Petter's Painting/Modeling Blog (KoE, the Void, Dorfs & ID at the moment). Aslo BatReps :) 1

This is the place for me to post pics of my existing armies as I add to them (ID mainly, but also some BH and VC) as well as document my newly started and slowly growing KoE force.

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  • Another Duke for my KoE forces.
    Wanted to do something very different, very much less colourful than my other knights. To my surprise he ended up almost (but not quite) monochrome.
    Quite pleased with him.
    Original lance was badly made of very soft metal and broke in assembly, it was also very short: barely reached beyond the horse's head.
    I replaced it with a wire spear which looks much better and is much more sturdy.
    Arms are those of the swedish Special Forces.

    He's also the husband to my Damsel, which is why she wears his' heraldry on her cape. [Read More]