Axel Vicious’ Wrath Warriors at the 9th Age UK GT: Heat 1. – Game 2

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  • So after a small loss in Game 1 it was onto Game 2 and this time I was drawn against Orcs & Goblins, not a favourite opponent of mine due to their large volume of toys they can bring to the table. High Strength, Armour Piercing toys that just ruin my low model count elite army. If I had to write an Orc & Goblin army to fight against my Warriors of the Dark Gods list it would be very similar to my opponents list. His army:

    Iron Orc Warlord on Boar Chariot (General): Paired Weapons, Bluffer’s Helm, Talisman of Greater Shielding.
    Iron Orc Chief (BSB): Shield
    Common Goblin Witch Doctor: Wizard Master, 3 Learned Spells, Pyromancy
    Feral Orc Shaman: 3 Learned Spells, Shamanism
    2 x 20 Cave Goblins: Bows, Musician, 1x Mad Git
    20 Feral Orc ‘Eadbashers: Paired Weapons, Standard, Musician, Mammoth Stabber = 530
    21 Common Orcs: Bows, Musician
    2x Gnasher Wrecking Team
    5 Goblin Raiders: Bows, Musician
    23 iron Orcs: Musician, Standard Bearer
    3x Scrap Wagon
    2 x Greenhide Catapult: Splatterer, Orc Overseer
    Greenhide Catapult: Git Launcher, Orc Overseer

    With 3 pieces of artillery to rain death upon me from a far I have to push forward (although I would always do that anyway!) where I will have to face the 2 Gnasher Wrecking Teams, 3 Scrap Wagons and 2 Mad Gits! I need to use my chaff to try and get rid of the Gnasher Wrecking Teams and try and entice out the Mad Gits. I have no answer for the Scrap Wagons except face them head on and hope for the best!

    Sadly I don’t think I can use the Horsemen as chaff as they are going to have to stay with the Sorcerer to try and protect him from the artillery so I have to send the Fallen and Warhounds out to die a pointless yet heroic death. Speaking of the Sorcerer a lot of his Magic is going to be somewhat useless as my opponents armour is extremely low in the way of Armour Saves, especially when it comes to the things I need to shoot off (Gnasher Wrecking Teams and Scrap Wagons). I need to make things flammable with the Alchemy attribute and then hit them with the Ring of Fire.

    We roll for Deployment Type and we get Frontline Clash and for the Secondary Objective we get Capture the Flags.

    I roll for my Spells and I get Word of Iron (always useful), Molten Copper, Corruption of Tin and Glory of Gold. I drop Glory of Gold for Quicksilver Lash as I can at least use that on his General and even melt some Iron Orcs.

    My opponent gets the following Shamanism spells: Savage Fury, Awaken the Beast and Totemic Summon. For Pyromancy spells he gets: Pyroclastic Flow, Cascading Fire and Scorching Salvo.

    Display Spoiler

    I get to drop first and we do the chaff dance although my opponent can do that for far longer than me, I then decide to drop my whole army and go first. We deploy as shown
    We go to vanguards and my opponent moves his Goblin Raiders into the woods and I then move my Warhounds straight forward 12”. We then pick our units to kill, I go for the Orc Archers, Iron Orcs and the Goblins on the left. I’m basically aiming to try and storm the left flank and hopefully smash it apart before the right flank can do anything about it. My opponent picks the Barbarians, Crushers and Dragon Centaurs.

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    I move my whole army forward but slightly cautiously, I didn’t want a Scrap Wagon or Gnasher Team to get straight into my lines so I don’t push forward the full 12” with the Fallen. I run the Warhounds straight at the Common Goblins on the right so that the Mad Git has to come out next turn. Upon reflection this was a waste of them, I should have ran them at the Gnasher Wrecking Team as they do 3D6 hits rather than 2D6 and they are S6 as opposed to 5, oh well.

    My Sorcerer starts his Magic phase by getting 4 power to my opponents 3 dispel dice, not a great roll as I’m only getting 1 spell off probably. I cast Corruption of Tin on the Iron Orcs to decrease their Armour Save by 1. I roll very well and my opponent lets it through. I make a Gnasher Team flammable but I when I cast the Ring of Fire my opponent easily dispels it.

