do you think will happen? if you had to place your bet, would it be for Hyper-G or Lucky-Sixes? let us know your opinion and, if you want to see the first livestreamed match, make sure you subscribe and activate notifications for the Veil of the Ages youtube channel! and as always, for comments and discussion we will see you in this thread.

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    Welcome to my Battle Report for Game 3 of Siege of Strivelyn III. So after two wins in my first two games it was onto the last game of the Saturday to try and get the hat trick. The team as a whole were doing ok, we were sat in the middle of the pack but it was all pretty tight so still everything to play for. My list can be found here for those who need to catch up.

    We did the pairings for this round and I was drawn against the Empire of Sonnstahl, a match up I was pretty happy with as I’ve fought them quite a bit recently and the list I’m facing is not too dissimilar to the bog standard Empire lists out there. My opponent is the wonderful Michael Doherty @micdicdoc and this is his list:

    Prelate, General, Great Weapon, Plate Armour, Dragonfire Gem, Imperial Seal, Locket of Sunna 390

    Marshal, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Great Tactician, Death Warrant, Ghostly Guard 330

    Wizard, Divination, Adept, Light Armour, Arcane Engine, Foresight, Basalt Infusion, Talisman of Shielding 480

    Wizard, Pyromancy, Adept, Magical Heirloom 250

    13 State Militia 163

    2x 5 Electoral Cavalry, Musician, Great Weapon 180

    20 Light Infantry, Handgun, Musician, Banner, Marksman's Pennant 325

    20 Light Infantry, Crossbow, Musician 295

    30 Imperial Guard, Great Weapons, Full Command, Banner of Unity 660

    2x Imperial Mortar 190

    2x 15 Flagellants 190

    Steam Tank 490

    So there are several elements in the list that I’ve fought against before but some new additions to spice things up. The Prelate and the BSB with Death Warrant both sitting in the Imperial Guard is very common but that’s because it is such a good unit. They can (and have) take on the Forlorn in a one and one fight so I have to stop that from happening. There’s the obligatory Steam Tank which is a nice target for the Forlorn block. The Crossbows and the Handgunners may prove to be a pain and can certainly make short work of my Knights and even put a heavy dent into my blocks if I let them, this is definitely where I need the Shamanism magic to shine.

    Now, onto the unusual things; 2 Mortars! What?! I heard they were garbage and no one takes them anymore but there’s two of them ready to blow my Peasant block to oblivion. I know they’re only Strength 3 and against most KoE armies you’d laugh in your opponents face if they rolled out two of them but I’m not running a bog standard KoE list, they scare me. Those things combined with all the other shooting could ruin the Peasants in no time. It’s nice to see two units of Flagellants, I’m a big fan of flagellants and I think they are absolutely amazing, they should be in all Empire lists. These small units of 15 could prove a good speed bump for my units and have the potential to hold up my Peasants for a couple of turns, if not the whole game given the way my Peasants hit things. The Forlorn aren’t scared of them though, they’ll eat them up in no time. 2 small units of Electoral Cav have been thrown in, mostly for the quick scoring I imagine but 5 Knights with Great Weapons can’t be ignored. Some Militia thrown in to fill out core, these guys are good and if there’s one thing KoE hateit’s black powder weapons. They always kill Knights when they shoot and then they have a Stand and Shoot as well which always kills another knight, so I’d like to shoot these guys off if I can. 2 Wizard Adepts, one on Pyro and one on Div, I’m fine with those Lores, there’s 2 spells I need to watch out for and make sure I stop, Flaming Swords (bubbled) and Stars Align. Those spells can make the Empire shooting crazy good. The Div Wizard is mounted on an Arcane Engine (I’ve never seen an Empire wizard on a mount) with Foresight which will give those Imperial Guard Lightning Reflexes, making them even more dangerous.

    So like the previous 2 games the scenario for this game was slightly different from the norm. For this game the Scenario was called “Secure the Maiden”. It is essentially Spoils of War, there are three peasants on the table that deploy evenly along the central line, at the start of each Game turn each peasant moves 2D6” in a random direction using a scatter dice. Each Peasant has to be captured to score a scenario point. To capture a peasant they have to be charged by a scoring unit, once they charge the peasant they can reform if they pass a discipline check and can then act normally. One of the Peasants on the board is the Maiden, each Peasant is worth 1 Scenario Point but the Maiden is worth 2! To determine which peasant is the maiden roll a D3 at the end of the game. Make sense to everyone? You’ll see as the game goes on. The deployment type for this game was Refused Flank (diagonal) so the peasants are spread diagonally along the centre.

    We roll off for which table side and diagonal and I win that roll off, I pick the side with a nice hill in the back of my deployment. There’s a water feature in the middle of the board so that’s not ideal for me. My opponent decides to drop everything and go for first turn. He… [Read More]


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