SmithF's 9th Age Battle Reports 1

MSU battle reports, as first seen in TWF.

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  • Game 5

    After the considerable morale boost of actually winning a game, I was ready for the last round. Having played the other top 5 teams so far, we had a final challenging opponent team to face: the second Belgian delegation, featuring the crème de la creme of the Tour D’Ebene gaming club (the biggest gaming club in Belgium, to my knowledge).

    Francois had sworn off the booze for this last game, so he managed to get pretty good pairings for us :D : Our vermin swarm against Empire of Sonnstahl, our Vampire Covenant against Vermin Swarm, the Daemons against Dwarven Holds and, finally, myself against Vampire Covenant.

    Edouard, the Vampire player, is an experienced VC general. Back in early 9th age, we had faced each other in a tournament, where we ended up with a draw after I played like a muppet and wouldn’t engage his big units nor the varkolaks. Mind you, I was running a Shapeshifter and a Wild Huntsman Prince, so I really don’t know what I was thinking... Bottom line, he knows his stuff and had given me a serious headache last time we played.

    His list was as follows:

    Edouard wrote:

    An interesting approach, with four fast hard hitters, a couple of anvils and a healthy amount of magic to keep all that alive. The game is now quite hazy (it has been a month!) so I’ll be brief and let the photos do the talking.

    Our scenario was Hold the Centre and the deployment was counterthrust. Against vampires the Centre scenario is not ideal, but my strategy was to move the trees aggressively towards the enemy, pin the scorers down away from the objective while my fast units and the shooting deal with the flankers.

    The counterthrust deployment helped a lot: I got the first drop, and secured the 18” central deployment. The final deployment saw the vampires pushed into their deployment zone (12”) and a couple of march moves away from the central objective. As a plus, the amount of redirectors Edouard had brought meant that I also managed to secure the first turn with a +3 advantage.

    For spells, I got Throne, Regrowth and Master of Stone, while my opponent got the entire Evocation path more or less.

    TURN 1 – Sylvan Elves

    With the first turn secure, I had been quite aggressive in my vanguards and scouting. The kestrels moved up to threaten the enemy mage bunker (while it was still small) and the redirectors. In the middle, the treefather advanced to hinder the approach of the undead infanty, while to the right the Wild Huntsmen, Bladedancers and Treefather set a trap for the varkolak, while making sure that he wouldn’t be able to rush past them and behind my lines.

    Magic started with a dispelled Throne, which allowed me to hit the Wraiths with the master of stone; one wraith died to the magic missile. Shooting was more effective: the left treefather and a unit of Sylvan archers killed a Vampire Spawn, while the other two archer units, the Treefather to the right and the pathfinders dealt two wounds to the varkolak.

    TURN 1 – Vampire Counts

    After much deliberation, my opponent took the bladedancer bait: it is true that they were too far away from the BSB, so I’d be only getting one steadfast Ld test. The Vampire spawn to the right also went in, hoping to whittle down the bladedancers fast enough. The middle of the vampire army advanced in a coherent manner, with the second unit of vampire spawn performing a flanking maneuver to my left.

    In the magic phase the ring of fire killed five dryads, and then I failed to dispel the Whispers of the Veil on the Blaedancers in combat. A wraith also rose from the grave.

    In combat, the dancers went for the 3+ ward save, and they did manage some wounds on the Vampire Spawn. They lost 3 of their number to the enemy attacks, but held their ground on a Ld8 steadfast!

    TURN 2 – Sylvan Elves

    The Treefather to the right and the Wild Huntsmen fell on both flanks of the bladedancer combat, while the middle Treefather charged the Barrow Guard, to keep them from advancing on top of the objective. The kestrels maneuvered some more, as did the shooting part of the army. The dryads moved up to be in range for some toxic spore shooting.

    Magic was uneventful, but shooting killed yet another Vampire Spawn to the left, and four wraiths from the big unit to the right.

    In combat the charging wild huntsmen and Treefather predictably made short work of the Vampire spawn and the Varkolak. In the treefather/barrow combat, the barrow guard failed… [Read More]