    O&G 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Orcs & Goblin army stays put for the most part but their toys come out to play. The two Gnasher Wrecking Teams go for the Fallen but fall far too short (they were unlikely to ever make it though). The Scrap Wagon on the left darts down the flank, the one in the centre moves into the Goblins to it’s right and stops. The wagon on the right moves a little down the right flank and aims to stop at the board edge, my opponent is hoping it’s far enough away from the Dragon Centaurs but it’s probably still too close. The Goblin Raiders move up against the impassable terrain in the centre, his plan was to perform some shenanigans which I’ll explain in the next turn.

    It’s a good Magical Flux roll for the Greenskins as they get 9 power dice to my 6 dispel dice, they are only able to get one spell off though, Scorching Salvo. It ends up killing 3 Warriors (ouch!), 1 barbarian and 1 Horseman, could have been a lot worse.

    The shooting phase starts with the Mad Git getting pushed into my Warhounds where it easily wipes them out. The artillery all take aim at the Bloodbeast one Catapult misses, another misfires taking a wound and the Git Launcher also misfires, phew! The Goblins shoot with their bows but do nothing and the Orcs shoot their bows at the Barbarians, killing 6 of them.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    I start off turn 2 by charging the Bloodbeast at the Goblin Raiders who were up against the Impassable which led to a debate about the shenanigans that I mentioned earlier. The Bloodbeast was facing their front but there was not enough room between the Goblin Raiders and the impassable for my Bloodbeast to fit in. In this instance I thought the Goblin Raiders had to reform to my Bloodbeast to make sure there was combat but my opponent thought it would be an incomplete charge and I wouldn’t be able to complete the charge.

    In the end it was a moot point as the Goblin Raiders failed their Terror check and had to flee from the Bloodbeast, who then caught them and ran them down. If they hadn’t have ran off what are people’s opinion about what should have happened? Genuinely interested as even after scouring the rule book and getting the TO over we couldn’t agree. Let me know what you think.

    The Dragon Centaurs successfully charge the Scrap Wagon on the right which wasn’t as far as my opponent hoped. I need to kill it and overrun far enough to be out of LoS of the Feral Orcs.

    Next I was going to charge the Mauler Chariot into a Gnasher Wrecking Team but it turns out that you can’t charge a Gnasher Wrecking Team, you can only move into them. So after the charges the Fallen ran into one of the Gnasher Wrecking Teams and I had to leave the other one alone as I had nothing to throw at the second one. The Fallen all died but they at least took out the Gnasher Wrecking Team. I moved the rest of the army up, leaving the Crushers and Daemon Prince back a bit, hoping the remaining Gnasher Wrecking Team couldn’t reach them.

    Onto the Magic Phase and my Sorcerer is I range of the General now and I’m hoping to knock a couple of wounds off of him. For the Flux roll I roll a 3 and a 1, I don’t channel but my opponent does making it 4 v 4. All my attempts at casting are thwarted and I get no spells off.

    The Dragon Centaurs easily kill the Scrap Wagon and overrun far enough to get out of LoS of the Feral Orcs.

    O&G 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Orcs start the turns by declaring a Waaaargh and there’s going to be some nasty charges coming my way!

    The Iron Orc Warlord declares a charge against the Mauler Chariot and fails! Next the Feral Orcs declare a charge on the Bloodbeast who is only 10” away but thye also fail despite only needing to get 6 on dice with swiftstride. If my Bloodbeast can survive this round I’m definitely charging those Feral orcs, I’m fairly sure he can kill them without dying, or at least wipe each other out.

    Onto the random movement phase and the Gnasher Wrecking Team rolls very high and is able to go through both the Warriors and the Crusher Knights. 7 Warriors die to Gnasher and it also does 4 wounds to Crushers, ouch. It didn’t have enough movement to reach the Daemon Prince but does end up behind him due to the way his move through the Crushers had him coming out behind the unit and in front of the Daemon Prince. At least the worst is over as far as the Gnasher Wrecking Team is concerned.

    The Scrap Wagon on the left ploughs into the flank of the Barbarians. The Scrap Wagon in the centre then hits the Warriors. The Mad Git that destroyed the dogs does a random move and ends up going back into the Goblins that threw him out and it kills 6 of them, karma! They pass their panic test though.

