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  • Game 6 – Australia (Orcs and Goblins, Breakthrough)

    Right, final round of the ETC, and everyone is TIRED! Turns out that even 2 games per day can be taxing, since these are not your usual 2,5h games, but rather 4h+ deals: from pairing, to deployment, to playing the game, to the aftermath.

    We were playing against Australia, and I was looking forward to the game since their fame as fun players preceded them. I got paired against Orcs and Goblins, a matchup I that I was reluctant to take because of the double Gargantula spiders. However, when I figured out that the alternative would be getting to fight a mirror match vs shooty Sylvan Elves, I decided to presserve my sanity and play the fighty Orcs and Goblins instead.

    My opponent was Jack, also known as Darkassassin in the interwebs: a veteran of 8th and very active 9th Age player, he brought an Orcs and Goblins list that turned out to be more shooty than fighty:

    Jack wrote:

    Iron Orc warlord: General, plate armour, hardened shield, king slayer, talisman of supreme shielding, divine icon, 260
    Feral Orc big shaman: Lv4, big green gods/wilderness, obsidian nullstone, essence of a free mind, razor blade, 300
    Feral Orc chief: BSB, Mithril Mail, lucky charm, flaming standard, 130
    Common Goblin shaman: Lv2, little green gods, tome of arcane lore, gem of fortune, 125
    Common Orc shaman: Lv1, wilderness, dispel scroll, 100
    1 x 50 feral orcs: FCG, spears, bows, banner of discipline, 475
    2 x 5 common orc boar riders: standard, 80
    2 x splatterer: 90
    3 x 5 Gnasher dashers: 60
    3 x skewerer: 45
    2 x gargantula: 225


    So 5 warmachines, 8 spells, 50 bows and 16 shortbows, it was no wonder that Jack dropped everything to get the first turn, deploying as close to the table edge as possible and in a denied flank so as to get the most out of the ranged potential of the list.

    Looking at the opposing army, I knew that touching the Feral Orcs was out of the question, but I figured that I could take the rest of the points, while preserving mine, then win the objective. Jack was counting on the Orc Boar riders to score for him, which is why I deployed the Wild Huntsmen, Sylvan Archers and the two units of Bladedancers as deterrents. Since I had the last turn of the game, chances were that I’d be able to stop the small units from scoring and possibly pull the big block out of position by exploiting frenzy.

    In the end, I used terrain to keep the Forest Guard and Archers safe from first turn Splatterer shots, while the Heath Riders and Thicket beasts both stayed out of the maximal range of the warmachines. My opponent exclaimed that he wasn’t thrilled we’d be having a corner hammer battle, to which I replied that he’d be surprised by the actual game.

    The Druid got Luminous Bolts and Cataclysm, while the Dryad Matriarch got Beast Within and Inner Rage. The Orc Great Shaman went for Big Green Gods and got At’em Lads, Oi!no Dying, Headbutt and The big Stomp, with the small shamans going Evil Eye, Sneaky Slicing, Blessing of the Spider Mother and Beast Within.

    TURN 1 – Orcs and Goblins

    The first movement of the orcs was consevative, with Gnashers moving slightly backwards, the Gargantulas angling to provide some zoning against the Kestrels and the Feral Orcs moving up 4 inches so as to be in range for spells and shooting.

    In the magic phase I let the Evil Eye through on the Kestrels, who weathered the hits without receiving any damage. The Big Stomp was then dispelled using dice.

    Shooting started off with a direct hit on the Sylvan Archers behind the hill, which dropped 4 archers. The Skewerers failed to wound (shooting at long range, through forests, at skirmishing Kestrels), and the Feral Orcs also had no luck in hitting the Sylvan flying cavalry.

    TURN 1 – Sylvan Elves

    Contrary to what Jack believed, I wasn’t planning on saying in my corner; Having survived the first turn barrage with little casualties, the western part of the army moved up. The Briar Maidens took a risk by closing the distance to the Gnasher Dashers in the ruins, but I needed them gone so that I’d be able to maneuver freely. Kestrels and Wild Huntsmen moved up to threaten the advance of the Gargantulas.

    Magic started with a successful Luminous Bolts on the rightmost Gnasher Dashers, resulting in a dead unit. The Cataclysm on the Feral Orcs failed to cast.

    Shooting had no targets, with the Gnashers dead; The sylvan archers hadn’t scaled the hill, since in doing so they’d be exposing themselves to a volley by the feral orcs. Their role was to threaten the scoring Boar riders when/if they came close.

    TURN 2 – Orcs and Goblins

    The rightmost Gargantula declared a charge on the Kestrel Knights up the middle, but failed to roll high enough, stumbling forward towards the Wild Huntsmen. The feral orcs moved up some more, followed by the Boar Riders and gnashers.

    In the magic phase, a low roll meant that the… [Read More]