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  • Lets be fair here: The Games Workshop snake ladies from back in the day were super weird. They had multiple slaanesh boobies, they were modeled by what appeared to be a man 6 beers in.. they just didnt look good. I was happy to see Games workshop remade some new snake ladies, but at 50 bucks a box and some rather boring sculpts, I wasnt into it. I really wanted to run a Medusa heavy Dark Elf list in the future, and about rocketed out of my chair when I saw some pre-sculpts from Raging Heroes. Feminine snake Ladies? In my Corsair loving home? Oh yes... yes please:

    I still cant get over how cute they are. Despite being mono-poseish, they are still extremely dynamic poses that make a lot of sense and really capture some snakey movement. Additionally, they really went traditional on the forge, where there are a lot less pieces to put together and really improves on a lot of issues I had in the past where I had to glue the faces onto the heads. Putting them together was a dream... cleaning the flash and the brushing was a bit of a nightmare when you're trying to get their snakey coils clean and make sure the soap gets into all the nooks and crannies so there is no chance of paint flaking away. Speaking of flaking, there is very little flex to these models, which has been a nightmare when it comes to the Angels. While beautiful models, they are fragile and flexable. These are stout as hell, and its a breather.

    That being said, I really wish that the tops of the snake bodies had more scale to them. Its more like a Wyrm with flexable, more skin like scales, and kinda takes a little bit away from the fun of painting them. Some nice thick scales would have been appreciated in the task of painting some fun scale patterns...but we cant have everything we want, now can we? However im just glad to have a snake lady model that doesn't look like the beer googles have worn off...

    Yew boi....

    Heres the video for some close ups! [Read More]
  • So another few days go by and I have another session on the ol' models. Focusing on completing some of the ones that I got quite far with rather than keeping everything at the same level but it has gone well! Getting the old washes out and practicing my dry brush technique (for some proper speed painting!) and hoping to keep to the same colour schemes as my previous models in order to make it all look like its coming from the same army/force.

    I have said it before and i'll say it again - I aint no pro! So I fully take that these will likely not blow you away. I'm happy just to show my progress and take any feedback/criticism you guys have too so feel free to leave comments if you are so inclined. I wouldn't mind getting some tips for future projects so if you do see anything glaringly obvious that could be improved by some other means then I would be very interested to know! Also, I will say that my camera/light is not the best so apologies if they don't come out great. But i'm close to finishing off some of them so will try to make sure i get them in the best light when i do get them done...

    Anyway, i'll stop boring you with my rambling and show off my update pictures!

    All of the models on the go! Now have the barrow knights getting involved for some base painting loveliness...

    Sophia has had some work done! Just the base and some facial features left to do here. She doesnt look as highlighted in real life though, think that's just the camera being weird

    Not a good picture as the darkness has crept in, but you get the idea. just base texturing to go for these guys...

    The big boys come out to play. In a similar state with these, although will be adding some eyes and teeth to finish them off. Close though...

    And there you have it! Not fantastic but the production line is well in motion! Also I have completed 2/3 background stories for my characters so that will probably be my next update in this campaign! I'M SOOO KEEN! lol [Read More]
  • Hello

    Well, i can't believe how quickly time has gone recently, the ESC is next week now and although i haven't been having as many practice games as i'd like i think i'm as ready as i'll ever be. After several iterations of my list i have settled on one now. My list choice is, as always, limited by what i have painted and what i have been able to paint in the run up to the event. Real life keeps getting in the way so i've had to keep my painting commitments small, just a single Chosen Knight is all i've been able to paint in the last month.

    So, my list that i'll be taking:

    585 - Chosen Lord, General, War Dais, Trophy Rack, Shield, Dusk forged, Hell Forged Armour, Burning Portent (Hand Weapon), Envy
    850 - Exalted Herald
    320 - Sorcerer, Alchemy, Plate Armour, Book of Arcane Mastery, Alchemist’s Alloy, Lucky Charm, Wizard Adept
    635 - 20x Warriors, Envy, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, Flaming Standard
    150 - 5x Fallen
    120 - 8x Warhounds
    747 - 6x Feldraks, Halberds, Musician
    629 - 4x Chosen Knights, Envy, Standard Bearer, Champion
    460 - Feldrak Elder, Paired Weapons

    It's not too drastic a change from what i used at the TEC, i wanted to be more adventurous and try out the Chimeras but i was never going to be able to paint two of them in time. I'm happy with the list and the practice games have gone well.