    In the Greenskin Magic Phase my opponent gets 8 Power Dice to my 5 Dispel Dice and he starts off by casting a boosted Totemic summon on 3 dice, a ballsy move I’m sure you’ll agree, and he is rewarded by rolling 16 on those 3 dice. I have to let it go through as I’m not even guaranteed to stop that if I throw all my dice at it leaving me open for the resty of the phase. The Totemic Beast appears on the board edge near my Dragon Centaurs and chaffs them up for a turn, very annoying! Next he tries to cast Cascading Fire on the Scrap Wagon fighting the Barbarians but I dispel it. He then ends with Pyroclastic Flow on the Horsemen, killing one.

    In the shooting phase the Goblins on the right shoot at the Bloodbeast but do no wounds, I’m getting excited for him, if he can survive this round of shooting I’ll egt to see him smash up some Feral Orcs hopefully. One catapult shoots at the Bloodbeast and misses. The Git Launcher shoots at the Bloodbeast and get s a partial hit doing 1 wound, that’s fine, I can take that. The last Catapult then shoots and gets a direct hit and inflicts 4 wounds, killing the Bloodbeast!

    The Orcs and Goblins on the left open fire at the Horsemen and end up killing 3 of them. I can’t make any 3+ Armour Saves on these guys!
    In the combat phase the Scrap wagon fighting the Warriors kills 3 of them with Impact hits and is then promptly smashed to splinters, however there’s only 4 Warriors and the BSB left now and they are severely weakened.

    The Scrap Wagon that charged the Barbarians kills 2 Barbarians but they inflict 1 wound in return and the Barbarians pass their break test and are able to reform to face the Scrap Wagon.

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    My forces have taken a beating now and I’m definitely weakened but I’m not out of it yet. I charge the Dragon Centaurs at the Totemic Beast. I then decide to charge the Mauler Chariot at the Iron Orc Warlord, hoping to get a wound or 2 through and win on combat res, it’s a big ask but it’s charge or be charged for the Mauler Chariot at this point. The Mauler Chariot makes the charge!

    I move the rest of my army up as fast as they can go to get to grips with the enemy and to get away from the Gnasher Wrecking Team. As it now must move in a random direction it’s unlikely to reach me but it’s just my luck that it would go in my direction. I get the Sorcerer out of the Horsemen unit and move him behind the Warriors and then move the remaining horsemen up as far as he can go hoping to get the Mad Git out of the Goblin unit.

    It’s a big roll for the Magical Flux this round, which is just what I needed, 10 power dice for me and 6 dispel for my opponent. I start off by casting Word of Iron on the Mauler Chariot to give it a 1+ Armour Save and make it a bit more survivable but my opponent dispels it. I then cast Corruption of Tinon the Iron Orc Warlord and my opponent has to let it through so the Iron Orc Warlord is now on 3+ Armour save which should help get some wounds through. I then make the Iron Orc unit flammable and follow up with a boosted Molten Copper on the Iron Orcs, my opponent tries to dispel it and fails. I roll 10 hits from 3D6 and despite having re rolls to wound I fail to cause a single wound. That’s two games in a row where that’s happened now, I wouldn’t mind but I’ve had that spell kill my Lord on Manticore and he had a 4++ to boot, it just doesn’t seem to want to work for me. I then throw my last dice at the Ring of Fire on the Iron Orcs and manage to kill 1.

    It’s fightin’ next and the Dragon Centaurs are only able to do 2 wounds to the Totemic Beast who manages to get a wound off on the Dragon Centaurs. The Dragon Centaurs win combat though and the Totemic Beast breaks and runs off the board, the Dragon Centaurs do not pursue and instead turn to face the Feral Orcs.
    The Barbarians are able to kill the Scrap Wagon before the Grotlings can attack.

    The Mauler Chariot goes flying in to the Iron Orc General’s Chariot and doesn’t inflict a single wound. The Charioteers and the Mauler Beast all attack and also can’t get any wounds off on the General. The General and his Chariot are able to inflict 3 wounds on the Mauler Chariot and I couldn’t make any Armour Saves. The Mauler Chariot loses combat by 2 but sticks as it’s within the Daemon Prince Ld bubble. I thought that charging the General was a good plan, how wrong I was.

