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  • I don’t even like Highborn Elves.

    I’m not that fond of how most of their models look, and I didn’t like their fluff in that other game most of us played. I was originally a Dwarf player, and I loved their fluff. Their stubbornness, oath keeping and their refusal to yield. I also enjoy watching my opponents faces when they are up against a gunline, seeing their hopes and dreams fade away as they see their chances of winning a tournament slowly fade away for every unit entry they read in my list. Not that gunlines are super hard to crack, it’s just that most people seem to completely forget about them when building their lists. Or perhaps people are just throwing darts at printed pages of their army books when selecting units and equipment from them. It certainly feels that way sometimes when reading some lists.

    I do however, really enjoy playing with the HBE. I also like building lists with them. In a time when customizable options & synergies in list building is more restricted & regulated then fun was in the soviet union, to me HBE are the quiet basement rebels with their rock ‘n roll, coca colas and American candy.
    Even though I regularly build lists for other armies, and play with them too thanks to the generous spirit of Willman who has a vast amount of armies he lets me borrow, I often find myself drawn back to the HBE.
    They have a good and solid core section, great shooting and some of the best single model units out there imho. And the honors for the characters are great too, lots of fun and most of them are pretty good too.

    Anyway, here’s a list I’m gonna try out tomorrow:
    • 1210 - Lords of the Seas, High Prince, Prince of Ryma, Ancient Dragon, Giant Sword, Lucky Shield, Divine Icon, Lucky charm.
    • 570 - Lords of the Seas, Commander, Master of Canreig Tower(druidism), BSB, 3 additional spells, Great bow of Elu, Shielding scroll
    • 180 – 5 Elein Reavers
    • 180 – 5 Elein Reavers
    • 770 – 15 Highborn Lancers, FCG
    • 400 – Frost Phoenix
    • 440 – 15 Queens Guard, Musician
    • 360 – 2 x Sea Guard Reaper
    • = 4110

    Not quite sure how I’m going to spend the last 390pts. 15 sword masters are temping, since they are so cheap nowadays, but I’m not sure they fit in that well with this fast paced army. Another option is 5 knights of ryma with champ + mus. They certainly fit in better with the pace of the army, but I worry that just 5 of them will die way to easy, and before I can regrow a few of them with nature. Not enough leeway there. A third option is to remove the bolt throwers, add a unit of 14 queens guard, an eagle and a lion chariot. Whatever really, that last part of the army does not make that big of a difference really.

    The ancient dragon is the ancient dragon. If he gets room to play then he’ll be devastating. If there’s chaff in the core section, then I never leave home without atleast a few units of it. I really, really like how the frost phoenix, highborn lancers & druidism magic all synergizes together. And the dragon + frostie for that matter. Queens guard + the great bow should be kings (Heh) at removing war machines now, as long as I can just manage to deploy them in a somewhat useful position. Queens guard. 28pts a model for BS5, 30" str4 shooting is a steal.
    If I outgun my opponent, then I can play carefully the first few turns, pick off his chaff units and then set up some combo charges. If he outguns me, then I'm fast enough to be in combat by turn 2, and with druidism magic I can hopefully regen whatever damage he does to me in that 1 turn of shooting.

    Yeah, no dispel scroll is going to suck. But I save in 150pts by going this route and combining my BSB & mage. 1 spell in cosmology and 3 in druidism and I’ll have 6 different spells to cast. That signature spell for cosmology looks tasty with the queen’s guard, and some of the other spells can be very useful in certain matchups as well. Somewhat worried that the 12” range on the druidism attribute will be insufficient, and it makes me wish I could take druidism on normal mages and make them asfad scholars. God that honor is awesome and underrated. As your mothers will tell you, those extra 6 inches makes all the difference in the world.

    If it’s too annoying, I guess I’ll just have to feed those Queen’s guard some testosterone pills and turn them into an Grey Watchers unit. [Read More]
  • I want to talk about a recent tournament experience I had, because it left me thoughtful afterwards.

    I was following my normal pattern of army hopping/slutting, and playing EoS for this one. I had done decently after 2 games and was in the upper brackets, and I was scheduled to play against one of the top players in my country. He had an ID army with a giant unit of Taurukh anointed + a taurukh character in there and some other stuff as well.
    Now, I won this game. Big. A big ol’ 20-0 tabling, and looking at the score sheet you’d probably think “Wow, he must be a great player to have crushed this well known and respected ETC player. I bet he’s handsome, have flowing long hair, a chin chiseled out of stone and is great in bed as well.”

    Well, you’d be right on the second part. But as far as the first part goes, I actually left the game feeling I had been outplayed. Weird, huh? Tabling someone and still feeling like the inferior player.

    Sure, the dices where favoring me, but it wasn’t like Lady Luck had developed a sadistic fetish for my opponent. It was just one of those games, when you are rolling well when you need to and getting your bad rolls when they don’t matter and the opposite for my opponent. Although I’m not sure he would agree that’s how it went down, since he felt the need to borrow my dice at one point for his own rolls, hah.

