Petter's Painting/Modeling Blog (KoE, the Void, Dorfs & ID at the moment). Aslo BatReps :) 1

This is the place for me to post pics of my existing armies as I add to them (ID mainly, but also some BH and VC) as well as document my newly started and slowly growing KoE force.

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  • Finally got the Disciples of Lugar done, looking forward to testing them out in a few weeks.

    Models are From Russian ALternative with a few WotDG and BH weaponswaps. The nekkid ladydorfs are from Hasslefree (where else? :) )

    Command group is somewhat converted. The Musician has a drum from another RA command group and a mace from a Wasteland Warriors set. The Champion got a axe and a lava arms from leftover bits of a RA hero and the Standard Bearer got his flagpole and hammer formthe Wasteland Warriors, his bannertop is from Puppetswar and the banner strips from a can of Fanta :)

    Hero, Nice and mutated/blessed

    Next prject in no particular order: ID unit filler mortar, INfernal Engine (melee variant), KoE Damsel on foot [Read More]