Axel Vicious’ Wrath Warriors at the 9th Age UK GT: Heat 1 – Game 6

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  • So for Game 6 I was drawn against Highborn Elves and not just any Highborn Elves, the same list that I fought against recently in the last Ninth Scroll although being used by a different opponent. It should be said that my opponent for this game came up with this list originally and suggested to my previous opponent to use it as he was only just getting into the Ninth Age. It’s a good solid list and although I can beat it is not always guaranteed as there’s some serious threats in the list. His list:

    High Prince mounted on an Ancient Dragon (General): Lucky Shield, Divine Icon, Giant Sword
    Commander: Battle Standard Bearer, Master of Canreig Tower, Alchemy, 4 Spells, Mithril Mail, Great Weapon
    33x Citizen Spears, Musician, Standard Bearer, Flaming Standard
    2 x 5 Highborn Lancers, Musician, Standard Bearer
    30 Sword Masters, Musician, Standard Bearer, Stalker’s Standard
    2 x 1 Giant Eagle
    3 x Sea Guard Reaper

    The two main things that worry me are the Sword Masters as they can make mincemeat of my units because they are striking first and the second is the Prince on the Ancient Dragon. That Dragon is Toughness 7 with 7 Wounds, with no shooting I’m going to have to try and kill it in combat or hope my Sorcerer can do some damage to him. My Daemon Prince can’t go toe to toe with him, he would probably survive against the Prince but the Dragon would finish him off.

    We roll for Deployment type and it’s Counterthrust again and the Secondary Objective is Breakthrough. A tough Secondary objective for me as I have to fight those units to stop him scoring but it’s unlikely that all my units are coming through this game unscathed so best hope I have more left alive by the end that my opponent. Stopping the Lancers is always a tough ask as well as they are so quick and they can be guaranteed to be sitting in my deployment zone turn 6 if I don’t kill them first.

    I roll for my spells and get Quicksilver Lash, Word of Iron, Silver Spike and Transmutation of Lead. I’m hoping to get Transmutation of Lead off against the Sword Masters and kill them as quickly as possible. Silver Spike and Quicksilver Lash should give me the ranged spells I need to take out the Dragon and the Lancers hopefully. My opponent’s wizard is also on Alchemy and gets Word of Iron, Molten Copper, Silver Spike and Corruption of Tin.

    Display Spoiler

    We take turns deploying units starting with my opponent who plonks an eagle down in the middle as far forward as he can. I’m left deploying most of my army in the centre as far as they can go. The Barbarians are place on the right with the Fallen, hoping to be able to get the objective without being attacked. The Highborn Elves finish deploying first as they have fewer drops and win the roll for first turn. I vanguard the dogs straight forward, hoping to entice something out to charge them.

    Highborn Elves 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Citizen Spears take the bait and charge the Warhounds which is just fine with me, they should now end up a bit closer to my lines and it should hopefully leave me with a makeable charge from the Warriors who should go through them in no time.

    No other charges and The dragon Flies forward, hiding behind the Impassable but has a nice very of all my units. An Eagle flies forward and chaffs up my Mauler Chariot blocking its charge on the Dragon. The Sword Masters move alongside the Spears to help support them.

    And what a lovely Dragon it is too!

    The Magical Flux is strong as the Elven wizard gets 9 Power Dice to my 6 Dispel. As the Wizard is in combat his Magic Missiles are off the table so he starts off by casting Corruption of Tin on my Warriors which I dispel, don’t want them getting any more easily killed than they can be. He then casts a boosted Word of Iron on the Spears and I fail to dispel it. The Spears now have a 3+ Armour Save and they’re not such an easy target for me to kill. The Alchemical Fire Attribute is placed on my Dragon Centaurs too.

    Next up comes the shooting from the 3 Bolt Throwers, they all shoot at the Dragon Centaurs with single shots and manage to do 4 wounds, killing one of them.

    The Citizen Spears and the BSB butcher the poor Warhounds before they can even strike back. The Spear then just pivot to face my army.