    After looking over all the Warrior lists for the ETC i have taken some obvious choices and some rarely seen ones too. I was surprised to see that not too many lists were packing the Feldraks, a unit i absolutely love, mostly for the fear factor that they bring when your opponent sees a big ol' unit of 6 of the guys, scary indeed i think. I understand why people at the ETC aren't taking them though, with no reroll to their discipline tests they can be a liability but when coupled with the Exalted Herald's Guiding Light attribute they can be a bit braver.
    Not as many Chosen Knights running around as i expected either, especially after last year when that was all anyone took. There are better choices in the book now though so i understand why they aren't being taken as much but i've been impressed with them recently. 4 of them is tough nut to crack unless you flank charge them, they melt if that happens.
    Not a lot of the big monsters running around at the ETC either (except Australias Warrior list, that's how it should be done!) so the Feldrak Elder is a pretty rare beast to find on the battle field. I've always had my issues with its ability to kill enough to get past the static combat res of big units but if there's the right target for it then it's going to have a great time. Pretty good at zoning too if that's all i need him to do and he will be a missile sponge to take some of the flak away from the Exalted Herald.
    The Exalted Herald is a different choice from the sea of Chosen Lords and Doom Lords and i completely understand why people aren't taking the Exalted Herald, he's very expensive and a massive liability. He can be taken down by a round of good shooting or a good magic phase but i've been pretty good at using him lately so he sticks. I find his manifestation ability such a versatile tool to take, although i often just go for Sorcerer Immortal and then mix it up with the last one.

    Now onto the obvious choices.
    Ah, the obligatory Chosen Lord on a War Dais with a big flaming sword of multi wounding. I like to think i was being original with the Chosen Lord on the War Dais but i probably stole the idea from someone else and didn't realise it. this guy is everywhere and it's easy to see why. 1+ Armour Save, maybe with a reroll, in a unit of Warriors for protection, what's not to like? This guy is invaluable at the moment with so many Undying Dynasties running/rolling about, his multiple wounds can carve right through those unimaginative mummy lovers! I was taking him with the Dark Prelate but i didn't feel like it brought enough to game to justify the 60 points price tag, so i dropped it. I did want to give him the Idol of Spite but i needed points elsewhere.
    The Sorcerer is the one who is bringing the magic to most of the Warrior lists out there, lots of Wizard Masters with a nice mix of the lores too. For me he is there for some magic support, the Exalted Herald on his own can't quite cut it i find. I'm hoping with the book on Alchemy i should be able to 2 dice a boosted Word of Iron fairly reliably and give my opponent some tough dispel choices to make. It's all about Word of Iron and the Alchemical Fire attribute. I imagine i'll take Quicksilver Lash in most games but if not needed maybe Hellfire or Glory of Gold. He's also packing some armour boosts to stop him being punked out in the first round of fighting.
    A nice large block of Warriors, you can't beat them for core choice in the warrior book i find. I planned on making these guys as tanky as possible with Spiked Shields and going 5 wide they should be able to take most hits and grind it out, especially with the Lord in there.… [Read More]
  • So the next piece in the puzzle is looking at Objective markers for all 3 original armies in the campaign. My idea is based on the sword in the stone image below:

    So i will have a base that is maybe the size of a 50p, then a rock or something that the sword can be stuck into, then the sword itself, followed maybe by a small badge of the army it belongs too (or this will be painted on the rock/structure under the sword. So 'how do i differentiate between the 3 armies' (VC, VS, EoS) you ask? Well that will be the job of the sword. Am planning on using the light of sunna sword for EoS and the following images as a base to design my swords on:

    Once again i plan on making these from scratch and with low cost materials - not sure exactly what yet but that will come I guess lol. The plan is to make a bloody sword for vampires, probably with this scimitar/curved shape; a fire sword for EoS to show off their signature weapon; and a magically enhanced weapon (warpstone) for the vermin. I have done blood and sword effects before but the green glow of VS is something new to me in order to challenge myself something good.

    Anyway, that's the plan and we'll see how it goes but the aim is just to give it a go for the sake of the hobby so fingers crossed! :D [Read More]
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  • So onto my next venture in the campaign! There are 11 different ways to gain 'influence points' in this campaign and I intend to give each and ever one a go by the end of the next 3 months. Its a hell of a target but one I am very excited to get involved with over. Those different ways are detailed below in the spoiler:

    Today we are looking specifically at the 'design rules for up to 2 faction specific terrain features' part. My army throughout this campaign is Vampire Covenant so 've designed the following 2 features to be played on a battlefield near you (or me in the near future - wink wink)!

    #1 - Necromancer's Graveyard

    Ruins. If a Vampire or Necromancer is within 6" of this terrain piece when casting the "Arise" Hereditary spell from Vampire Covenant Army book, add 2 to the raise score rolled (or 1 if the target is not standard infantry). In addition, any enemy (Non VC) army unit that ends its movement phase inside a Necromancers graveyard (even partially) takes d6 str2 ap0 hits from the flailing undead limbs bursting up from the ground.

