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  • Hi 9th Fans,

    It’s been way too long since we talked crap – sorry for the delay guys.

    In this episode we wrongly discuss the second round points changes released a number of months ago. Yes, that’s right, many podcasts bring you irrelevant ramblings, but only the Battle Focus Podcast brings you outdated irrelevant ramblings.

    But just as the Monkey's were never about the music, the Battle Focus Podcast is all about the spirit of the game. So grab a paint brush, get ready to attack that pile of gray and take every statement from this chat with a massive pinch of salt.

    Thanks for listening as always and we’ll have some more content out shortly.

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  • Hi 9th Age Fans,
    Welcome to the Battle Focus Blog.
    This really is just a hobby blog for us “table top” hobbyists. I am by no means a professional painter but I do love getting big, painted armies on the table.
    I will be posting up my hobby plans at the start of each month and my successes (and failures) at the end of each month. I hope that it gets you keen to also make some commitments to your own hobby and share your photos on the 9th Age forums, the 9th Age Hobby Corner Facebook page, Twitter or wherever you share your hobby photos.

    Unit a Month Challenge (or the “5 models a Month Challenge”)
    I was chatting to a new player down the club a few days ago, he was telling me about the “4 models a month” painting challenge he does as part of a hobby Facebook group. He was saying that committing to just get 4 models done a month is enough motivation for him to get the paints out and once he’s done that he usually gets a lot more than 4 models done.
    So I thought, let’s get this going with the 9th Age Community via the 9th Age Hobby Corner Facebook page and the 9th Age Forum. But we need to make this our own challenge so I propose the totally different and completely unique – Unit a Month Challenge otherwise known as the “5 Models a Month Challenge”.

    July Hobby Plans
    I’ve found myself in an odd hobby mood lately – painting different units for different armies. But a wise mad once said, whatever keeps you motivated to get the models painted. So my commitments this month are another odd assortment of models.

    Sigrun the Maneater by MoM Miniatures – WoDG Doom Lord
    I’ve had this guy on my paint desk for a while so it’s time he got the tabletop paint job he deserves.

    2 Medusa from Games Workshop – DE Medusa
    My DE army is the closest army I have to being fully painted to a nice standard and I feel like I should finish up the few items I have still left to paint.

    2 Inquisitor from Games Workshop – EoS Prelate
    This is a small part of a bigger army planned for the next few months – more to come on this shortly.

    Well that wraps up my first blog post and my first months commitment to hobby progress. Feel free to check back at the end of the month to see my progress (or lack of) and post up your own hobby progress.

    Jack “Willi” Williams
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