How to Hobby: Narrative Games and Objectives Part 2: Sons of the Bear God!

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  • Erik Zorninsson -


    This army is a human army. That means individually weak but with some combos and variety to defead all enemies!

    This slavic folks combine acceptable combat and shooting and interesting magic. It have many units well ready to fight in close combat or ranged combat, making a flexible army. But many have a bat or completely lacks any armour and that makes them vulnerable. But you can support them with strong and durable bears!

    Sons of the Bear God is an interesting army with variety, thematically centered around be swifter, shooting down enemies and end choosing fights with weakened units. It could be an human version of Sylvan Elves, but don't worry, they have their own and unique flavour!

    Feel free to play them and give us any kind of feedback! Enjoy!