    Here’s the reason why I left feeling outplayed though; I made far more mistakes then he did, and he did really well on capitalizing on my mistakes. The good kind of capitalizing too, when I miss that on a potential overrun he’ll actually hit my main unit in the flank and not the front, or when killing a certain unit will set off a panic bomb, etc. Not the kind of “capitalizing on your opponents mistakes” that a lot of *certain* players do. The kind where you end up playing the game _wrong_ , but since your opponent is unaware of a rule, has forgotten it or misinterpreted it you chose not to correct him on it and thus “capitalizes on your opponents mistake”. To me, that’s basically the same a purposefully playing the game wrong in any other way, like saying your units have better stats then they do, or that they have special rules that they don’t etc.
    So, cheating in other words. But let’s not stray into that topic, ‘tis a dark place reeking of musky body odors and piles of mountain dew cans.

    So, I made plenty more mistakes then my opponent. But he made bigger ones, and that’s what it all comes down to. We all make mistakes. The better the player, the fewer mistakes are made, but even the gods of 9th age make mistakes. The 2, maybe 3, mistakes that my opponent made that led to his defeat where imho these:

    • He dropped everything at once, allowing me to choose matchups. So I put my 40 greatswords, supported by 3 buff wagons (2 arcane engines with each buff + war altar) up against his big taurukh anointed unit, and my total amount of 90 heavy infantry w shields (50 + 20 x 2) vs. his citadel guard + general.
    • He pushed up way to aggressively turn 1, giving me a really easy charge on his taurukh with my greatswords.
    • He used his dice to dispel banishment, and didn’t scroll blinding speed on my greatswords, which allowed me to strike first in that combat. I’m sure you can imagine what happened after that, with 40str 6 attacks hitting on 4’s with rerolls, and wounding on 3’s.

    This allowed me to crush his left flank, and even though I had to spend a couple of extra turns chasing down the last remaining parts of his anointed, I still had my swordsmen supported by the distracting arcane engine keeping his citadel guard locked up, until the greatswords came swinging back from behind.

    After turn 1 was over, I had a giant advantage and thought I was just going to sweep the rest home. But he did small thing after small thing, trying to work his way back into the game (worth noting too, at the same time he was laughing, cracking jokes and just generally being one of the most pleasant opponents I’ve ever had in a tournament. Certainly the most pleasant person I’ve ever tabled. With the possible exception of Willman, but that guy’s a saint).

    There was even a point during the last turn in the game, where if I had just failed a few leadership tests on 7, he could have taken a huge chunk of points of me. But as I said, I got lucky with the dice when I needed it, and that was certainly such a moment.

    That game left me with the weirdest feeling ever. I couldn’t be too happy with the game since I had felt like the inferior player in so many moments, but I had also just taken a massive win and crushed the hope and dreams of a fellow nerd.

    It was anticlimactic. It was like a sad boner. [Read More]
  • Hello and welcome, fellow nerds. I’m pretty sure almost none of you reading this have any idea of who I am, so allow me to introduce myself.

    I am Tyrgrim, a big fish in a small pond and a mediocre fish with delusions of grandeur in a bigger pond. What that means is that I regularly pound my friends into the ground when we play (gleefully and with little to zero class), but I’ve yet to win any big tournament.
    So naturally I have an inflated opinion about myself and my knowledge about this game.
    And what better place to nurture my giant and fragile ego then in a blog?! A place where I can have a monologue, where no one can gainsay and mock my arguments with memes and logical conclusions.

    Although judging by the vehement arguments and nerd raging currently infesting the forums after the latest patch, I might just be able to lure a few of you into thinking I know what the hell I’m talking about. Because a lot of you guys seem to be pretty damn bad at this game. Oh, right. It’s not you, it’s the dice. Yeah, if it weren’t for those damn dice I would have gotten my fair share of glory by now too. It was those damn dice that made me miscast down into a hole in the last turn of a game with my 600pts general on a fire phoenix with wizard hat, when I was trying to buff my 10 silver helms with The Beast Within against a small unit of empire troops. So what that I threw 5 dice? I was trying to get a spell off damn it, and I had 5 dice available to throw! It was all the fault of those bloody dice…

    Enough of that! What can you expect to be reading from me? Well besides reports from the tournaments I attend around my area, I’ll be gifting you all with my brilliance regarding tactics, list building & balance updates. There will be the occasional battle report, although I haven’t yet decided on whether I should do it through youtube or just go full hipster mode and do it with Battle chronicler. The problem with youtube, is that the few times I’ve tried to take pictures for battle reports I’ve started to forget taking pictures around beer 4-, err I mean round 4. It does seem like a lot of less hassle then BC though.

    I’m not very good at painting. It is my one and only flaw, really. But I’ll still upload progress pictures as I slog through my WotDG project, an army I have very little desire to play but god damn there’s some sweet models out there for them. I’m no fluff bunny, so when the urge to paint and create something strikes me I’ve got to just ride the acrylic wave.

    Anyways, that’s enough of an introduction. By this point you should have an inkling of the kind of person I am. [Read More]