Conquest 2017 - Game 2

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  • GAME 2 – Kingdom of Equitaine

    The win put me in the big boys’ league, and I’d find myself playing against ETC teammate and KoE veteran Loick. We had played once before last year, in a game was full of freak occurences that ended in a big win for me.

    This time he was bringing a more optimized list, (no more Forlorn nonsense!) which packed quite a punch:

    Logick wrote:

    Token of the King


    Duke on barded warhorse, questing vow, virtue of audacity, crusader helm, Divine Icon, GW, shield

    Paladin BSB, grail vow, barded warhorse, hardened shield, lance,

    Damsel Mistress, barded warhorse, 4 spells (shamanism), ring of fire, book of arcane power


    10 Knights of the Realm, Standard, Musician

    3 x 5 Aspirants


    8 Grail Knights, Full Command, Stalker’s Standard

    5 Mounted Yeomen

    2 x 10 Brigands

    2 x Trebuchet

    We were to play frontline clash and Hold the Centre, which is at least better than breakthrough against KoE! Going into the game, I knew that I’d have to silence the trebs fast enough so that the treefathers could come out and play... but even then the Realm Knight unit is practically untouchable by the treefathers thanks to the Audacity/Questing combo on the Duke.

    We traded deployment drops for a while, then I opted to grab the first turn. We ended up with a heavily weighted left flank for him, and a central deployment for me. I had to put one of the trees close to his units, so as to pull the lord to that flank instead of the centre, where he’d be able to cause an enormous amount of trouble.

    For magic I got Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Howling Wind and Totemic Summon on my Druid, while the Matriarchgot Master of Stone and Healing Waters. The Damsel rolled Awaken the Beast, Insect Swarm, Howling wind and Break the Spirit (no doubles meant no option for totemic summon!).

    TURN 1 – Sylvan Elves

    Both Kestrels found blind spots in the enemy deployment and moved up: the ones on the left had a clear charge path for the trebuchets while on the right a lot of juicy flank charges were opened up. On the left I advanced cautiously with the dancers and treefather: sometimes the best way to keep someone away is to just threaten his advance path. Up the middle the other dancers and dryads got all snuggly in the forest, and the archers turned –for lack of better target- to deal with the scouting brigands.

    Magic was largely ineffective, only the insect swarm went through on the top brigands, killing enough to force a panic: the peasants held their ground though. Shooting caused 4 casualties on the rightmost brigands, but they also refused to panic.

    TURN 1 – KoE

    My Kestrel antics began to upset the enemy lines: the damsel left her unit to be able to target the left fliers, while the knights all angled themselves for the upcoming charges. The two big blocks advanced a bit but still stayed a healthy 16-17 inches away from my bladedancers.

    In the magic phase I had to let the Insect Swarm through into the left Kestrels and it dealt a massive 4 unsaved wounds. I then stopped the fireball into them.

    Shooting started with two direct trebuchet hits on my sylvan archers: nine died and the rest failed their panic and fled, landing 1 inch away from the table edge. The brigands’ shooting was largely ineffective.

    TURN 2 – Sylvan Elves

    The trebuchets had single handedly silenced my long-range threat in one turn: the kestrels went on the offensive, charging the trebuchet on the left and the aspirant knights on the right. The archers failed their rally check, legging it and giving my opponent a 500+ point present!

    Now that at least one warmachine was silenced, the spearelves could come out and play. The bulk of my army advanced slightly, always staying 20-something inches away from the big blocks.

    In the magic phase I started off with a ring of fire on the lone damsel, which was promptly dispelled. An insect swarm went through on her and caused a single wound. Finally, I got a good roll for the Totemic Beast and managed to bring it next to the second trebuchet. Its Breath weapon would fail to wound the damsel, but it was in a perfect place for the following turn.

    The Treefather’s roots panicked the brigands up top: they’d fail their rally check on the following turn and flee off the table.

    In combat the lone kestrel rider did well and broke the trebuchet, reforming to face the second one. The right kestrel knights went to town onthe aspirants, killing 4 of them for no casualties back. Their positioning meant that I was able to pursue into the flank of the second unit of aspirants, although I only managed to get one kestrel in contact.

    TURN 2 – KoE

    With Kestrels and Totemic Beast all threatening his backline, my opponent had to turn his realm knights around and join the damsel once more. The grail knights advanced a bit reluctantly once more.

