Giant.T or Dwarven Tom 10

Giant .T here or is Dwarven Tom who knows? Anyway I begged the 9th age to let me help and they did so here it is my blog from the both of me to you. I hope you enjoy.

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  • Hi guys so I got board of sorting out my mess, but wanting to make some objective markers for the tournament I'm running in June.
    I gathered up some long matches, glue, flock, cork and 40mm base's

    I broke the cork into smaller pieces and glued them to the base.

    Then I cut the matches in half and took off the strike end, then glued some spear banners I had laying around to the match.

    While these dried I punched a whole through the cork for the match to go. Take care not to break the cork of at this point even though its glued it still easy to break it off doing this.

    Glue the newly made banners into the whole and leave to dry.

    When dry I sprayed them all black you can use any colour

    I then painted the banners (you could always do your army colours) and cork I painted the to resemble rock using

    When that all dried I add the flock using P.V.A

    The first 5 of 20 look like this
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  • so I cheated and it felt so good. I managed to get a game. I have to try harder to get finished now.
    You have seen how I do the bases for the infantry do the same but measure for cavalry.

    Using cheap watery supper gule (no point wasting your good stuff on this )

    I put a dab of glue in each corner you can see the grooves the magnets sit well there.

    Like so.

    Whilest the gule was drying on my cavary units I did my characters the same way. I use two magnets on top of each other for plastic model's and four using the same method on the metal ones.

    They look a bit like this.

    Over all project no games for me so sort my mess out is going slow but we'll. Almost one army down there to go. [Read More]
  • This morning I wanted to make some more movment trays. So I did. Findings from the first two trays I made. I did say that the P.V.A was ok in in the centner of the tray but on the edge it started to peel away. How I was wrong the whole of the magnetic rubber came away by the next day, so super glue all the way. Also I found that the trays are thinner than I hoped.

    Here I cut out a template as before but this time I used the length of the card to cut the rest. I also trimmed all the trays a lttle bigger than needed.

    Ending up like this

    Next I cut them in half again just a bit bigger than I needed.

    As before draw around the template to get a match for the magnetic rubber.

    Using super gule not P.V.A to stick the magnetic sheet to the tray.

    Leave to dry and then.

    Putting them into my new case. Neat and tidy.

    So for roughly 4 pounds and 45 minutes (including walking to my local supermarket to get more gule) I have movment trays for 140 infantry. Happy days☺ [Read More]
  • So thismorning the wife was at work and the kids at school. At this point I thought it would be a good idea to make some movment trays. The equipment used is in the picture below.

    I made my self a template so I knew the right size. What I'm after here is 10 man infantry trays for ease. Ease for transport and ease for playing. Reforming and things like that.

    Here I used my knife to mark out the right size template. Using a ruler (I was too lazy to find a metal ruler) I would recommend using a metal one. I scored the plasic card until it cut through and shaved the unwanted edges off.

    So my first two movment trays☺

    The picture underneath show the magnent sheet coming into play be marking around my template i have the right size and shape needed for the movment tray.
    Not knowing what gule would be better for the job I used supper gule.

    Here I used P.V.A gule

    Now use supper gule it works a lot better the P. V.A worked ok in the centre but was rubbish on the sides. Now for those of you who are keen of sight you might be able to see a slight over lap of magnet sheet. This was done for a reason after it dried I can trim the exsesse magnet sheet off to tidy it up.

    After about hour or so the glue was dry and the models can go on.

    All in all the bases took about 10 minutes to make and a hour or so did the gule to try.
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  • so I think I deviated "well that didn't take long did it☺
    I think I did it in a good way. I've been looking for something to put my mess into and eventually found these.

    These little gems are under £5 each happy
    days . Now I went to start to put my models into them just to find that I have run out of movment trays and looking on the inter net I think they are all made from gold dust now
    So then I went a bought these (sorry about the glare.

    Plastic sheet and magnetic rubber so let's make some movment trays.
    Now all that would fine but I keep finding models that need painting, at the moment it seems that the hobby gods are against me. I feel like I'm running out of everything including patiences.
    I need a game.


    Right let's start again a good freind of mine is a fantastic painter, I ask him when you thin your paints do you do 1 to 1 paint and water. His reply was " NO I USE A WET PALLET"
    I was thinking. I fell like a school boy getting told off.

    You tubs is a wonderful place so I slam down the phone and gently place my pint on the table and walk to the closesest supermarket luckly for me it's a 5 minute walk and I get these

    It seems like I'm accumulating not sorting.
    Any way for under £4 I have a wet pallet. I'm told it extends the life of the paint and thins it at the same time. You never know I could be a picasso soon NOT.
    • So I think I deviated but In a good way
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  • So with some friends moving and others expanding there family's games are hard to find at the moment. So I thought it was about time I sorted out my messy cubard. Beast Herds and Ogre Khans on the top with some Vermin swarm as well. I'm the middle all sorts of things from steam copters to giants and on the right some UD, going to the bottom on the left Dread Elves in the blue box bitz and stuff with DH in the sliver case and some DH in the crate above the box.

    Yes so many model's ☺☺☺☺☺☺
    but because every time I finish or fix a model it seems like another one needs fixing sad times.

    So a week ago I started to fixed all the Minos I have for my Beast Herds army it took a while due to me dropping all 20 plus of them needless to say finding the right arm or leg for the body was fun. Or was it?? So this is my kitchen side. I wonder if the wife minds them there.

    So then on to the top of the kitchen sides. In the bags are some models I got for hold guardians( I was going to make them from scratch but having a full time job and 4 kids a shead load of painting to do time is not on my side. Come to think of it I can't even remember what's in the tin, and I've been looking for the shade of grey for a while.

    So operation sort my mess out as started I hope I can keep it up. [Read More]
  • Giant.T or Dwarven Tom is one in the same person but alter egos more or less depending on what day it is and what army I'm playing.
    I have 3 main armies First and foremost My Dwarf army I started this about 4-5 years ago and then went to what is now Beast Herds and then Dread Elves. Since the coming of the 9TH Age I haven't put my Dwarfs away and have vowed to finish it. But life does get in the way. [Read More]