Axel Vicious’ Wrath Warriors at the 9th Age UK GT: Heat 1. – Game 5

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  • Onto Game 5 and that defeat in the last game has me down on the bottom table, a place I haven’t frequented in a while. My opponent sadly had been playing down here all weekend and he is was using the Ogre Khans! When you see his list you will see why. His list:

    Great Khan (General): Hoardmaster, Brace of Ogre Pistols, Great Weapon, Iron Fist, Dragon Mantle, Gem of Fortune, Talisman of Greater Shielding

    Mammoth Hunter on Tusker: Headhunter, Hunting Spear, Axe Breaker gauntlet, Charm of Cursed Iron, Dragonscale Helm

    Shaman: Wizard master, 4 Spells, Pyromancy, Fire Blessing, Obsidian Rock

    7 Bruisers: Full Command, Skull of Qenghet
    3 Bruisers
    6 Tribesmen: Full Command, Iron Fists
    3 Tribesmen: Iron Fists
    3 x 2 Sabretooth Tigers
    2 Tusker Cavalry: Champion, Musician, Light Armour and Iron Fists
    3 Bombardiers
    4 Bombardiers
    Thunder Cannon

    So certainly far from your typical Ogre Khan list as there is two non minimum sized units of ogres and not a Rock Auroch in sight! My opponent usually plays dwarves but fancied a change of army so he bought an Ogre Khan army, the Rock Aurochs were still in the painting workshop, so he had to make do with what he had available. I’m not entirely sure why there isn’t the Hellfist in the list and then to top it off by not even taking a BSB is a ballsy move!

    Despite the list being a long way from optimal there is still some threats in there. The Thunder Cannon can easily kill my Daemon Prince in one shot and a big unit of Bruisers with the Great Khan in there could do some hideous things to my units if I’m not careful. Even those little units of 2 Tuskers are nothing to be sniffed at and have proven to be a pain in the past. I’m still fairly confident going into this fight though.

    There’s a few new units in here that I haven’t fought before so I’m interested to see what they do. The Bombardiers sound nasty on paper, firing D6 shots each at S4 and AP1 could do horrendous damage to my guys so I need to be on the Ogres quick. The Mammoth Hunter on a Tusker is also something I haven’t seen before and could do some serious damage to the Daemon Prince and Bloodbeast if I’m not careful. I’ve never seen anyone take the Sabretooth Tigers before as well which I’m always surprised at because I always thought they were excellent chaff. I suppose for the cost of two solo Tigers you can get 3 Tribesmen instead though and they’re just better.

    We roll for Deployment type and get Flank Attack and for the Secondary Objective it is Breakthrough, which is normally a pain of a Secondary Objective against Ogres due to their high number of scoring units and my opponent has 7 of them! I win the roll off to pick sides and choose to be the attacker, so I have big flanks.

    I roll for my spells and I get Molten Copper, Silver Spike, Corruption of Tin and Glory of Gold. I drop Corruption of Tin for Quicksilver Lash as my the Ogres don’t have a high Armour Save to begin with so it’s of little use to me. I’m not sure how effective the Magic Missiles are going to be but I can at least aim for the Thunder Cannon.

    My opponents 4 Pyromancy Spells are Pyroclastic Flow, Cascading Fire, Scorching Salvo and Flaming Swords.

    Display Spoiler

    In Deployment I end up dropping my army first as the Ogres have so many drops there is no point me trying to wait to see where he is going to deploy. We end up in the middle facing each other anyway but my opponent is sitting back away from the front line, a wise move. Thinking about it I’m not sure why I always pick the big flanks as I never end up using them, I should really pick the big centre so I can be on my opponent faster. I put my Barbarians on the right flank hoping that my opponent will leave them alone and I can get a cheap scoring unit into the deployment zone.

    I put my Sorcerer in with the Horsemen to keep him safe from the cannon. My opponent puts the Great Khan in with the big Bruiser block and the Shaman is in with the small unit of Tribesmen. Once we are finished deploying I vanguard the Warhounds up. As I finished deploying ahead of my opponent by quite a way, I get the first turn. The Bombardiers are B3 and B4, the Bruisers are B1 and B2.

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    I advance the whole army forward in a mad rush to get to the enemy. The Warhounds run right in front of the big Bruiser block hoping to slow them down for a turn.

    In the Magic Phase it’s a close one as I get 6 Power Dice and my Opponent gets 5 Dispel dice. I start off by trying to cast Silver Spike on the Thunder Cannon and fail to cast it. I’ve wasted three dice now and my opponent still has all his dice so I leave it there.