    O&G 3
    Display Spoiler

    The Iron Orcs charge the flank of the Mauler Chariot and I don’t think it’s long for this battle now. The Feral Orcs and the Goblins on the right turn around to face the Dragon Centaurs. The Goblins on the left reform deep and move closer to my lines. They are now within 8” of my Warriors and the Horsemen so have choice of where to throw out their Mad git.

    In the Random Movement sub phase the Gnasher Wrecking Team scatter straight at my Sorcerer but luckily they fall just short of hitting him.

    The Mad Git on the right moves towards the Catapult but doesn’t hit it.

    In the Magic Phase my opponent gets 7 Power Dice to my 4 Dispel dice and starts off with Pyroclastic Flow on the Horseman, I let it through as he’s essentially dead anyway. He succumbs to the pyromantic magic and dies. My opponent then tries to cast Totemic Summon to chaff up my Dragon Centaurs again but I’m able to dispel it.
    Onto shooting and only one of the Catapults can see the Daemon Prince, it shoots at him, hits him and wounds him but I’m able to pass my Ward Save luckily. The other Catapult shoots at the Dragon Centaurs and misses. The Git Launcher shoots at the Crushers and misses.

    The Goblins on the right shoot at the Dragon Centaurs and get a wound through. The Orcs shoot at the Barbarians and kill 3 of them making me take a panic test which I fail, they then run away. The Goblins on the left throw out the Mad Git at the Warriors but it falls short and lands right in front of them.

    The Mauler Chariot is able to kill 4 Iron Orcs before it is smashed apart by the General and the BSB. They then reform to face the Daemon Prince.

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Daemon Prince charges the Iron Orc Warlord mostly so that he won’t be shot at by the Artillery but it would be nice if he can kill the General. The Crushers charge the Iron Orcs, I’m fairly sure they will die but what else are they gonna do?! The Dragon Centaurs charge the Git Launcher. The Warriors charge the Goblins but have to run through the Mad Git which kills 2 Warriors before it is taken off.

    The Barbarians rally and the Sorcerer runs behind the enemy lines, I’m hoping he is at least be able to silence that Greenskin Artillery at last.

    It’s a poor roll for the Magic Flux a 6 and a 1 and my opponent channels making it 7v7. I try to cast Word of Iron on the Crushers but it’s dispelled. I then go for Corruption of Tin on the Iron Orcs but it’s dispelled as well. I then try to cast Pyroclastic Flow from the Ring of Fire but that is also stopped.

    The Dragon Centaurs kill the Git Launcher but not before they take a wound themselves from the Orc Overseer. The Dragon Centaurs reform to face the inevitable charge from the Feral Orcs.

    The Crushers are able to kill 7 Iron Orcs but take 4 wounds in return, taking them down to a single model left on 1 wound, don’t think he will survive the next round of combat.

    The Warriors and the BSB kill 9 Goblins and don’t take any wounds in return, unfortunately the Goblins stick around as they’re steadfast.

    In the battle of the Generals the Daemon Prince is only able to get 1 wound through and the Iron orc Warlord cannot score a wound on the Daemon Prince but the Iron Orc General passes his break test.

    O&G 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Feral Orcs go charging into the Dragon Centaurs and I think that’s too many Feral Orcs for even them to fight.

    The Goblins move around to try and shoot the Barbarians as there is nothing left for them to do. The Orcs move closer to the Barbarians hoping to get their green hands on them.

    The Gnasher Wrecking Team run off towards the left of the board and the Mad Git heads towards the dragon Centaurs but doesn’t reach them thankfully.

    It’s a low Magical Flux roll as the Orcs get 4 power dice to my 2 dispel dice. The only spell that goes off is Cascading Fire on the Goblins to try and hurt the Warriors a bit more.
    In the shooting phase one of the Catapults shoots at the Barbarians and get a partial hit killing one barbarian. The second Catapult shoots at the sorcerer but misses.

    The Crusher Knight is able to kill 2 Iron Orcs before he dies. The Iron orcs reform to face the Warriors flank.

    The Warriors kill 7 Goblins this round and the Goblins are actually able to kill a Warrior in combat! Cascading Fire then claims the last Warrior and now I’m just left with the BSB.
    The goblins lose combat but are steadfast as they have exactly 5 left.

    The General fight is a waste of time as there are no wounds on either side!

