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  • Hear ye, hear ye!

    Lo! On the day of the last sun, it did come to pass that a supplicant in a white tutu, one hailing from Santa Regina, dared the wroth of the Red-Tag Guards with a petition from his people regarding the echoing rumors of the Seven Dark Gods.

    An behold! Him of the Hidden Eating Implement was stirred to sympathy and, after consulting with higher powers, agreed to share what little wisdom he possessed (and it was indeed meagre...)

    Regarding all things Supernal: Would that mean going from four marks and four kinds of daemons to seven? Wouldn't that effectively double the amount of stuff in the daemons and WdG books?

    To which the answer is...It depends:

    For the Warriors of the Dark Gods
    This is not an increase from 4 to 7 Marks, but rather a decrease from 15 (Chosen, Daemon Prince) to 7 Marks. This will mean less to memorize for newer players, but more variety in terms of playstyle. The most obvious change will be loss of Marks on many units - particularly Core - because Marks will be signs of extreme elevation for only the most devoted followers, but this also enables a more powerful overall effect without damaging internal balance. Expect some interesting options in Special to help compensate for this...

    For the Daemonic Legions
    This will mean 3 new Greater Daemons most likely (for a total of 7), each with their own powerful army synergies or effects. Here the concept of "Greater" is being explored beyond simply being a Monster, all troop types are being examined currently. There will also be Mark-specific units - but like Warriors, not in Core - each optimized for its role, which will mean greater payoffs for good generalship within the army.

    Regarding Streamlining: I mean, I assume this means that you'd condense more stuff down and make the different daemons more similar, but I can't imagine it going over well if the existing gods lost their specialized daemons.

    Oh ye of little faith...

    Daemons will likely become more specialized; the units and especially the characters will be more differentiated than ever before. Special units will enjoy Mark efficiency to a higher degree and are being designed with the philosophy that a supernal will always choose the best possible form & abilities for its function.

    Regarding Monotheism: I don't like the whole 7 gods because I like to play monotheist and clearly we cannot have a 7 army in one book. So the whole point of monotheists lists will become irrelevant (or just as monotheists WoDG lists). Same daemons with different marks makes me going to play V1.3 for a long time with my friends...

    If by monotheist, you mean every model in the army has a Mark, then probably so. On the other hand, there are wider interpretations of the word if we think about it.

    This is a really delicate puzzle for the Army Design Team to solve admittedly; currently it is being discussed. What can be said is that Characters will still play a defining role in any Daemon army and other options such as blended Mark combos are being investigated.

    And lo! It came to pass that the repository of knowledge was empty, and the seer's vision of the future was indeed blurred.

    Thus Sprake the Blind Fool
    Open Source INTERNAL BALANCE: HBE | DL 2.2 | WDG 2.2 | ID | SA | VC

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  • saint_barbara -

    Less than a week TINS! Nice!

  • Ursa06 -

    Good stuff m8! Can't wait for more info on the new books. :D

    • saint_barbara -

      Ye, it's really difficult for me in the tournaments now not to spoil anything :P
      The dudes just keep coming and coming and I'm not even sure what has been disclosed so I'm always stepping on thin ice ;)