Why Orcs Suck

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Comments 2

  • Phosphorus -

    Hmm, I believe that is rather a common core-infantry issue...core orc infantry is fine, it´s just that others got cramped with special (and additional) rules and synergies via magical items etc. (you named re-roles). And gamers are now addicted to these (I call it GW poisend legacy).

    One of the problems is armor (saves)
    A light armor should count..should matter, but of cause it doesn`t. Wearing heavy armor and a shield and thus having an AS of 4+ should be great. Often you could be happy if you have a armor save at all after all those str. +4 attacks.

  • greentide -

    To be fair, they suck as hard hitting infantry hordes, but they do fine in the Shooting compartment
    and 40 with spears are still a threat to some elves and deamons. Compared to the old savage big unz, they are
    still crap though.