Ammertime Podcast: A Tale of Many Gamers Part 5

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  • A Tale of Many Gamers Part 5!

    We have been very busy this month. Many of us getting ready for the Battle of Copenhagen. Here's what some of the guy's have been doing this month:


    Battle of Copenhagne came and went, I think in the end I switched lists around at least 20 times. Adverse effects of this was that I didn't focus my painting at all and ended up with 5ish unfinished projects. In the end I decided to make it easy for myself and take a necroguard star list. The only thing I needed to finish up was basically some characters. So this month i finished a Harbringer and a Pharaoh.

    At Battle of Copenhagen I got a lot of helpful comments about my army, mostly my bases so I decided to jazz them up a bit. I've changed the edges to black, which quite frankly I don't know why I didnt do earlier and I added some tufts. In the future I will probably add some variation in the vegetation as well but for now I only had one color.


    My army the night before Battle of Copenhagen... and the discussion we had about count as models.. and the the army at the tournament


    I went to Battle of Copenhagen with a WDG Chosen army that I started working in mid January.

    The army:
    Wrath Lord on Chariot
    Lust Lord on Steed of lust
    8 Barbarian horsemen of Lust
    14 Warriors of True Chaos
    5 Fallen
    5 x 10 lust chosen

    When I started in January I had the 14 warriors and the 8 horsemen done and nothing else. Everything else I have to be assembled and paint in 1 month and here is the result.

    The Characters

    This was the first time I tried my new airbrush for something other than a base coat and I think the result I okay. The base coat of on the cape on the lust lord is black, then at purple with airbrush, purple wash, a little lighter purple with the airbrush in an angle and in the end a new layer of white.

    The Chosen of lust

    I got the last 40 chosen for my Army just 3 weeks before Battle of Copehagen so those 3 weeks was very busy for me. All my spare time was spent painting but who needs a social life :D
    Basecoat is black, lots of gold, flesh and purple, Washed with nuln oil, highlight, purple wash and more highlights. All swords and axe have blood (blood for the blood god) on them. I still think that all the models need more highlights and all the bases need more work.


    I have been super hobby-motivated this month. I have been very productive. As well as a casual third place in a pretty big tournament I have been working on about 3 armies.

    I repaired Daisy the Dragon from the damage she sustained on the flight home from the UK.

    I also had some Varkolak Inspiration and gave Polly a facelift and a makeover. For those not following my Vampire blog…&postID=208236#post208236 Polly has a pretty in depth back story and is 90% scratch built.

    I have also finished a couple of witch hunter wraiths. These have an ACTUAL story!

    Display Spoiler
    The Witch Hunter looked across the field of battle. "The invaders would pay" he thought.

    Looking down the forest road opposite, the Middenlanders were arrayed in the dark clearing between the two forests. A wide streak of blue and white. Following the treeline and then the contour of stalwart Sylvanians, his countrymen, he noticed something unusual. Some kind of shadow lurking out of reach of his gaze, or perhaps his mind. Shaking off what must have been the anticipation of battle, the Witch hunter loaded his two crossbows.

    Turning to the soldier to his right he attempted to speak some words of encouragement to his comrade, making light of the situation. Unusual that his words found little humor in the halberdier. It was almost as if the soldier didn't hear him.

    As the two lines joined the witch hunter sought out an opportune target. A treacherous champion marched at the head of the enemy line. Ordering the charge the Witch hunter angled himself towards the cur at a run! After a few steps, hearing no battle cry, a quick glance to the side gave him comfort that the unit was following him into the fray. At about 20 paces away, the Empire line began to receed from his charge, as if they had seen a ghost! "Perfect," he thought. "The dogs fear our blades." Releasing his crossbow bolts the Witch Hunter drew his sword and leveled it towards the enemy champion.

    Right away he could sense the terror in the mans heart. The feeling was intoxicating, filling him with courage and strength. A blow on the mans shield forced him to his knees. Just before the killing blow came, at the last second, a spear from the second rank caught the Witch hunter clear in the ribs. Panic Stricken, he receded into the unit, allowing his fellows to fill the gap he had left. He was going to die here.

    On his knees, the wound was excruciating to begin with. But after the initial shock of the impact had expired, he looked down at his wound. There was no blood. No pain. A mad cackle was heard over head. As the Witch Hunter looked up, he saw a shadow cross his field of vision. Closer to hand the Halberdiers were still fighting. Regaining his feet and now with bodies between himself and the enemy, he had time to assess the situation.

    Suddenly it clicked. He remembered. Drakenhof Castle, the Vampire, the Curse!

    The warriors around him were silent as the grave and he knew why. Where before, hardy Sylvanians were bravely fighting off the insurgents from the north, now the magic of the glamour was unraveling. He could see skeletal hands clutching halberds and swords, cutting down the men of the Empire. The Bleached bones of his brothers in arms constrasted pale against the red, black and purple livery of the Sylvania. Waving his hand in front of his eyes he realised. He remembered. His cruel death and forced unlife at the hands of the Vampire.

    I also finished a chaos Chariot/hero/mauler for my Wrath army. These pictures aren't great but you get the idea :)

    That's it for last months painting.

    If you have any questions about any of the models/techniques/inspiration in this months blog, please get in touch either in the comments field below or send us some mail to!

    Ammertime team x

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