    Ogres 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Sabretooth Tigers on the left are easily able to charge my Warhounds in the flank and yet again I’ve wasted my chaff. The Sabretooth Tigers in the Centre run out to chaff up my Bloodbeast and the other Tigers on the right move to the right to face off against the Barbarians. Apart from that there isn’t a whole lot of movement in the Ogre ranks.

    It’s an ok Magical Flux roll as my opponent gets 7 Power Dice and I get 5 Dispel Dice. The shaman starts off by casting Pyroclastic Flow on the Daemon Prince, I let it go as I’m fairly sure he’ll be fine. My opponent puts the attribute on the Horsemen. My Daemon prince doesn’t take any wounds but a Horseman dies. My opponent though the Daemon Prince had the Lucky Shield and wanted to get rid of it but my Daemon prince has the Lucky Stone. Next the Shaman casts Scorching Salvo which I dispel and that is followed up by Cascading fire but that is failed to cast.

    The Thunder Cannon takes aim at the Daemon Prince and completely misses him. The bombardiers on the right shoot at the Bloodbeast and despite having 4D6 worth of shots are only able to get 1 wound on the behemoth. The Bombardiers on the left pour fire into the Horsemen and are only able to kill 1, I’m beginning to see why they aren’t they aren’t taken as often as I thought they should be.

    The Sabretooth Tigers kill 2 Warhounds but in a historic first for me my one Warhound attacking back gets a poisoned wound through on a Sabretooth Tiger. I still lose combat but it’s a glorious moment none the less. The Warhounds flee and the Sabretooth Tigers don’t pursue in case they give me a chance at some nice overruns.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Bloodbeast charges the Sabretooth Tigers in front of him and they fail their Terror check and flee but they don’t flee very far and the Bloodbeast is able to run them down. The Mauler Chariot charges the Sabretooth Tigers on the left but they flee the charge and just stay on the table. The Mauler Chariot fails it’s redirect test and just fruitlessly goes after the Sabretooth Tigers. The Crushers declare a charge into the Tribesmen with the Shaman but they fail to make the charge which is a shame as that would have been a great charge to make. The Daemon prince declares a charge into the Bruisers who pass their Terror check but the Daemon Prince also fails his charge.

    The rest of my army plods forward, the Dragon Centaurs stay back a bit, hoping to cover the flank. The Barbarians hide behind the hill trying not to draw any attention to themselves. The Warhounds rally and face the Bruiser block.

    It’s another poor roll on the Magical Flux for me as I get 5 Power Dice to my Opponents 4 Dispel Dice. My Sorcerer casts Quicksilver Lash at the Thunder Cannon but the spell is stopped by the Shaman. I then try to cast a Pyroclastic Flow but fail to cast it on 2 dice!

    Ogres 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Tribesmen on the left declare a charge against the Mauler Chariot and make it, I’m hoping my Toughness of 5 and my Armour Save help me here.

    The Bruiser block charge the Warhounds in front of them which is fine by me. The Tuskers charge the Dragon Centaurs as I moved them a bit too close to the Tuskers and I’m thinking that the Dragon Centaurs are a gonna now. The Mammoth Hunter and the Bruisers both charge the Bloodbeast and I don’t think he’s long for this world but at least against the low initiative of the Ogres he will get to attack.

    The Sabretooth Tigers on the left rally, the ones on the right move in front of the Barbarians. The great Shaman leaves the Tribesmen to do some damage on his own. Then we go straight to Magic.

    It’s a good roll on the Magical Flux for the Ogres as they get 8 Power Dice to my 5 Dispel Dice. The Shaman casts Pyroclastic flow on the Horsemen (He’s really got it in for them!), I let it through and only 1 Horseman dies. Next the Shaman casts Scorching Salvo and I try to Dispel it and fail, fortunately the only casualties are 1 Warrior and 1 more Horseman. With the last of his Dispel Dice the Shaman casts Cascading Fire on the Bruiser block and I again fail to dispel that. That was a great round of Magic for the Ogres being able to get 3/3 spells off but luckily for me it wasn’t as devastating as some pther lores may have been against me.

    The Bombardiers on the right shoot at my Warrior block and fail to cause a single wound despite getting 20 shots! The Bombardiers on the left shoot at the Crushers and also fail to get any wounds through. I am genuinely stunned at how bad their shooting has been. The Thunder Cannon shoots at my Daemon Prince again and scores a hit, but fails to wound him.

    Lots of combat this turn which is what we like to see. The Ogre Tribesmen fighting the Mauler Chariot inflict a wound on the Chariot with their Impact Hits and then my Charioteers get to attack back and inflict 3 wounds! The Mauler Beast then attacks and inflicts two more wounds on the Tribesmen. The Tribesmen attack back but can’t wound the Mauler Chariot and I actually win combat but the Ogres pass their break test. Still, an excellent result for the Chariot!