    In the magic phase I had to stop the Ring of Fire as it could potentially take care of both the Totemic Beast and the lone kestrel, but in the process I had to let through Insect Swarm on the lone kestrel: I failed my saves, and the unit died. Loick also managed to cast Awaken the Beast (T) on the aspirant knights in combat with the other kestrels, as well as Break the Spirit on the latter.

    The trebuchet targeted my forest guard but thankfully failed its rolls to hit.

    In combat the charging kestrels found it very hard to hit/wound the buffed knights, only killing one. They didn’t suffer any wounds in return, and the aspirants held their ground.

    TURN 3 – Sylvan Elves

    The totemic beast charged the trebuchet, lining up for an overrun into the aspirants’ rear. The small bladedancers and the right treefather pinned down the last unit of aspirants in a sandwich maneuver. The central units stood their ground, not willing to give my opponent any charges.

    Magic and shooting amounted to nothing,my mage being too far away from the combat to actually make a difference.

    The Totemic beast made short work of the trebuchet and pursued into the aspirants’ rear. That fight was a pillow fight, but the combination of the rear charge bonuses were enough to break the knights and give my kestrels a pursuit into the mounted yeomen (I elected to pursue away from the totemic beast).

    TURN 3 – KoE

    The aspirants, for lack of a better option, charged the bladedancers. They’d get cut down to a man before they got to strike. The Duke decided to go solo to try and get my treefather, while the grails advanced some more (every turn he advanced a couple of inches,to which I responded with a small retreat). Magic and shooting didn’t do much. The yeomen died to the kestrels.

    TURN 4 – Sylvan Elves

    Now that the Duke was out of the Realm unit, my kestrels had a chance at doing some damage to it: they flank charged the Damsel’s bunker, getting in. The left treefather spotted a blind spot in my opponent’s zoning, which allowed him to move closer to the realm/kestrel combat for a turn 5 support charge.

    In combat the kestrels killed a massive 5 knights for no casualties back; Thanks to steadfast, the knights held their ground and reformed.

    TURN 4 – KoE

    The duke had to backstep and act as a redirector to prevent the treefather from getting into the kestrel fight. Boosted by magic (+1 T and Break the Spirit), the knights would hold without taking any casualties.

    TURN 5 & 6

    The last two turns involved my kestrels trying in vain to put a wound on the knights so that the damsel would step up in the front rank for them to kill. The knights held for two rounds, until the duke came to their aid.

    On turn 6, the totemic beast also tried a charge into the realm knights hoping to kill one knight for the half points, but, even though it got in, it failed miserably.

    The closing turn saw my opponent fail a charge against my scorers, who were conveniently within 6 inches of the objective.


    When the dust cleared, I had scored a small win on points (the sylvan archers cost a lot!), missing out on the 12-8 for a couple of points. The objective bonus points gave me a 14-6 win in the end, which I was pretty happy about inthe end.

    A variety of reasons contributed to the result:

    • Even though my opponent had a hard counter to my treefathers (trebuchets and the duke), he never could bring these tools to bear on my monsters. In return, the trees didn’t see any meaningful combat either, but at least they kept the other knights honest.
    • A couple of openings for the kestrels that allowed me to get to the trebuchet and the backline quite fast.
    • The fact that I rolled the Totemic Summon and my adversary did not.

    Loick would win big in his last game, grabbing 6th place overall!

    Stay tuned for the last round, where dice happen in a game against @PrinceCharming ;)
    Feel free to comment below in the meantime!


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  • IHDarklord -

    Always a joy to read your reports! :)

  • MeuhMeuh -

    Really nice reports mate ! People have to stop leaving room for the kestrels to do stuff behind their lines. Stop those god damn burds ! :D

  • Halfwhere -

    Good report, mate. Looking forward to more. Ohh, and I really need to paint my Kestrels.

  • Mahlzeit -

    Always a pleasure reading your battle reports, and it's nice to see SE get some more coverage! Only few 1.3 YT batreps around, so this is golden!
    Kudos on the win!

  • PrinceCharming -

    The last round isnt even worth a bat rep , hahaha :D

  • Mudman -

    your reports make me hard. wish you played more dh if im honest though

    • SmithF -

      It will happen, soon enough! After the ETC I'll dust off the stunties ;)