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  • The Athens ETC chronicles: A Sylvan Elf MSU report

    Greetings again! The biggest T9A event in the entire world is done, it was a great experience that pictures and text can only begin to explain. The whole «community» feeling that the Ninth Age forums have helped cultivate was pretty much present in the ETC venue, so at a lot of times it felt just like hanging out with old friends.

    Going to a team event is definitely something different than playing a singles tournament, as definitions of what is a good or a bad performance change. Winning is not always the goal, and losing can be fine as long as the team is picking up the slack.

    The way the pairings of the 8-player teams are done is a game inside the game itself, adding a few layers of strategic thinking as the coaches needed to account for the scenarios, deployment types, and the matchups themselves. A thankless task, and one I was glad not to be doing!

    In this series I’ll be recounting my six games of the ETC, against some of the best T9A players and often with stunningly beautiful armies.

    Here is the list I took to this year's ETC:

    SmithF wrote:

    Dryad Matriarch: General, Lv2, Wilderness, Oaken Crown, 105
    Thicket Shepherd, BSB , Flaming Standard, Entwined Roots,180
    Druid White Magic , level 2, Dispel Scroll, 130
    18 Sylvan Archers, Black Arrows Standard, Musician, 246
    28 Forest Guard: FCG, Gleaming Icon, 257
    8 Dryads: Skirmishers, 110
    5 Heath Riders: Elven Cloaks, Standard, 110
    5 Thicket Beasts: FCG, Entwined Roots, 285
    2x 7 Blade Dancers: 105
    2x 5 Wild Huntsmen: 145
    2x 3 Kestrel Knights: Skirmish, Light Armour, Swap Longbow for Shield, 153
    10 Briar Maidens: Champion, 270

    GAME 1 – Denmark (Empire of Sonnstahl, capture the flags)

    For those of you who haven’t followed the ETC in the past years, it’s worth noting that Denmark is one of the better teams: they have won the ETC once, and they regularly get good results in team tournaments. This year’s ETC warm-up in Denmark was also won by the hosts, so the team was still very dangerous. Things became even more complicated since El Rey, one of the RT members and ETC veteran was the non-playing coach of the team.

    Looking at the Danish lists, we quickly understood that we were in a weaker position: the Danish had made a good job of finding synergies and pushing the army books to their limits, which is more than can be said for Belgian lists!

    Mikael wrote:

    Prelate on Altar of Battle: General, Hardened Shield, Heavy Armour, Barding, 280
    Captain: BSB, Plate Armour, Shield, 97
    Captain on Pegasus: Dusk Stone, Dragonscale Healm, Flaming Lance, Plate Armour, Shield, 177
    Wizard: Level 2, Light, Tome of Arcane Lore, 105
    Wizard: Level 2, Light, Dispel Scroll, 125
    50 Heavy Infantry Spearmen: FCG, Spear, light Armour, Shield, 285
    20 Heavy Infantry Swordsmen: Standard, Musician, Light Armour, hand weapon, shield, 100
    2 x 5 Electoral Cavalry: Banner, Musician, Lance, Shield, Plate armour, Barding, 120
    2 x 30 Flaggelants: 260
    2 x Artillery – Cannons: 100
    Arcane Engine of Foreseeing: 140
    Steam Tank: 230
    Total: 2499

    My opponent, Mikael, is an 8th edition veteran player, returning to the 9th age. From previous experience, I knew that the Empire was a bad game for me, mainly due to the presence of 3 cannons, Steam Tank, double Banishment and double Burning Brightness. The empire wins the war of attrition, and it all boils down to whether I can move into position and do some damage on the turn I will use my scroll.


    The scenario we got was capture the flags, and we had 4 banners to pick from each: I selected the two electoral knight units and the big Spearmen block, while Mikael shunned the Thicket Beasts in favor of the Archers, Heath Riders and Forest Guard.

    The White Druid got Luminous Bolts and the Hidden Path, Dryad Matriarch got the Redwood Shaft and the Curse of the Wildwood. Mikael’s Light Mages failed to get the Banishment, ending up with the Burning Brightness twice, then Shield of Protection, Net and Timewarp.

    I got to pick sides, and opted for the one with the small hill to hide my thicket beasts behind.


    Deployment was diagonal, and we traded some deployments before my opponent opted for a full army drop in order to get the first turn. He anchored his right flank with the Steam Tank and a unit of Flagellants, put the two buff wagons and the two Heavy infantry up the middle, along with the Pegasus captain, then a unit of knights and the second unit of Flagellants on his left flank. I deployed in a fast units on both flanks (Briar Maidens and Wild Huntsmen on my left, Wild Huntsmen and two units of Kestrels on my right) and made sure to keep the scoring units at a greater distance and with options for rapidly redeploying if need be. Practically everything was too far away for first turn unboosted magic missiles.

    TURN 1 – Empire[Read More]