Proxy Table Gaming 36

"Out of the Garage & into the Wild!" A group of gamers that are taking the leap out from behind closed doors to visit new realms and meet new people. Lots of Batreps, and fun shananigans going on here...

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  • Wow, what a tournament! Now all the batreps are out (no spoilers here though ;) ), we can focus on the good stuff - the players! Tried to get a good mix of hobbyists, elite players - and of course the Master himself! - but as always, we didn't get nearly as many as we would've hoped. Still the ones we did are golden so stop complaining yeah! Lots of fun and a big thanks to all those that did get involved with us on this. There really isn't a lot of time in between games at a tournament so we really appreciate it!

    Barry Lynch

    Ed Murdoch - @Scottish Knight

    Nav "THE MASTER" Hussain - @Navster

    Warren Brewster - @Warren01

    Goblins Grotto - @Thegoblinsgrotto

    Felix Newman - @Fthunder

    Shane Sheppard, Callum Mellis & James Hodges (TOs & Tech guy!) - @Flipper boy, @cm284
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  • Wow, we have finally reached the last battle of the tournament for each of us. Both of us sitting on 3/4 wins and looking to continue the trend and end on a high! @PTG - Hyper-G pits his wits against a fellow Highborn player - complete with Dragon mage (good ol' boy!) - while I get a rather favorable match up against a Beast herd army with plenty of hitting power. Lots of highs and lows, but as always plenty of fun throughout! Make sure you stick with it to the end to hear some of the final standings of the PTG boys! it bad that i'm routing for the elf player?!?!

    Saurian Ancients vs Highborn Elves

    Highborn Elves vs Beast Herds
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  • So after a night of socialising and eating possibly one of the biggest meals I will ever eat (courtesy of Shane the TO), we go back to our accommodation feeling fairly content with the days work and wake up refreshed and raring to go! Day 2 games matches Hyper-G up against a familiar looking warriors army, while i play their cousins the Daemon Legions, with a really nicely painted force. Some spicy games for us to wake up to and not short of drama and tactics along the way!

    Saurian Ancients vs Warriors of the Dark Gods

    Highborn Elves vs Daemon Legions
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  • Also, its not a battle report - but important nonetheless! Here is an interview with @piteglio, showcasing his "Veil of the Ages: The Breach" game and talking through some aspects of it with the hope to get some more pledges for his Kickstarter campaign. In short, it's a simple game aimed to get new people into our wonderful hobby, even more easy to grasp than the Quickstarter game that he has helped to work on as well.

    Really important to give guys like this our backing, as it will help to promote our game and get more people interested and inevitably, more people to play against! So, if you want to be apart of that, or simply just like the look of the game itself, then head over to there to pledge as little or as much as you can - every penny counts!

    Link to the Kickstarter below. Please offer your support if you can.…/the-breach?ref=user_menu

    Here's just some of the things that the game is looking to offer - now and in the near future if this goes ahead:
    • Basic game for new players
    • More scenarios & Battlemat as stretch goals
    • New (custom) models and pieces of terrain
    • Dice, Tape measure and gaming tools (line of sight, etc)
    • Unit/Rules cards for easier gameplay in main T9A game
    • New artwork & tokens
    • Translated Hardcover Legendary Rulebooks for T9A game
    • A video game for The Breach, Quickstarter and eventually T9A main game
    All for as little as 25euros! I think we can all agree that would be amazing! A great guy and some really hard work going into this so, please follow in our footsteps and support as much as you can! [Read More]
  • We continue to look back at Art of War in Bristol with both round 3 fixtures here for your viewing pleasure! Both of us weary from the days play, as non-regular tournament goers 3 in a day is tiring lol.

    H-G takes on an Infernal Warrior player with a HUGE block of warriors and some big ol' merts to go with it - including the pain train. While I test my shooting prowess against an Ogre list that out-shoots me with his - count them - 19(!) Bombadiers. Oh and 3 giants and a massive unit of Bruisers. Ouch!

    Saurian Ancients vs Infernal Dwarves

    Highborn Elves vs Ogre Khans
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  • Onto round 2 and while @PTG - Hyper-G is riding high (well middle-ish) with his round 1 win and now gets given an incredibly symmetrical OnG list, I am down the bottom of the draw with a big loss under my belt - getting a match up against a fiery ID list for my sins. So will Hyper-G continue his good run, and can I turn around my fortunes and keep the day alive? Find out with the videos below...