    The Feral Orcs do 1 wound to the Dragon Centaurs from the Impact Hit of the Mammoth Stabber. The Dragon Centaurs attack and kill 7 Feral orcs. The Feral Orcs attack and do 7 wounds on the Dragon Centaurs leaving me with 1 Dragon Centaur left. His final double stomp kills one more Feral Orc. I lose combat by 3 and the Dragon Centaurs break and run off the board. The Feral Orcs have to pursue though and are still on the board.

    Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    Only one charge this round and the Sorcerer charges the nearest Catapult and is positioned such that he can overrun into the second Catapu8lt if he rolls high enough.
    The Barbarians Shuffle back a bit to try and get away from the Orcs.

    It’s a good Magical Flux roll but my Sorcerer is in combat so his spells are somewhat limited, I’m able to get off a boosted Word of Iron on the Barbarians.

    The BSB kills two more Goblins who pass their break test and hold. The Sorcerer kills the Catapult and rolls high for his overrun, hitting the second Catapult.

    The Daemon Prince actually scores 4 wounds on the Iron Orc Warlord but he successfully saves all 4 of the wounds with his 4++ Ward Save and that is just annoying, I built my hopes up there for nothing. The Daemon Prince still doesn’t suffer a wound in return. He may not be able to kill the General but at least he’s not getting shot at.

    O&G 5
    Display Spoiler

    We are running out of time in the game now and this is going to be our last turn. The Orcs charge the Barbarians and easily make it. The Mad Git rolls a double and kills himself. The Gnasher Team do nothing of note.

    It’s a low Magical Flux roll, 3v2 and my opponent get s no spells off.

    In Combat the Orcs kill all the Barbarians easily. The Daemon prince and Iron orc Warlord yet again fail to wound each other! The Sorcerer is only able to do 2 wounds to the Catapult which then passes it’s break test and sticks.

    The BSB is able to kill the last of the Goblin Unit and the Goblin Witch Doctor is all that remains. He flees from the combat and my BSB is unable to catch him.

    The game ends with a 13 – 7 win on Victory Points to my opponent. Once the Secondary Objective is taken into account my opponent wins 16-4 as I only got one unit but my opponent got all of mine.

    That was a tough game for me, The Orc and Goblin Toys absolutely ruined me early on and I had to move quite slowly because of them which is not something I normally do. In retrospect I may have been better off just running as fast as I could at my opponent and not worry about the toys as they are going to get me anyway. The bow fire was a lot more damaging to me than I was expecting, it completely ruined my Barbarians and helped whittle down the Warriors. The Artillery wasn’t as effective as my opponent hoped but I’m sure he’ll take killing the Bloodbeast.

    I was disappointed with my magic this game, maybe I got the wrong spells but there just didn’t seem to be anything to cast against my opponent that would hurt him in anyway. The Daemon prince was a massive let down, can’t believe he couldn’t kill the Iron Orc Warlord after 4 rounds of combat, not only could he not kill him he only got a wound through. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Daemon Princes need more attacks!

    I did at least get some points out of the Greenskins and I did put quite a bit of damage on the units but it just wasn’t enough. The Warriors got absolutely devastated by that Gnasher Wrecking team and when they were down to 5 guys they were far too weak, couldn’t even kill some bloody Goblins!
    I have also never not made 6 turns before so I’m a little bit bummed about that, always like to play to the end. It seems all the more surprising given my army is essentially point and charge but I think Magic is slowing me down a bit.

    Onto Game 3!

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  • Ulricpriest -

    About the rules question about the blood beast charging the wolf riders: according to the rule book the charge is impossible.
    The goblins have to "close the door" as one of the hierarchical options to complete charges but in the given scenario they just can't because of the impassable. It's a known problem that also happens with attackers being in the flank and are not allowed to charge because there is no room in the flank. This really has to be changed!

    • AxelVicious -

      Thanks for clearing it up. I suspected that might be the case but to me it just seems utter madness. I thought the ninth age had stopped horrible broken things like that but i guess not. I'd say if you can't get into a units front arc but can see the flank then you charge the flank. I'd prefer if the Bloodbeast could have just made contact corner to corner and attacked and only one goblin could attack back. It's not the Bloodbeast's fault that the goblins decided to run into a cliff face!