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  • The arrival of the almost final version of the 9th Age rules is a big deal for the entire team, marking the culmination of 6 months’ work. So what better way to celebrate it than a battle report?

    How about a battle report featuring the return of one of the most recognizable and amusing wargame battle reporters ever to grace the forums? Using the new Saurian Ancients book as bait, we managed to lure none other than Bobo (The Vampire Monkey, for friends) out of his hiding!

    For this occasion, we prepared a jungle rumble matchup: The Sylvan Elves against the Saurian Ancients, both in their post-review glory.

    Isaac “Bobo” Alexander – Saurian Ancients

    Intro: The Red Pill

    Bobo: Since the days of Ancient Rome, there is a much-maligned but tried and tested method in competitive sports – boxing, fencing, hell even chess – that when you want your hot young fighter to make a name for himself, you wheel out an ancient veteran of the sport, for the young hotshot to slaughter and springboard himself to fame. And you know what they call it? An “Exhibition Match”. Initially I was delighted to be a part of such an Exhibition Match – until I realised something. I was the old guy.

    In all seriousness, I’m quite flattered to have been invited to showcase the 9th Age rules in a battle report. I was generously given my choice of pre-release army books to pick from, and naturally picked Saurian Ancients. Why? I’ll give you three guesses.

    My opponent was to be the UB tournament specialist SmithFamily (or Mr. Smith for short, get ready for some Matrix references), who also happens to have written the Sylvan Elves book he’s using. As with any game against Wood Elves, I’ll be trying to stop flying arrows with the power of my mind, then jump inside him and make him explode.

    I’m taking a bit of a different approach to writing my list. After wracking my brain for 24 hours, trying to make my old lists and ideas fit into this strange new roster, I decided to go completely the other way and play something crazy. I made a couple of rules for myself when writing my list: no duplicate choices, no minimum unit sizes. This would ensure that I got to put a nice variety of units on the table – and also give me a really good excuse if I get crushed in the game.

    First on my list was The Lone Ranger: a Scar Veteran, mounted on a raptor and with the Bluffer’s Helm and Luckstone. Halberds are now the go-to choice for Lizard fighters since they retain Born Predator, which is essential to avoid fluffing.

    Of course, it can get lonely on the road, so therefore The Lone Ranger got given a sidekick: Tonto! Tonto turned out to be a Ramphodon-riding Skink Chief with the Duskstone. Together these two 1+ armour save cowboys should prove to be a real pain in Mr. Smith’s side, and hopefully buy me enough time to figure out how to play my army.

    I momentarily considered not taking a wizard, but someone once told me “power dice are free – you should use them”. I decided to keep my magic as close to free as possible, and just went with a level 3 Skink High Priest with Light magic. Apart from bringing the Dispel Scroll to the table, his main job would be to 5-dice boosted Burning Gaze at any Treefather that Mr. Smith brought.

    I decided to bring a Caiman Ancient as my general. He’s cheap, and most importantly brings the Gem of Fortune to protect my Caimans from all the shooting which I’m sure will be coming their way.

    Speaking of Caimans, I took 7. They would be my main hammer with which to smash the pointy-ears. Halberds, once again, were a must – the elves have no armour to speak of and the extra hits from BP are just too useful to give up; not to mention the synergies with Lore of Light.

    With basically no shooting in the army now, I decided that a max sized unit of Pteradons would help me control some board space against all the Sylvan Elf flyers and fast cav. A single Salamander was included for the same reason; very short ranged but if he got amongst the enemy he could ruin Mr. Smith’s day.

    My core units pretty much chose themselves; a medium Saurian unit to keep costs down, a small Cohort bunker for the wizard to hang out in, a swarm for flavour, and a Skink/Caiman unit. My core’s main task was to chase objectives and to look scary (they’re not, really). At a pinch I could send them in to support the Caiman block, but the Saurian core is quite fragile overall, so I was planning to Handle With Care.

    My final selections were an Ancient Taurosaur, who elves in general just tend to hate dealing with, and a medium unit of Temple Guard. With these additions I felt like my army had real combat presence, and with a decent amount of ItP units I could possibly compete with the Wood Elves across the board. With my last handful of points I grabbed a Skink Chief BSB on foot to hold my lines steady.

    Well, Mr. Smith, am I the virus, or the cure? Game on!

    Bobo wrote:

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