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    So after an excellent steak dinner with a blue-cheese stuffed olive Belvedere martini (my kryptonite!) we were on to Round 4 and Day 2 of March to War and I had drawn Justin and his Dread Elves. We realized late in the game that we had actually played each other in Quake City Rumble back in 2014 (one of the last 8th edition GTs here in the US). Justin had squeaked out a win back then, so I was looking forward to some payback.

    I have to apologize up front again as I only have 2 pictures from this one (better than last one!), here’s my list as a reminder:
    Sea Dragon Host:

    Justin’s Dread Elves:

    Deployment/Scenario: Capture the Flags and Dawn Assault

    Thoughts on the Match up:
    I had this listed as a yellow, in a lot of ways it’s pretty close to a mirror match where the Kraken/Cloak Prince represents the AD. Flags shifts this my direction as my scoring units are hard to fully remove whereas he had 3 scoring units with small numbers and little to no protection (aux, little spears, blades).
    However, a Kraken and Cloak Prince running around represents a real threat to the AD which meant if Justin played smart I’d be able to do very little with the model all game.

    MoCT: Awaken, Healing, Ravenswing
    HBE Cosmo: Altered, InF, Unity, Perception
    DE Magic: I can’t remember exactly his spell selection but I know he had Altered, InF, Unity and Perception of Strength

    I believe I won the roll off for sides and picked the side with the hill on it and couldn’t deploy on my left, then my opponent let me deploy first. We alternated 2-3 drops, but he had a unit count advantage on me so I ultimately decided to drop for first turn.

    Sea Dragon Host (left to right): Lancers, SGR, Spears w Cosmo Master, QG w BSB, Geagle, AD (I moved him to the other side of the hill in Turn 1), SGR, Lions, SGR, Geagle (can barely see him behind the tower)

    DE: (left to right): Blades, RBT behind, Small Spears, Big Spears w Altar BSB and Oracle, Kraken, Auxiliaries (spoiler, they get shot off Turn 1) Acolytes w Dread Prince, RBT behind, RBT, Harpies (spoiler, they get shot off in Turn 1)

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:
    So my opponent had counterdeployed and cornered, very focused on minimizing my first turn shooting/magic. I understood what he was going for here, but he had left himself a long slog across the board with the house disrupting his advance, not sure it was the right approach though it did mean my SGRs on the right had very little impact on the game.

    I swung the lancers around to claim the wall, moved the lions forward towards the center and shifted the AD to the left of the hill to threaten the advance around the house. Both my infantry units moved forward onto the hill to maximize my ranged threat. The geagle on the right moved up to shelter behind the tower.

    Magic/Shooting: I focused my shooting and magic on the auxiliaries, harpies and acolytes, wiping out the first two and peeling off one acolyte.

    Dread Elves Turn 1:

    My opponent came forward very cautiously, keeping his blades and acolytes back and pushing his Big Spears forward mainly for spell ranges. The kraken came to shelter behind the house.

    Magic/Shooting: My opponent focused all of his shooting and magic on my spears. I failed to dispel a 5-4 roll on unity and the spears took a real beating, losing about a third of their number through both phases. I also take a wound on my left most SGR

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:
    My opponent’s cautious movement validated my read of his deployment approach, he was going to try to play for a cagey game and minimize losses, I guess he had determined that since I outranged him he was unlikely to get a big win if he pushed forward.

    I mainly shuffled things around, bringing the QG a bit further forward to get range on the acolytes and advancing the lions and geagle from the right to threaten the center/rightmost RBT

    Magic/Shooting: I rain down serious damage on the acolyte bunker and leave the unit with only the champion with one wound remaining

    Dread Elves Turn 2:

    My opponent moved the kraken out to threaten my hill fort, keeping it well away from the lion guard (I think he left an 11 on dice charge)
    He sent his Prince in behind the house to hide, but he kept his acolyte champion out in the open (I’m not sure what the thought process was there)

    I let through altered sight on a bolt thrower and ice and fire on the lancers (lost 1) so that I could dispel unity and again failed to dispel it! My spears were really gutted at this point.
    His shooting continued to hammer the spears removing a few more

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    The geagle on the right moved up to take cover from the forest and get ready for a charge in Turn 4 if he survived
    The AD backed up a bit to prevent the kraken from an easy charge and zone potential spots for the Prince
    The lions positioned for a counter charge if the kraken survived…
    The cosmo master hopped back… [Read More]
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    Episode Two Is Go!

