A talk with Frederick from T9A Rules Team (With subs)

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  • While I was at the ETC 2017 in Salamanca, I got a chat with Frederick from the Rules Team. We talked about the tournaments he organizes in Germany and what they had planed for a new World Team Championship.

    ETC 2006 #2 (LM), ETC 2007 #4 (Brets), ETC 2008 #12 (LM), ETC 2009 #3 (DoC), ETC 2010 #1 (VC), ETC 2011 #2 (WoC & AR member), ETC 2012 #4 (Ogre & AR member), ETC 2013 #3 (Ogre, AR member & FAQ member), ETC 2014 #5 (Skaven & AR member), ETC 2015 #7 (DoC), ETC 2016 #4 (Coach), ETC 2017 #4 (Coach), ETC 2018 #5 (Media).

    "Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Founding Member"

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Comments 3

  • tiny -

    Nice interview! Really like it that you took the time to do them during the ETC.

    • El Rey -

      Sadly I only got 2 interviews. I would have loved to have gotten one with you too. But when I got you 1 on 1, we ended up having a more serious talk, that was not fit for an interview. :) But now I'm getting the hang of it, so I hope to do more at other events.

    • tiny -

      Sounds like an awesome idea.