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  • doomanddarkness

    No seriously, we are it right now, all your other podcasts have folded, changed format, or embraced the evil of AOS. So if your anything like me, you have really been missing your (bi)weekly podcasts, so Richard, Kenzie and I are here to fill the void left in your heart... With a new 9th age podcast!
    We will be covering the basics at first, the rulebook changes from WHFB to 9th age, and then the army book TACs, and then probably again when the armybooks come out for reals. So if your too lazy to read all those PDF's for yourself, or just like listening to people ramble on about their opinions on said subject, come listen. If your bored at work, Come Listen. If you have nothing else to listen to since all your podcasts abandoned you, COME LISTEN!

    Disclaimer, we may curse occasionally, we may curse Games Workshop a little more occasionally (the wounds are still fresh), and whatever we say is not necessarily the opinion of the 9th age itself, they are ours dangit! and we will express them all over your ears if you'll let us.

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