    The Bruiser Block easily kills all the Warhounds and then decides to overrun and rolls high enough to reach the Crushers. My opponent made a huge mistake here because he thought when they overran they just go straight forward and hit the corner of the Crushers but an overrun into a new unit is treated like pursuing into a new unit and thus is counted a charge into the Crushers. So the Bruisers line up directly facing the Crushers leaving the Warriors with a lovely flank charge!

    The Tuskers come charging in to the Dragon Centaurs and with Impact Hits, the Tuskers and the Ogres attacks they are only able to inflict 3 wounds, I was expecting a lot more. The Dragon Centaurs attack back and inflict 5 wounds on the Tuskers leaving one left on one wound. I win combat and the Tusker passes his break test. I was not expecting that result at all. I was lucky to not suffer more wounds, especially as the Tuskers are Strength 5 but I have no idea how the Dragon Centaurs did such damage to the Tuskers, wish they did that more often!

    The Bloodbeast suffers one wound from the Impact Hits of the Mammoth Hunter who then does 1 more wound himself in combat. The Bloodbeast is able to attack back and I put all of it’s attacks into the Mammoth Hunter hoping to at least kill him because I’m unlikely to enough damage to the Bruisers to reduce their attacks back at the Bloodbeast. The Bloodbeast scores 6 hits and 5 wounds and absolutely smashes the Mammoth Hunter to a pulp, he should stick to hunting Mammoths and not Bloodbeasts! That is probably the greatest kill the Bloodbeast has ever gotten so I’m pretty happy about that. The Bruisers swiftly avenge their fallen hero though and kill the Bloodbeast. Totally worth it!

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    The Fallen charge the flank of the Bruisers that killed the Bloodbeast but fail the charge despite it being a relatively small distance. The Barbarians charge the Sabretooth Tigers and I’m not expecting much trouble there. The Daemon Prince charges the Tribesmen in front of the Thunder Cannon because I need to get him in combat so he can stop being shot at. I declare the most obvious of charges and charge the Warriors into the Flank of the Bruisers and I’m predicting a blood bath.

    The only unit that isn’t in combat is the Horsemen and they just move atop the hill.

    It’s an OK roll for Magic as its 7 v 5. The Sorcerer casts Silver Spike ono the Bombardiers on the right. I chose them because there wasn’t much else to casts spells at and I’m hoping that the Daemon Prince will go through the Tribesmen in one round and then go straight into the Thunder Cannon so I’m not too worried about the Cannon at this point. My opponent let’s the spell though but sadly the Silver Spike only inflict one wound on the Bombardiers! I’m glad my opponent let it through though because I then put the Alchemical Fire attribute on the Bruiser block, the Warriors have the Flaming Standard so they can get re rolls to wound. This is the first time this has actually happened this tournament so that’s great! Next I throw 4 dice at casting Glory of Gold on the Crushers to give them flaming attacks too, my opponent tries to dispel it but fails so the Crushers now get re rolls to wound too.

    I will build up to the main event and start off with the Barbarians who are able to inflict one wound on the Sabretooth Tigers. The Tigers fail to do any wounds back onto the Barbarians and lose combat by 5 and autobreak. I don’t pursue and the Tigers flee off the table.

    The Dragon Centaurs kill the Tusker before he can swing back.

    The Mauler Chariot has an amazing round of combat with the Charioteers all hitting all wounding inflicting 4 wounds on the Ogres, the Mauler Beast inflicts a further 3 wounds on the Tribesmen. That was even with the Tribesmen having the Iron Fists! The Ogres fail to wound the Mauler Chariot and lose combat by 7. They flee and the Mauler Chariot pursues and catches them.

    The Daemon Prince attacks the Tribesmen he’s fighting and inflicts 3 wounds on them. The Tribesmen are unable to hit the Daemon Prince and get no wounds through. The Daemon Prince wins combat by 4 and the Ogres are -1 Ld due to him causing fear but they pass their break test with a double 1, boo!

