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  • Greetings Fellow Gamers,

    A criticism that is occasionally raised by our players is that the 9th Age is too opaque in terms of its development and interaction with the general community. As a former public user and playtester, I remember well my own frustrations not knowing what was going on internally, which has resulted in me lobbying for a more informed community ever since. Well, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, it may well happen - and it did happen! In December 2016, @Shadeseraph and I were promoted to AvB with the express intention of providing our general community with more insight into what’s happening at all levels of the project.

    In many ways, it’s a great privilege to be able to read to discussions at the highest level. I am constantly astounded at just how much work is being shouldered by key staff members and the breadth of knowledge among those making the tough calls at the top regarding balance and design. On the other hand, when you see the sausage factory, you realize that the process of making sausages can be ugly before the final product is reached; no difference here, you're also exposed to the arguments, passion, pressure, and screw ups – because let’s face it, no-one is perfect, so why do we expect this in a voluntary project?

    Eventually Shade & I, after freaking out a bit at our new-found super-powers, sat down to hammer out some ideas to help share information with everyone without compromising internal trust or creating unnecessary drama. Then, as if on cue, we suddenly had 1.3 roll in faster than anticipated, Christmas holidays hit, and last of all the Freeze was implemented. Our little plan got derailed, but these things have to start somewhere, so here we go getting this blog on the tracks...

    The goal of this blog is to better inform our community's understanding of what’s happening internally.

    • Vision, decisions and planning (ExB)
    • Consultations (AvB)
    Game Progress
    • Background & art (BA/CDS)
    • Army redesigns (ADT)
    • Balancing (BT)
    • Rules development (RT/RTA)
    I’m aiming to provide bi-monthly updates, but these may increase in frequency if interesting/important developments are happening - and if I lag behind, give me a @call. If you are looking for spoilers – like Bear Cavalry for Dwarfs then prepare to be disappointed. Blonde Beer is in charge of PR, lives about 40 minutes drive away, and is much bigger than me, so I'll be taking no risks.

    What’s happening behind the scenes?
    Well as everyone is aware, there has been a freeze of the Rulebook, but what people might not know so much about is the why. This was due to several reasons both internal and external:
    • Externally, we were seeing players complaining about the lack of stability, and general attendance/activity was below average compared to earlier times. There was the idea of a 1.4 final tune-up floating around for a while, but if you could see the amount of work that went into 1.3 from the RT/BT/ACS and PR then it soon becomes clear that nothing is minor when it comes to 16 books.
    • Internally meanwhile, people were pretty tired and frustrated, especially among those juggling multiple design tasks – the risk of burn-out was becoming too high, especially for irreplaceable members, so the call was made to stop, focus on 2.0, and pause other developments.
    In terms of army design, the ADT receives a lots of great suggestions from the community via ACS, but these can be tricky to include. For example, recently it was suggested that WotDG should have 'bananas' in the army - and the WotDG ACS immediately up-voted the idea knowing that the community would love to have a new fruit. However, this concept went directly against the AWSW (Army Wide Strengths & Weaknesses) guidelines of a meat-only faction, and it was pointed out that there was already too much food on the table. Background also added that bananas were more of a Daemonic Legion thing, which led CDS to remark that 'fruit magic' seemed out of place then, and that perhaps WotDG should have 'gravy magic' instead.

    You see the picture.

    Then there are times when the ADT comes up with a brilliant idea about 'sausages' that doesn't quite fit the background but which gets CDS/ACS extremely excited, and so Background revisits the material and agrees to go with the stronger theme. Then CDS works on providing a sense of thematic consistency, ADT focuses on functionality, and BLT ask themselves if 'sausages' can be correctly priced. Right now, we have some pretty amazing 'sausages' in production!

    These kinds of cross-group discussions happen quite a lot, and this can also lead to 'animated discussions' about what the community will or will not accept. The necessity that existing models should always be playable is an important guideline, but this imposes certain limits on the Art, unit redesign, and internal balancing. Occasionally a model is kicked back to Background/CDS to provide clearer thematic direction, thus it's a far from a linear process and… [Read More]
  • Hello once again.

    Part two is bringing you a little side project I have been helping with.

    Sons of the Bear God is a fan-made, homebrew Army Book. It is an attempt to encapsulate the old Kislev army.

    This book is in no way an official 9th Age Publication and has been put together by:

    @Erik Zorninsson

    Please feel free to give feedback on this thread or Kislev? [Read More]
  • Hello All!

    This is a very interesting, two part episode of How to Hobby!

    @StoffenDK @Eternal Flitter and I have been thinking about objectives and Narrative games. We thought that the games would be much more interesting if there was a narrative objective for each army.

    The basic idea behind this system is completely scrapping Victory points (VP's) so that army balance is not as important. How you win a game depends 100% on the objective.

