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    On this week's episode of MGR we chat to Wildlings Fras and Martin on the most recent points update! Tune in to hear our ramblings on how we think the new points update has gone, what we think are the biggest changes and how they might change the AB rankings. We also talk briefly about Strivelyn Styrife III, our local Singles Tournament, and the Cardiff Open 2019.…ent-chat-with-martin-fras

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  • Hello all!

    It gives me great joy to pass on the information that the Avras campaign will continue on! Yippee! And to celebrate I thought i'd put all my battle reports detailing the "Journey to Avras" with Darius and his troops. This series of reports follows Darius and co, as they get prepared to go to save their beloved Queen. However, they have to overcome several challenges/obstacles on the way so the road is not as simple as they would have hoped...

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  • Hey you guys!!!

    Below you will find a complete tutorial for the terrain piece I have made for the Avras campaign. Once again, I have tried to come in with the aim to keep the costs at an absolute minimum! So this actually cost me £0 outside of paints and 'bits' that I already had in the house and on my hobby table! Bonus!

    As always, I am looking to improve my skills as I have used this campaign as a bit of an excuse to test myself in the different aspects of the hobby. Enjoyed it so much but realise that it is not the best ever - but good enough for me! lol. So, if you do have any comments or tips about how i could've made this better and what to think about in my future endeavors when doing this sort of stuff. I have done a little 'reflection' bit at the end also, so let me know if you agree with those points too.

    Terrain Piece: Ruins - Necromancers Graveyard.

    Initial Ideas: This goes back to a previous challenge of making terrain rules for the campaign based on the army you chose. I am Vampire Covenant for this, so thought something that would go nicely with the army would be a graveyard that may have been utilised previously by - you guessed it - a necromancer! Here is the rule-set and idea for reference:
    Display Spoiler

    Ingredients: So what do you need to complete this task? Well just check out the pictures below for what you will need to muster together before you start. Add to this a pie tin plate, paint and some basing materials (from your hobby table) and you have all you need to get going...

    Step 1: Cut the base out of cardboard. Cut strips of cardboard out for the walls - making sure to account for the 3 sides of the wall and some extra bit to allow you to stick it down to the base. Square the lollipop sticks off at their ends and cut some extra ones to the same length (and then in half to halve their width)

    Step 2: Score the cardboard strips to create the wall shape and stick them to the base using celotape to create the wall outline. Squish a pie plate dish into a rough dome shape (making sure it has lots of rough edges all around) and cut a doorway in one side. Stick down to base with super glue. You may need weights to do this effectively (see 3rd picture)...

    Step 3: Once dried, paper mache the entire area by mixing PVA glue with water to make a 'paste'; cut newspaper into strips and dip them in the paste; place them on the structure and walls; brush over to 'flatten' onto the cardboard. Leave to dry overnight in a warm, dry area.

    Step 4: Using the cut up lollipop sticks, start to create the metal fencing to go on top of the wall by cutting cocktail sticks up as below. I cut them up into 3, using the central section for the bars on the bottom of the structure and the 2 outer sections for the top bars. Just make sure to keep the central section fairly even in length; but the same care does not need to be taken for the outer edges - in fact i cut them to different lengths on purpose. Also, don't be careful to make sure they are all perfectly stuck down as if they are broken, missing or off-centre as it makes it look more dingy/old/'necromancery'. Stick these together using super glue or a more resilient substance than PVA.

    Step 5: Stick the fencing to the top of the walls (after everything has time to sufficiently dry) using PVA and allow another day of drying. Then paint the base colours and add some texture to the base. I have added a skull to the pie-plate cave and some boulders to the front for extra effect.

    Step 6: Finish by adding layer colours and wash to the structures and extra flock/texture to the bases. Add any extras to bring home the theme. I added some gravestones to the flocky areas of the gravel inside the fences for example. For the stone effect, simply drybrush using white on top of a grey/stone colour. Easy pea-sy!

    And there you have it! A ready made, cheap ruins/graveyard structure that any vampire army can utilise to good affect!

