Dispelling a bit of the stigma clinging to Mantic Goblins

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  • I've been using mantic goblins for a number of years now and there has always been a suprise on most peoples face when they see them.

    I've seen pictures of them thrown togther straight off the spure and inkwashed and this will show every flaw (of which there are a few) but it does nothing to show their merits.

    As usual, most expect a mess of half melted plastic and awkward poses but NOT ON MY WATCH!

    This video is a frank and unbias unboxing of all three available kits and a guide on how to best manipulate the poses to acheive Mantic goblins that WORK!

    And making these super cheap alterntative work is worth while, since you can often field over 200 of the blighters, keeping the cost down can make a huge difference (these being available at £30 for 40! and that's before we look at online discounters and the like).

    And why just stop at the infantry? ;)


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  • Blonde Beer -

    Did you get the ones from england or China? There's a big difference between those 2.

    • 2DSick -

      These are the ones from the Chinese contract mess up. You can see that on the unboxing of the sprue (soft details in places, slightly melted appearance and over spill of the round slotta onto the feet) . Lovingly brought up to scratch Ofc.

      It is a myth that a "good English" version exists. Not true. The ones on the mantic website pics are old metal ones before these plastics existed.

      Though I have it on good authority that new retooled plastics (of these and the basilleans {also messed up my the Chinese manufacturer deal} are in the pipeline.