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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • With everything that has been going on in the world, LBM seems like ages ago now. Still, it would be unfair to the tournament organizers not to post some kind of feedback about one of the best-ran events that I’ve ever been to! If you ever get the chance to attend an event by @kiri and @falanor , don’t hesitate: the venue is spacious and well-illuminated, the gaming tables sturdy and fully equipped with playing mats and high-quality (2D) terrain. On a competitive level the teams are all comprised of good and fair players, and the judges know their rules and are always easy to find (just look for the tall guy with the fluorescent T-shirt!).The organizers go out of their way to make people feel welcome, even organizing a social programme (Saturday night out!) for the attending players that desire it. Again, a big “thank you” to them for putting in the time and effort to pull this off year after year.

    So what was the verdict on the Beast list? To answer that I need a bit of context: I am convinced that the current T9A ruleset has not avoided Hero-hammer nor Monster-hammer; the relative advantage of moving freely in 360 degrees far outweighs the benefits of bringing blocks of troops. The easy access to great saves for characters means that cowboys are very prevalent. And the way combat alignment works means that having multiple single targets that can concentrate force in a single point of an enemy battleline gives you a big advantage. My Dread Elf list took advantage of all that, but it left me wanting a more challenging experience. The Beast Herds was a means of getting blocks of troops to do the hard work, without going down the “immobile blocks” route: Pack Tactics, Ambush, Vanguards and overall high charge reach meant that you could design a list that can still pull off nice plays without feeling that you’re playing a skirmish game.
    In the process of testing I decided to challenge established opinions of what works and what doesn’t for the BH, and try to figure out ways to make use of less used elements.

    Here’s a unit-by-unit evaluation of the army:

    Beastlord with Wildhorn Retinue:

    It turns out that taking two of the least-used elements in the book and combining them nets you a very good unit! A version of the wildhorn block has featured in every one of my games, and they almost always make me proud. The best word to describe them is “reliable”: the beastlord brings guaranteed Primal Instinct, good Discipline, and 3-4 wounds per turn against all but the hardest opponents, while the Wildhorns themselves render him immune to panic, give him protection against ranged damage and can defend themselves pretty well. In LBM, the unit won me a game on its own (against Vermin Swarm), and could have done the same for the first two games of the tournament if we hadn’t been pressed for time.

    Centaur BSB with Centaur Retinue:

    Such a wonderful unit, with such a reasonable price-tag! After some tests the list organically evolved to a point where the BSB was no longer needed in the middle of the army. This meant that I could use this unit to put pressure on the “weak” side of the board, and force the opponent to split his attention. They were a key component in all of the games: I guess the most telling fact is that the only game I lost was because they panicked off the board! That UD game would have ended up looking a lot different otherwise. The combination of high-strength hits and maneuverability is a very good tool that allows the rest of the list to get away with being more static.


    Druidism is, for lack of a better description, a very bland but effective path of magic. The options you’ve got are limited, but the +2 to cast from the Seed of the Dark Forest means that with some planning ahead you can have a brutally effective magic phase. At first the idea of charging into a combat that would probably not go your way without magic is really scary: contrary to defensive builds, where Druidism just helps push things over the top, with Beasts you’re actually relying on that Fortitude save to keep your models alive long enough to strike (and win combat). But the threat of a boosted Stoneskin going off means that the smaller spells are cast, and then it’s up to your +2 to cast to help you push that Stoneskin through anyway.

    The only issue that I encountered was trying to keep up with the rest of the list: good opponents will try to deny you terrain features that help with casting ranges, so it’s up to the BH general to try and force favorable situations. Could another path work? Shamanism might do the trick as well, although I would be less inclined to bring so many great weapons in that case.

    Beastlord on Razortusk Chariot:

    This was a choice based on the prevalent tournament builds of other armies: his inclusion helped push the pairing matrix to a “mostly favorable” range, since it takes the heat off the less armoured troops when it comes to silly things such as Wretched Ones[Read More]
  • Scotland? Fighting? Dark Arts? Very Shakespearean. We've got it all in episode 5 as we're joined by the one and only Big Git - Andrew Lind - of Mad Git Radio fame to discuss the VC. Other topics covered include The English Civil War (Scottish Expansion Pack), Matt's continued poor run of form (now in its 28th year) and some geology.