    Recommendations/improvements (basically if i had more time lol)
    • Add skulls! I actually have a shed load of skulls to add to this, as well as other extras like a cauldron of blood and skeleton parts that i have spare from my VC kits. I may still do this to be fair as I think its the little details that really make things like this. Adding skulls to the floor and railings would make for a better effect.
    • Blood stained and more attention to the gravel/basing texture! I am not very good at basing anyway so this is something i would like to improve on and get some tips from you guys, but I think simply taking more time with this and adding some paint to parts would make it look better.
    • Wall should have been stone affect too! Yeah I feel like this was a missed opportunity as the cave looks much more like stone than the wall does. So if i was to do it again, I would paint that in the same manner as the cave
    • For better effect, use better materials! Obviously for this challenge, I had set my sights on using household products
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  • Hello Chaps!

    Long time no speak on here but work and life has been killing me! No excuse though and below you will find a complete tutorial for the objective markers I have made for the Avras campaign. As always with my stuff, this is all coming from a proper noob perspective and from someone that has never done these before so they will not be winning any awards any time soon. But, hopefully, they will show you that anyone can do it if you give it a go (and probably a lot better than me!) and as an added extra I have tried to come in with the aim to keep the costs at an absolute minimum! Well, that's my excuse anyway hahaha...

    Also, you may have seen some of these in previous blog entries but putting the process in full here so that anyone coming in fresh can see it from the beginning! Anyway, take it all with a pinch of salt, enjoy and if you feel up to it, post some comments on what you think and how i can improve please. Cheers all! :thumbsup:

    Objective Markers.

    Initial Ideas: So one of the Avras challenges was to make objective markers for each of the initial 3 armies involved in the campaign. My vision for this was a sword in the stone idea with each sword being one that was fairly iconic or recognisable for each of the armies. Thus, the below was what i was trying to achieve.

    Step 1 - Draw Swords design onto cardboard base

    Step 2 - Cut out, flip and trace onto cardboard (to create mirror images)

    Step 3 - Glue parts together with PVA glue

    Step 4 - Paint base colours on swords and add wash to 'darken' where appropriate

    Step 5 - Add details and base coat bases brown

    Step 6 - Cut out plastic tray in chocolate box (in this case "Guylian") for rock feature and pierce at top, allowing cardboard swords to slot it. Glue to pre-painted base

    Step 7 - Add texture to base to finish

    And there you have it folks, 3 perfectly good objective markers for you and your buddies! Overall, it cost me £0 as I already had the cardboard, chocolate tray and bases/texture at my disposal - as i imagine a lot of you would. If not, cimply buy some cereal for breakfast, chocolate for your missus and some extras for your models! It's a win/win!

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  • Hey all! On this special show, Tony and I discuss our adventure to Denmark’s capital København for the Nørdcon tournament.

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  • Jack and Jordan are joined by Rob, the Cardiff GT TO, to talk some lists and reveal the first round draw

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    Outro: Dead - Normandie
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  • We have special guest Hristo on this week to discuss tilting, what it is, how to avoid it and how to bring yourself back. Also a mini review for Fireforge Games new Zombie models

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    Outro: The Dirty Dog - The Filthy Spectacular
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  • WE HAVE RETURNED!!!!!! :hurrah:

    Team Scotland, courtesy of Mad Git Radio, have finally emerged from their post-ETC slumber and are happy to bring you our coverage of the biggest 9th Age event of 2019!!! In this 2 part extravaganza we are joined by Team Scotland coaches Kev Stonebanks aka AxelVicious, and Matt "Big Game Hunter" Perriss aka Mattyp, to discuss all things ESC and ETC 2019 Novi Sad!!!

    Tune in to Episode 24 for our pre-ETC show where we talk about our thoughts and largely preconceived notions around the premier gaming event of the year, a largely newb perspective on what we expect from our international cousins and how we're preparing our butt-holes for what we expect to be a good old fashioned rogering!…scotland-coaches-kev-matt

    In Episode 25 we aim to relive the magic of the ETC, recounting stories of heroism, daring, and a man wandering about in his pants....a return to form from Scotland's favourite 9th Age aficionados…am-scotlands-kev-and-matt

    The Scottish 9th Age Facebook page for updates and news about forthcoming tournaments and events here

    And the Scottish 9th Age Twitter for pictures from battle reports, events etc.

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