    Saurian Ancients vs Orcs & Goblins

    Highborn Elves vs Infernal Dwarves
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  • Hey folks,

    So we finally get round to showing off our round 1 games from Bristol. I take on a really fun looking, double Hellmaw WDG list; while @PTG - Hyper-G takes on an aggro VC list controlled by a very good general in Barry Lynch. Possibly the only time on of us is on table 1 at an event, so the pressure is on him to uphold the high prestige that is the Proxy Table Gaming name!

    Saurian Ancients vs Vampire Covenant

    Highborn Elves vs Warriors of the Dark Gods
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  • Hi guys,

    So its been a while since I've had some time to do blog stuff and so this comes a little bit later than i had hoped but the first in a series about the recent ART of War tournament in Bristol. Not only did we attend in good spirits, but we actually got invited to 'cover' the event by way of our channel. We would still do the Battle reports and tournament review as usual, but we would also be getting the opportunity to do a bit more to promote the event and to show how awesome going to events is for war gamers, and how fun it can be. With this in mind our vision for the tournament coverage was to provide:
    • List Reviews
    • Draw sneak peek
    • Table #1 Livestream
    • Short (& Friendly) Player Interviews
    • Bat Reps
    • Mid-Tournament (& Saturday evening shenanigans) Videos and Snippets
    We were very excited about this and want to share with you everything we managed to get up to. As you might expect, with playing in the tournament as well we had very little time to actually do the rest, but still managed a fair amount so hopefully we have done the tournament some sort of justice! Thanks once again to Callum (@'cm284') & Shane @The golden dwarf) for giving us the opportunity to help out, and for running a truly superb event. I don't think we've received any negative feedback on it and i know that everyone had a great time and especially commented on how good the atmosphere was which i think is a testament to them both! Great people, Nice prizes, and good times had by all - and 80 players, meaning it was officially the biggest singles tourney in the UK!

    Anyway, the main thing we wanted to get across to people was how easy going this tournament was - especially to new players, which we were this time last year. We attended simply as players last year and it was our first tournament. Not knowing what to expect, we turned up very anxious (and also excited), but this quickly changed and we had a great time. Big shout out to @Fthunder who was my first opponent back then, gave me a proper schooling in my first ever tournament game (20-0) but then sat with me and talked the game and some other tactics through, making me feel very welcome and not just upset that I couldn't hack it at tourneys. This I think helped me to just relax and play the rest of my games in the right spirit - and i think that was not a special case at this event, in either years. So yeah, good job in organising an event that is suitable for noobs (like we were last year), gamer's, average players and elite players alike.

    So, first up from our point of view were the list 'review' and revealing the draw to the public! Here are the videos for those of you that missed it...

    Apologies for the echo sound on this one, first time we have used skype so bare with us lol

    Plenty more to come from this event too, but we'll leave you with that for now! :thumbup: [Read More]
  • Hi guys,

    Carrying on our Quickstarter adventures and we have been given the task of fighting some battles as part of the QS Play testing league that has been set up. We have the wonderful privilege of fighting with all 8 armies that were selected, in some specific match-ups. We of course jumped at the chance for some more Quick-starter fun, as we had a blast last time and really enjoy the quirkyness and challenge of the types of battles that these encourage.

    So, we have 3 bat reps of battles we did privately and one Livestream battle on our friend @piteglios channel "The Veil of the Ages". All of the actual battles were done in under an hour and even the livestream was recorded in record time, showing that they are quick and easy to get your head around and play - especially if our feeble minds can get to grips with it haha. But most importantly, these are fun games that will really help to encourage new players into our wonderful game, so lets all support it as best we can.

    Anyway, too much cheese for my liking so lets get on with it shall we:

    Empire of Sonnstahl vs Warriors of the Dark Gods

    Kingdom of Equitaine vs Undying Dynasties (Livestream)

    Orcs & Goblins vs Saurian Ancients

    Sylvan Elves vs Dwarven Holds
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  • We have finally arrived at the epic conclusion of our infamous Wooden Spoon Cup, and quite suitably, we have two fantastically weird looking armies to compete for the coveted title of "Best of the Worst". One of the originally tipped armies (Infernal Dwarves) against one that surprised us all in its glory (Undying Dynasties), both with units that have astounded us with units that just should not be good lol.

    If you want the joy and amazement of re-living the entire tournament from start to finish visit our thread HERE, but for those that have been with us from the start I will leave you in limbo for no longer. Nothing more to say here than thank you to everyone involved and that engaged us to help us create a good ol' fashioned bit of fun. Enjoy!

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