The Way of the Goose Feather Brush

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  • It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear.

    So it has come to pass, that after many shameful soft-scores in painting, I have decided to make the pilgrimage to the remote monastery upon Mt. Awesomeness.

    There in the rarified mists of airbrush white 10632b and the pure waters of wash 90815c, I had heard there was a Master - him of the Goose Feather brush (or perhaps it was Heath?) who once made 2 dragons sick from envy with a mere puff of smoke from his pipe and a flash of his color palette!

    My knees trembling from the hike up the 1001 base-coating steps, I threw myself at his feet and my face burning with shame (and poor fitness), told him I wished to learn!

    However, before we could begin, he demanded a demonstration of my skills...So here goes

    OK, this time for real... :WDG:

    I know right. <X

    So, after nearly hurting himself with laughter, the Master agreed to instruct me in The Way of the Goose Feather. We shall begin with possibly the greatest challenge he has ever undertaken from a complete nOOb, for not only is he instructing me, but I will be inviting the original master-painter of my model to join along.

    And here it is:

    That's right, no pressure, just a 4 y.o.'s pride and joy. I'm sure she will be delighted when she finds out daddy is going to basecoat all over her proud art that she spent carefully painting one rainy afternoon.

    For anyone who wishes to join me on my odyssey of painting knowledge, you are most welcome to sit back and enjoy the ride....
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