    Matt and Kev have improbably convinced UK Master Craig Johnson to spill the beans on his unmitigated success with the Rats. Join us on a no holds barred trip through the VS book with a World Class guide.

    Want to know how to beat them but never knew how? Then this is for you...

    Also the usual nonsense from Matt and Kev.…e-uk-master-craig-johnson [Read More]
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    38. April update - download the new free Arena!

    dear all,
    i just uploaded the new version of the Arena to the TabletopSimulator workshop on Steam. it includes a new warrior: an Iron Orc Warlord with Omen and Destiny's, represented by a Shieldwolf miniature.

    it also gave me the chance to update the "Patreon shrine" - that niche in the Arena with a floating card containing all of your names. the update was triggered by some more good news: a friend from the T9A staff just joined our team! thank you so much for supporting us, man. much much appreciated.

    we will start the polls soon (for Aesthetes, Lanistae and Ambassadors) for next month's gladiator. but first we'll play a match tonight, on youtube, for the Arena World Cup. if you want to join us, just visit our youtube channel, subscribe, activate the notifications, and see you in a couple hours.
    f [Read More]
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    Podcasts, Podcasts, Everywhere... Oh look there's another one!

    Launching today! The Newest and Least Technically Proficient Podcast In The Ninth Age Universe - The Paired Weapons Podcast with your hosts Matt and Kev.

    Join us on a voyage of podcasting discovery as we discuss the new Giant Release (beaten to the punch by Slannrat..) and all things T9a including our new features Desert Island Ninth Age and Ancient Enemies. Guffaw at Matt's pathetic attempts to work modern technology and marvel at the wonder that is Kev's knowledge of the rules!

    We hope you enjoy it!

    Matt and Kev

    [Read More]
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    37. the World Cup goes on!

    plenty of news this week! a new gladiator, the upload of the new version of the Arena, a 50% off limited sale for Tabletop Simulator, some 3D printable goodies.... but first things first: tonight we go live on our youtube channel for a livestream of the Germany vs England worldcup match! subscribe the channel, activate the notifications and join our two teams: Proxy Table Gaming (HyperG and Lucky Sixes) and die Avras Buben (Adaephon Delat and Lich King).

    hope to see many of you tonight in the youtube chat - let us know what you're painting while we play! and if you want to try out the Arena for yourself, you can download it for free from the Steam Workshop. for more info or to support our project, visit our Patreon page.
    f [Read More]
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    36. the Orc Lobby has spoken!

    poor @Klepa, it's a Goblin's fate to be crushed by them big dumb Orcs!
    it seems like the Orc Mob has won again, by simply shouting louder and "voting stronger".
    we've just now finalised the details of our new Arena gladiator: an Iron Orc Warlord with Omen and Destiny's, represented by this flavourful Shieldwolf Miniatures model:

    our Patreon supporters (and our facebook followers) have first voted for the faction (OnG), then for the model (Warlord), then for the build (Omen/Destiny + greatweapon/shield), then for the miniature (Shieldwolf Valley Orc Warlord). can't be more community-driven than this!

    well, actually, there would be a way... if you happen to have that miniature (or to want to buy it at this link - for 10€ it's a bargain anyway!), and if you paint it to a nice standard, i'd be happy to consider using your pictures as basis for the videogame character. and if you ever want to see your model in full 3D in the videogame, we'd just have to arrange a meeting at some national or international event (or maybe, given the current times, consider some good ol' shipping?).

    in any case, i'm so glad that our Patreon supporters could contribute so vitally to the development of our game. if you want to join them, this is the link. and in case you just want to download and play our free game, use this other link instead.

    f [Read More]
  • 34. AC Milan versus Northampton Town FC

    join us tonight on youtube for the first match in the international championship for the Arena. we will temporarily add 3 warriors to the 6
    already in the Arena, and unleash the wrath of PTG - Hyper-G and PTG-Lucky-Sixes (you already know them from this channel) onto our Patreon supporters Chack and Ema. see you on our youtube channel tonight, Monday March 30th, 8:30pm (GMT).

    download our free videogame expansion here
    discover and support the Arena here
    info on the battlemat here
    inquisitor: sculpt, print, paint by Marcos24

    f [Read More]


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