    There are primary and secondary (Narrative) objectives. None of the objectives are determined by points but by either claiming an objective or destroying a select enemy unit, or units. This means that you can essentially always win the game even if armies are unbalanced. Primary objectives for example could include "Kill banners" or "assassinate character". They could also be gradated so that there is a range from 5-15 battle points for claiming the objective. For example 5 points for 1 banner or 33% of the wounds from a chosen character, 10 points for 2 banners or 66% of the wounds on the chosen character and 15 points for more than 3 banners or killing the chosen character.

    Here are some secondary objective ideas for the Sylvan Elves. Secondary objectives can award 0-3 points. Some are easier than others so are awarded less points.

    Sylvan Eves Scenario Pack

    1Protect the Glades
    2The Wild Hunt
    3Nurture the saplings
    4Cleanse the wildwood
    5Restore the waystone.

    1Protect the Glades
    OverviewThe Sylvan Elves muster to protect their Glade from the invader. The forest must be protected.
    ObjectivesAt the end of the game if the opponent has no scoring units inside forest terrain features, the sylvan elf player wins 1 scenario point. At the end of the game, if the opponent has 1 or more scoring unit partially inside a forest terrain feature then this objective cannot be claimed.

    2The Wild Hunt
    OverviewThe Hunt is on! The Sylvan Elves ride out of their glade to bring back trophies and slaves for their halls. The archers compete for the best shots and the huntsmen boast who will bring down the largest foe.
    ObjectivesOpenly Nominate a Hunt Master. This must be a character model. After deployment, the opponent must reveal the largest unit (point value) in his army. This could be a character. This unit is Quarry. If this unit is destroyed the Sylvan Elf player gets 1 scenario point. If this unit is destroyed by the Hunt Master, then 2 points are awarded.

    3Nurture the Saplings
    OverviewThe Sylvan Elves are attempting to re-grow an area of forest to block the advance of a marauding enemy.
    ObjectivesThe Sylvan Elf player must successfully cast tree singing 3 times during the game to gain 1 scenario point. If they are able to cast the spell 6 times, they gain 2 scenario points.

    4Cleanse the Wildwood
    OverviewA wildwood is an area of forest tainted by corruption. The Elven expeditionary force seeks to rid the forest of the tainted copse, lest it should spread further.
    ObjectivesNominate a single piece of forest terrain on the battlefield immediately before deployment. To rid the taint of chaos from the forest, the Sylvan Elf player must accumulate Cosmos points on the forest. To gain cosmos points:
    Tree singing cast on the forest - 1 point.
    Wizard is within the forest when they cast tree singing - 2 points.
    Druidism attribute is targeted on a unit within the forest - 2 points.
    Any Cosmology Cosmos spell targets a unit within the forest - 2 points.
    A unit with the special rules "Forest Walker" AND "Otherworldly" finishes a player turn inside the forest - 1 point.
    The Sylvan Elf player must accumulate 5 Cosmos points to cure the forest to get 1 scenario point.

    5Restore the Waystone
    OverviewA Waystone has been toppled by Beastmen. The Sylvan Elves must restore the Waystone for the forest to be safe.
    ObjectivesNominate a single piece of impassable terrain on the battlefield immediately before deployment. If there is no impassable terrain, then place a 3" template in the centre of the board. The template counts as impassable terrain and the Waystone.
    At the end of the game, if the sylvan elf general has more scoring units than his opponent within 6" of the waystone, he wins the scenario and gains 1 point.

    OverviewA Sylvan Elf Army has caught an intruder unawares as they break camp. The Elves must make an example of the invaders in the most bloody manner.
    ObjectivesThe Sylvan Elves must prevent the enemy army from escaping.
    If 0 enemy scoring units escape, the Sylvan Elf General Gains 3 points. If 1 scoring unit escapes, both players gain 1 point. If more than 1 scoring unit escapes, the opponent gains 3 points.
    Special RulesDeployment. This scenario replaces the primary scenario objective.
    The Sylvan Elf player deploys his whole army up to 18" from either short table edge. Units may be deployed on either side of the battlefield.
    The opponent then deploys his whole army. His army must be deployed at least 12" away
    [Read More]
  • Hey all,

    Tony & I finally catch up for this special festive episode packed full of goodies including Tales from the Man Caaaaave, an exchange of pressies, some 9th Age ponderings and our competition winner is announced!

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  • Welcome back to Ammertime!

    This podcast is a bit of an amalgamation of last months events.

    We talk a bit about what we are doing in the hobby.

    Henry discusses his trip to England and the games at Pigmar Wargaming Club in Bath.

    Kristoffer has a wee rant about 1.2

    Henry interviews a coupe of Danish ETC guys to hear about their build up to the ETC next year.

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  • Hey all,

    Tony & I discuss our current hobby obsessions and focus on the recent Reading Warfare 9th Age tournament.

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