    The idea behind this one is to help assist the vampire armies in what they like doing best - raising the dead! Also, quite liked the idea that enemies trespassing on the area will get ambushed by 'sleeping zombies' from the ground beneath them. Gives enemies a reason to stay clear and allies a very useful and powerful terrain piece to use in battle!

    #2 - Ancient Vampire Statue

    Impassable Terrain. Roll a D6 at the start of every player turn.
    1= friendly (VC) units crumble by 1, if they are within 6". THE VAMPIRE SPIRITS FORSAKE ANOTHER BLOODLINES FORCES
    2-5 = all enemy (non VC) units within 12" take D3 Str4 AP0 hits. THE VAMPIRE SPIRITS FORSAKE THE ENEMIES OF THE COVENANT
    6= all vampires within 12" gain stubborn until the start of the next turn. THE VAMPIRE SPIRITS BLESS THE VAMPIRE TO GO FORTH AND DEFEAT THEIR ENEMIES FOR THEM

    Quite like the randomness of this idea and the fact that it can work against you on some bad rolls. In a typical game you will be rolling for this 12 times so could cause some really nasty wound-age, or do you gamble and get your vampires in close to give them stubborn... only for them to anger the vampire gods and crumble away. Oh the irony!

    So there you have it! My VC terrain pieces are here. I am planning on attempting to build each one of these on the cheap from scratch too! Does mean i will have to source my own materials on the cheap too so i'm preparing some heavy lollipop sessions while i'm finishing off my painting. Oh the things I do for this hobby! Your welcome...
    I will attempt to do some tutorials on them but not promising you will want to copy them as the results could vary wildly! Lol. [Read More]
  • So here we are! 1st August and the Campaign has begun! Very exciting times.

    Already there are 3/4 stories and battle reports and models and character fluff been released and they are all fantastic! Such great reads and interesting characters, battle narrative and reporting (for those more interested in the tactics of our wonderful game rather than creating story for it). It really has started with a boom, and if this continues we are in for one hell of a campaign!

    But enough about them - what about me!? Well this will be a fairly quick update as I have been focusing on my models and painting side of things to start off with. So, below are a few update picks and we are really cracking on nicely! I managed to squeeze some time between the kids and the wife (calm down!!!) and my other hobbies to get some good progress made. So without further ado, here they are:

    My vampire (and 3rd character of the army) has been started!

    She will have a red breastplate with gold trim, pink cloth and dress beneath with a black cape/robe to cover. Haven't decided on the hair yet but likely to be blonde. So shes all based up basically with details to be added on my next session i imagine.

    Next up my skellies!

    Actually didn't realise when I got the models out they were missing shields lol. So i've based them up & added detail on the weapons and 'light armour'. Will give their shields a silver dry brush to bring out some of the models details then a wash should do them nicely.

    Ghouls coming up strong!

    So many different details to highlight on these. Well not that many but they've got rocks, bones, cuts and hair. But they've all been completed apart from the bloodstains on them and then over to the wash to finish.

    And the biggest beasties i'm painting up for the campaign!

    Had to repaint these to coincide with the rest of my army's colour scheme. So I've probably done the most work on these to get them to where they are. Dry-brushed and highlighted and, similarly to the others, once a wash goes on 'em they should be good to go.

    And finally the zombies!

    Simple update for these as all i've done is give them a base coat of skin colour grey. Lots of work on these chaps to come...

    Hoping to have 1 or 2 more sessions to completion, but i haven't accounted for the basing which i'll have to do also. Now a quick disclaimer, I am not a good painter. So these will be tabletop standard and nothing more. A good example of this is the skeletons. I know that really I should spend a bit more time on the shields as there is lots of details that can be highlighted with relative ease. However, my other 30 skeletons from GW (booo, hisss... but lovely models tbf) are exactly the same so a dry brush will have to do. They don't look bad, and all together actually look decent, but they won't be winning any awards. I will take a bit extra time with my characters and get them a bit better standard but I tend to find I haven't got the experience or patience to get them much better standard so for now - and with a timescale in hand - that will have to do!

    Now, as well as this I have typed up the fluff/background story for Toby and am half way through Sophia's fluff. I also, have some interesting rules contributions for terrain and models (and the von Hesselink bloodline!!!) that will come in the next update post, but can i just say how enthused I am about this project and the potential to develop my army and lore! And on top of that, the sampiagn story itself! I'm so interested in how they will pull everything together - or if they even will at all - but it certainly is living up to its name so far of "a fun campiagn". Well done chaps! [Read More]