Episode 23: Dread Elves Sneak Peak and Some Inebriated Chanter

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  • Hi Guys,

    Welcome back to Ammertime Podcast!

    - Disclaimer - This episode slowly decends into madness the longer it goes on and the more beverages we are consuming. Perhaps don't listen to this with the wife or kids.

    Part 1 - We go through some of the mail our listeners(and African admirers) have sent us.
    Part 2 - We talk about the recent Dread Elves Sneak Peak.
    Part 3 - Rasmus newest filthy Empire list is discussed (at this point the analysis becomes less intelligent).

    The rest of the show is pretty much unintelligible but might be entertaining.

    Hopefully the next show will be arriving in the next few weeks after the Aroscon tournament this weekend.

    If you want to get in touch with the show, you can email us at ammertimedk@gmail.com

    Please note, if you are a disinherited African Woman with trust issues, we do not want to hear from you.

    Background Team

    9th Scroll Editor

    Ammertime Podcast Host
    Team Ireland ETC 2019 :HE:

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Comments 2

  • Cortrillion -

    Maybe a little on the drunken side of the issues it gets hard to understand, oftern feels like listening to Donald Trump. It is funny and lighthearted but most of the time the point of a sentence gets lost. Maybe next time deployment as sober and you can bring looted booze.

    • Henrypmiller -

      I agree. We trailed off towards the end. Hopefully the first hour was understandable! Thanks for the feedback :)