Aresia, First Hammer (Thane) [Oathworn]

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    Aresia, First Hammer of the dwarfhold Abkhül-It-Tuzhül ("Hammerhold), third daughter and greatest disappointment of Queen Haephestia.

    First Hammer (lit "First amongst those who wields-hammers-in-defence" but that is unwieldy even in dwarven...) is a title similar to and which may well have inspired the office of First Lance of Equitaine, that is to say, a judicial champion of the Queen.
    Normally the Queen's foremost husband the King will serve as the holder of this office but if physically infirm or
    as is the case with Abkhül-It-Tuzhül, too administratively important as the hold has expanded and Queen Haephestia has grown old even for a dwarf, the office can pass to another though it will usually remain in the family as to do otherwise is to admit that the Queen's family cannot defend her name.

    As the Queen has aged, King Athinaiür has resumed many of her administrative and military responsibilities in a effort to relieve her. This makes him too important to the running of the dwarfhold to risk in judicial combat and therefore the office has passed to Aresia, a woman uniquely fitted to hitting offenders in the face with hammers, if ever there were such a person.

    Aresia is a great disappointment to all of her parents, being wholly uninterested in the affairs of economics, logistics, farming, mining, smithing or indeed any other that doesn't involve hitting people with hammers. This lens-like focus has however made her a fearsome personal combatant even as she in entirely incompetent in every other aspect of warfare.

    Wearing the hallucinogenic warpaint of dwarf warriors of ages past, Aresia is a impressive figure, a whirling dervish with a warhammer in each hand, kneecapping and crushing foes with wild abandon and fierce pleasure.
    While most dwarves fight with grim determination born out of necessity, Aresia is almost unique as she fight only out of the pleasure of hearing her hammers impact of something soft and yielding.
    Had she not been given a outlet for her urges within the strict confines of her office, she would have certainly been exiled and cast of out the dwarfhold for he uncivilized ways.

    As is Aresia spends her days quaffing ale by the barrelfull, instructing the Queen's Hammerguard and Head Priestess Völundia's Anvilguard in the finer points of hammer-fighting while waiting for the next opportunity to kill.
    While she has had a great number of brief dalliances with her fellow warriors, both dwarves and others, she is a rarity in that she is a technically high-ranking female that is of age but has yet to start collecting any husbands, claiming that she has yet to find anyone that can appreciate the purity of the Hammer as she does, though a northern human (scandalous!) warlord by the name of Krung, the Breaker-of-Skulls was the closest yet and the two have a intermittent and very tempestuous relationship of great passion and bodily harm.

    In my own opinion, she is completely nuts.

    ´- Of the Dwarves: Notes on Physiology, Religion and Society, vol III, by Krugman Bartliebhafer, Imperial Scholar.

    Lovely dorf from Oathsworn, who are rapidly becoming my favorite manufacturer for dwarf characters.
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