Bustamoovee's Battlereports: from a teamtournament i recently attended called TNQ

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  • Greetings humans,
    I bring you a full tournament report, behold the glory of the elves,
    5 game teamtournament, teams of 3, 4000 points, the rest you need to know you will get from the videos :)

    Pre-tournamnet video: going over our team lists, and the tournament rulepack etc.

    Game 1

    Game 2

    Game 3

    Game 4

    Game 5

    A couple of things to keep in mind,
    Since its a teamtournament, me winning/loosing will not necessarily mean im facing better/worse opponents, it all depends on the team results.
    I know i took waay to few photos for a few of the battles, so i think its better to go into this with the mindset that its a battlepodcast with photos, rather then report :thumbsup:

    Hope you enyoy! as always, any and all feedback is much appreciated,
    Also known as: feedm3
    Find my Youtube battlereports here: youtube.com/user/BustaMoovee/

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