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  • On this week's episode of MGR the ladies are back!!! :GobboYes:

    Having succumbed to lockdown delirium, Andrew successfully cons his better half into a game of 9th and so we delve into how they both found the the quick starter rule set, both from a new and experienced player point of view. We also check in to see if any of their opinions of the beautiful game have changed over the last 12 months and chat minis, painting and everything in between! :GobboFreaky:…31-the-widows-strike-back

    The Scottish 9th Age Facebook page for updates and news about forthcoming tournaments and events here

    And the Scottish 9th Age Twitter for pictures from battle reports, events etc.

    To get in touch with the podcast team and to submit questions for the show you can email us at [Read More]
  • Kev and Matt are joined by the Master of Shenanigans, the King of the Movement Phase and UK Masters Best Painted Winner - Tim Bohknecht - to discuss the T9a painting scene. Tim proposes an exciting new venture; 'A Tale of Slow Painters'. We oblige him to play our feature games Desert Island Ninth Age, Ancient Enemies and the other one that Matt always forgets. In other news Kev tries Beast Herds MSU with mixed results whilst the lads reminisce on past painting glories...great times. Matt gets elected to High Office and invites suggestions for the UK Masters Format for 2021 but few are taken seriously.…t-a-tale-of-slow-painters [Read More]
  • 42. a regular inquisitor or a special character?

    our Patrons are done voting, so here you find
    the characters shortlisted for next month's gladiator.
    go vote for your favourite character on Facebook!

    yes, yes. there's no Sunna entry in the EoS book. in case she wins the poll, we'll have to decide whether to let her represent a regular Prelate, or whether we should write some dedicated special rules for her. if you ask me... it's time to bring some special characters to the world of T9A! : )

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    miniatures: Avatars of War (tnx Gaelion!)

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  • Good evening! On tonight's episode I’m joined by @WastelandWarrior and @Grimbold Blackhammer for a chat about the Warriors of the Dark Gods. We look at the background, the rules and the minis.

    Hobby Spotlight
    Wasteland Warrior: Games Workshop Skinks
    Grimbold Blackhammer: Hobgoblin Vassals converted from OOP Games Workshop Goblins and Games Workshop Plague Monks
    Mad ‘At: OOP Games Workshop Flagellant to be used as a Flagellant

    Avatars of War: Barbarian Mercenary…cts/barbarian-mercenary-1
    Avatars of War: Centaur Chieftain…roducts/centaur-chieftain
    Fireforge Games: Lilith - The Ranger
    Giants Supplement!…-giants-of-the-ninth-age/
    Warhammer Weekly: Basing…wMfTHBgjgTLA8rpgI5AjBKV8w
    Slann Rat Daily: Basing…e-of-base-youll-ever-want
    Paired Weapons Podcast: Episode 1…dcast-launches-episode-1/

    Miniature mentions
    Windmaster: Barbarians
    Windmaster: Morgh
    Mierce Miniatures: Gwaelod
    Knightmare Games: Pantheon of Chaos
    Games Workshop: Chaos Warriors
    Cool mini or not: Hate [Read More]
  • 41. the imperial gladiator

    our Patreon supporters and our Facebook friends have spoken: next month, the Empire will send a new gladiator to the Arena! but which hero will it be? a mighty Marshal on a Great Griffon? or maybe an Inquisitor? and if so: mounted or on foot? let us know your opinion in the next 24h. maybe it will inspire our supporters, who will decide the exact miniature in the next polls on

    download the free videogame expansion:
    Inquisitor on Horse: Marcos24
    Marshal on Great Griffon: Signum Games (painted by Adaephon_Delat)
    Inquisitor: Avatars of War (painted by Mad'At)


    PS: last night, the Dwarf King smashed face during the Sweden - Italy match. still, he didn't kill no Griffon, despite the thumbnail for the video : D [Read More]
  • Having heard from Craig Johnson that great players have a 'play style' - Matt and Kev wonder what their play style is, and having established that losing isn't really a play style, they wonder how to improve and whether it's worth it. Matt foists his Desert Island Ninth Age and Ancient Enemies choices onto listeners whether they want it or not. And then a horse escapes.…-kev-become-introspective [Read More]
  • Hi Everybody.

