Episode 20 (part 1 and 2): 1.3 Fluff Review

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Comments 4

  • Eternal Flitter -

    Honestly having listened right to the end I think your evaluation was pretty measured. I like all the artwork in the book and the fact that the styles overall are somewhat disparate doesn't bother me at all: this is a community produced game by volunteers after all! I would have to agree on your main gripe: I would have liked the world map to be less based on the real world, and by default the "old world", just for the simple reason that it's been done. Despite that thought the execution of the whole package is phenomenal: picking up on the layout is again spot on.

  • Henrypmiller -

    Showing a contrast between someone who had read the fluff and someone who was given a first impression live on air I think we gave quite an interesting and balanced view of the topic. Yes, you are right that we did not simply read out what people can read for themselves. We strive to allow people to formulate their own opinions rather than simply stating "what happened". We gave an honest and also positive review of the work, including the map, hymn (age by age), artwork, layout etc. We feel that it was quite comprehensive without going into the tiny details - this our listeners can do for themselves.

  • tiny -

    I do enjoy following your podcast a lot, but I must admit I found this episode, where two of three haven't read the background before hand, rather disappointing. Judging the background just based on the world map and the live during the show read world hymn was really underwhellming and does the work put into it really no justic. I am sad your podcast handle the topic so poorly.