    Onto the main event and my BSB issues his obligatory challenge which the unit Champion accepts. The BSB kills the Champion in one round of combat. Next the Crusher Knights attack and cause 6 wounds onto the Bruisers. The Warriors then attack and inflict 10 wounds on the Bruisers. There is now only one Bruiser left on 2 wounds and the Khan. The Crushers have yet to attack so I put 2 Crushers into the Bruiser and one into the Khan, the Bruiser loses his last wounds and the khan suffers one more. The Great Khan is all that remains and decides to attack the Crushers with his Great Weapon, he inflicts 3 wounds on the Crushers, killing one. Cascading Fire then kills a Warrior. I win Combat by an absolute shed load and the Great Khan breaks form combat and runs away fro the Warriors, I restrain with the Warriors and pursue with then Crushers. The Khan is able to excape his pursuers but they are right behind him. A very satisfying round of combat, it was a good job the Warriors were there to support the Crushers because I think the Bruisers would have destroyed them in a single turn, but that round of combat went better than I could have hoped for.

    Ogres 3
    Display Spoiler

    Things are not looking good for the Ogres now but there’s still a chance. When I did the post combat pivot on the Warriors I was so focused on getting the Bombardiers on the left that I didn’t see the Bruisers on the right. They punish me for it by flank charging the Warriors and that could easily go horribly wrong for me. The Thunder Cannon charges the Daemon Prince by clipping the corner, I always forget that they aren’t just cannons but Chariots too. The rest of the army moves forward to get out of LoS of the Mauler Chariot and the Bombardiers want to be in close range of the Crushers. The Khan rallies and turns to face the Crushers.

    Not a great Magic roll for the Ogres as its 6 v 5, the Shaman starts off by casting Pyroclastic Flow on the Horsemen but I dispel it. He is then able to casts Scorching Salvo and I can’t dispel it. It fails to cause a single wound despite hitting the Dragon Centaurs, Fallen, Horsemen, Crushers and the Mauler Chariot!

    With just the Bombardiers shooting this turn the ones on the left shoot at the Crushers and again fail to cause any wounds! The unit on the right shoot at the Fallen and kill 3 of them! They are so much worse than I thought they would be.

    The Thunder Cannon comes rolling into the Daemon Prince and doesn’t get any wounds through on Impact Hits. The Daemon Prince attacks the Chariot this turn and inflicts 3 wounds on it. The Tribesmen and the Chariot crew also can’t cause any wounds to the Daemon Prince either, apparently trees do more damage to him than Ogres, and so I win combat again. The Tribesmen hold yet again but the Thunder Cannon has had enough and flees off the table.

    The Warriors brace themselves for Impact as the bruisers come running in, the Bruisers kill a Warrior with Impact Hits but then the Warriors strike back (the BSB is the wrong end of the unit for this combat) and inflict 1 wound on the Bruisers which means they still get all their attacks. The bruisers kill 4 more Warriors and I lose combat by 3 and we aren’t steadfast as we are in a wood. Luckily I make my Ld 6 break test thanks to the re roll! I fail my attempts to reform and the Bruisers remain in the flank of the Warriors.

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Dragon Centaurs are able to come to the rescue of the Warriors by charging the flank of the Bruisers. The crushers charge the Khan, I’m hoping I can do 4 wounds to him and finish him off. The Fallen fail their Frenzy check and declare a charge against the Bombardiers, they are then promptly shot to ribbons by the Bombardiers by their Stand and Shoot charge reaction. The Barbarians move closer to the opponent’s deployment zone and the Mauler Chariot turns to face the flank of the enemies back line.

    It’s a good Magical Flux roll with 10 Power Dice vs 6 Dispel. I start off with a Silver Spike on the Bombardiers, I would have picked the Shaman but he’s immune to fire, the Shaman dispels the spell. I then cast Molten Copper on the Bombardiers which my opponent fails to dispel, unfortunately I don’t cause a single wound. I then make the Khan flammable with the Alchemical Fire attribute. With the last few dice I cast Glory of Gold on the Crushers which should help finish off the Khan.

    The Dragon Centaurs and the Warriors inflict 5 wounds on the Bruisers leaving a single Bruiser alive, he then retaliates and kills 2 Warriors. The Bruiser loses combat and flees away from the Warriors, I restrain with the Warriors and pursue with the Dragon Centaurs who catch the Bruiser and run into the flank of the Bombardiers.

    The Daemon prince is only able to inflict 2 wounds on the Ogre tribesmen (he is really terrible against Monstrous Infantry) and the Tribesmen again can’t score any wounds on the Daemon Prince. The Tribesmen finally fail a break test and run. I decide to restrain with the Daemon prince and turn to face the Great Shaman.

    The Crusher Knights attack the Great Khan first as he is using his Great Weapon again, the Knights inflict 2 wounds on the khan and he only has 2 remaining. The Crushers attack next and are only able to get a single wound through and the Khan remains alive on a single wound. The Khan attacks back and kills another Crusher by causing 3 wounds. The Khan still loses combat but only by 1, but thanks to the Fear causing Crushers he breaks and flees 11”. The Crusher pursues but can’t catch this fleet footed Khan who runs through the building.