    Thought it's about time i added to my blog as it has been a while. Coronavirus has spread all around the globe and the world is in a crazy place right now, and it's no exception for me. I'm a Microbiologist by day so this virus is very much my forte, I've been working ridiculous hours trying my best to do what i can in the fight against Coronavirus which hasn't left much time for hobby lately. Tournaments seem like a thing from the past now but i did attend one in February and one at the start of March before it all got very serious here in the UK. I will be doing Bat Reps for the Tournament i attended in February so i do have some content to turn out at least.

    Anyway, since i was last on here there's been a new supplement book all about Giants. When i first saw it on April 1st i was so happy to see it as Giants have always had a place in my heart. Many moons ago i created my Giant for my old Warhammer 8th edition Bretonnian army to use in some fluffy games. He was a Questing Knight Giant named Sir Bort, he had all the Blessing and the old Giant rules but if he ever jumped up and down he lost the blessing because it was very knightly of him.

    He's currently on a 60x60 base as i'm using him as a unit filler for the Knights Forlorn but he'll soon be going back onto a 50 x 75 and running about again thanks to the new Giant rules. The model is the old Forge World Siege Giant body with the hands of a normal GW Giant. The sword is an old Great Unclean One sword from GW. His shiels is a door from an old boardgame i used to own called Darkworld (Did anyone else every play that or was it just me?). I then stuck the head of the old GW 5th Edition Dragon on it and wrapped it in some small chains. The helmet is an old Cold One head from 5th edition GW Dark Elf Coldone Knights and then some green stuff for the ribbons on the helmet and the straps of the shield. He was a real labour of love and i'm dead happy with how he turned out. And now i get to make two more!

    I was worried that the supplement was just going to be an April's Fool joke and i would never get to use Sir Bort in the Ninth Age. So i was even happier when i realised it was legit. As soon as this pandemic is over i can play in a tournament again you know Sir Bort will ride again!

    I eagerly read the fluff around some of the Giants from the book. I love the idea of giant humanoids just trying to live their life in a tiny human/dwarf/elf world and adopting the little peoples cultures. I thought the opening was particularly good and did a great job of introducing the life of Giants and what they (and the supplement) are all about. I was so excited by the supplement that i made sure it was the first episode of our podcast! Oh yeah, I've started a Podcast, well @Mattyp has started a podcast and i'm his co host on the adventure. It's called The Paired Weapon Podcast and you can find our first episode here: Episode 1

    So i won't spend too long here discussing my opinions about the Giant Supplement, you can listen to that in the Podcast. All i will say is that i'm glad that i get to use my Giant again and the rules for the Feudal Giant are particularly good. I'm delighted that he'll get the Blessing and get's a 4+ Armour Save with Knighted Giant. I probably wouldn't bother taking any of the other upgrades as that Knighted Giant one is exactly what i wanted from the KoE Giant. Swiftstride and Devastating Charge +2 Strength is really good and certainly makes him more than just a bit of chaff like most giants seem to be these days. AT 365 points he is a a little expensive but i think he's worth it, i could be wrong though, need to actually use the Feudal Giant and see how it plays out.

    Thought i'd write my own bit of fluff about Sir Bort too, now he's been upgraded from unit filler to a unit in his own right.

    The Tale of Sir Bort

    Bort had left home for his great adventure many months ago now, and spent his time roaming the land trying to find out where he fitted in this crazy world. His life consisted mostly of eating cattle, which could never escape very far from Bort because they all lived in fields surrounded by fences ("silly cows" Bort often thought to himself), this was almost always followed by him running away from angry human villagers. Sometimes he would be approached by small green folk who would promise him all the magical mushrooms he could ever want if he followed them into the forests, but these green fellows never had any good food and the mushrooms just gave him a headache. These green lads were very persistent until Bort 'accidentally' stood on some of the green folk, then they left him alone.

    One day Bort was walking a path through some hills, he always liked the fresher air of the hills and less beings bothered or chased him up there. As he neared the top of a particularly large hill he heard a screech a big fiery explosion. Against his own instincts he ran towards the noise and was confronted with a big red Dragon[Read More]
  • 39. let's choose a new faction for May

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