    Ogres 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Khan rallies behind the house and is safe from the Crusher, for now. The Tribesmen rally on the edge of the board. The Sabretooth Tigers moves away from the Mauler Chariot but they really should have stayed put to chaff it up. The great Shaman is able to hide from my units by standing right between them all. The Bombardiers move forward to get in range of the Horsemen.

    It’s a good Magic roll for the Ogres, 10 v 6 as I had last time. The Shaman casts Pyroclastic Flow on the Horsemen again and again I dispel it. Next he casts Scorching Salvo and it’s too good of all for me to try and dispel it so I have to let it through. This time it kills 2 Warriors, a Horsemen and puts a wound on the Mauler Chariot. For his final spell he casts Flaming Swords on the Bombardiers but I dispel it.

    The Bombardiers shoot at the Horsemen and again cause 0 wounds! That unit has had 4 rounds of shooting and not scored a single wound on anything!

    The Only Combat is the Dragon Centaurs who cause 5 wounds to the Bombardiers, killing 2 of them. The Bombardiers strike back and can’t get any wounds through on the Dragon Centaurs. The bombardiers break from combat and I decide to Pursue with the Dragon Centaurs to make sure I get the points, I catch them easily. The Shaman passes his Panic test. I probably should have just pivoted to face the Shaman instead of pursuing the Bombardiers but I really wanted to kill those Bombardiers.

    Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    It is looking unlikely that we are going to be able to get the whole 6 turns in so this is going to be our last turn. The Mauler Chariot charges the flank of the Bombardiers, I still don’t know why the Sabretooth Tigers weren’t moved to chaff up the Chariot, maybe my opponent didn’t see it or forgot about them, I’m not sure. Now that the Shaman has moved out the way of the Daemon Prince I charge into the Tribesmen who he has failed to kill before.

    I run the Barbarians into the Deployment zone to get the scoring points, I also move the Dragon Centaurs and the Warriors into the deployment zone. I separate the Sorcerer from the sole remaining Horseman and move him so that he can see the Khan, hopefully I can blast the Khan off with some magic. I hide the last Horseman behind the hill, hopefully I can keep those points.

    I need a good magic phase this turn so that I can get the spells off that I need to kill that Khan. I get 7 Power Dice to my opponents 5 Dispel Dice and I start off with Silver Spike which was dispelled. I then cast Quicksilver Lash on the Khan and my opponent fails to dispel it. I get 2 hits on the Khan and only get 1 wound through which the Khan then saved with his 4++ Ward Save. I then threw the last of the dice at Pyroclastic Flow on the Khan but unsurprisingly it fails to do any wounds.

    The Daemon Prince only manages to do a single wound to the Tribesmen, he has attacked them for three rounds of combat and has only done 6 wounds, very disappointing. The Tribesmen again can’t wound the Daemon prince and the Tribesmen then fail their break test and flee off the table.

    The Mauler Chariot goes crashing into the Bombardiers and with Impact Hits and the crew attacks they inflict 6 wounds on the Bombardiers, killing 2 of them. The Bombardiers do no wounds in return and break from combat. The Mauler Chariot pursues but fails to catch the remaining Bombardier.

    Ogres 5
    Display Spoiler

    Not much left for the Ogres now and this is the last turn so we just go straight to Magic and the Shaman casts Scorching Salvo which kills a Warrior and the last of the Horsemen. The Sorcerer finally killed the Barbarian Horsemen, it’s only taken him all game!

    The game ended with a 19 – 1 victory to me, so my first win at last! Everything kind of went my way, I think I started off badly but luck was with me this game, especially with the Tribesmen and Tuskers just bouncing off my Chariot and Dragon Centaurs. The Daemon Prince was absolutely useless against those Ogre Tribesmen, he really shouldn’t be charging Monstrous Infantry as he can’t kill them fast enough without having Stomp, that is a bit of a problem fighting against the Ogres.

    I was very happy with how all of my units performed, they all did exceptionally well except the Daemon prince and the Fallen. The Dragon Centaurs had a great game, killing lots of units as did the Mauler Chariot who really shone against those Tribesmen doing 12 wounds in 2 rounds of combat. I would I’m a little bit frustrated about not being able to kill the Khan in the last turn but I can’t really complain about the game.

    I was so shocked by how poor the Bombardiers were, now I know why no one takes them. My opponent didn’t have an optimal list which explains why I was so easily able to smash it off the table. If my opponent had a couple of Rock Aurochs in his list it would have been a very different game, I would have gotten destroyed if they were on the table.

    Onto the final game….

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