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    Now it’s my turn for some first turn charges! I charge the Warriors and the Dragon Centaurs at the Spears but the Warriors fail ( it was only a 12” so just needed an 8) leaving the Dragon Centaurs to go in solo! The Mauler Chariot charges the Eagle in front of him. Another poor Eagle is going to die a senseless death, I hope one day the Eagles have enough of being used as suicidal speed bumps and rebel against the Highborn Elves, Chaos will take them.

    Speaking of Chaff, I then throw my Bloodbeast forward to hold the Sword Masters up for a turn, I have no illusion of greatness for him, he’s going to die but I have nothing else to put there. The Daemon Prince flies out from behind the Impassable to face the flank of the Spears and the Dragon too. The Crushers move out and the Fallen lead a covering action for the Barbarian who are on a secret objective stealing mission.

    It’s another good Magical Flux roll with 9 Power Dice to me and 5 Dispel Dice to my Opponent. I start off with a boosted Word of Iron on the Dragon Centaurs to give them a 2+ Armour Save but my opponent Dispels it. I then cast Transmutation of Lead on the Sword Masters which would certainly help keep the Bloodbeast alive but I fail to cast it. I then cast Silver Spike on the Ancient Dragon and my opponent fails to dispel it but I make a noob mistake and forget about the Lucky Shield so that spell is wasted, I really should have gone for Quicksilver Lash. All in all that was a very poor magic phase from me. I tried to get 2 spells off but perhaps I would have been better going for 1 Spell and the Ring of Fire. I also should have made sure that Word of Iron was the one spell I did get off because that would have really helped the Dragon Centaurs out.

    Straight to combat and the Mauler Chariot kills the Eagle with Impact Hits and pivots to face forwards. Next it’s the Dragon Centaurs combat and the BSB strikes first doing 2 wounds to the Dragon Centaurs. The Spear Elves then attack and at this point I realise that the Spear Elves have the Flaming Standard and so are getting rerolls to wound on the Dragon Centaurs as they are flammable, I’m lucky though and they only do 1 wound. The Dragon Centaurs do 8 wounds in return and win combat by one but the Citizen Spears hold their nerve and stick.

    Highborn Elves 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Sword Masters charge the Bloodbeast and the Ancient Dragon declares a charge against the Horsemen. I have to hold that charge because if I flee then the Lancers can charge the Horsemen making them flee off the table. The Lancers then declare a charge into the flank of the Horsemen. Luckily for me both the Dragon and the Lancers fail their charges, the Dragon only need a 7 on 3 dice too, so that was very lucky for me.

    The remaining Eagle dives in front of the Crushers eager to join his brother in death. The Lancers on the right trot backwards away from the Fallen.

    It’s another good roll for the Magic phase and its 8 v 5. Again the wizard is in combat and so he only has two spells he can cast, I don’t want the Dragon Centaurs to become flammable so I have to try and stop both of them which is unlikely. He starts off by casting Corruption of Tin on the Dragon Centaurs, I fail to dispel it and the spells go off and the Dragon Centaurs are the target of Alchemical Fire. For his second spell the Wizard casts Word of Iron on the Citizen Spears and I fail to Dispel that too. I would have been better off just trying to stop one of them at least!

    The Sea Guard Repeaters cannot resist the target of the Daemon Prince and all three fire single shots at my General. 2 of them hit and I fail my Ward Save on both of them but fortunately I take 3 wounds so the Daemon prince is still alive on 1 wound.

    On to combat and the BSB and the Spear Elves manage to inflict 5 wounds on the Dragon Centaurs finishing them off before they can even attack back.

    The Sword Masters are ready to take down the Bloodbeast and with 16 attacks against the behemoth they stand a very good chance of doing it….. but despite all their Martial Discipline and giant swords they can only do 2 wounds to the monster. I can’t believe my luck with this one and am all to eager to attack back with the Bloodbeast. Thanks in part to a good stomp roll and Hatred the Bloodbeast kills 9 Sword Masters and wins combat! The Sowrd Masters are steadfast though and hold and then they reform deep and turn to face the Warriors, giving the flank of the unit to the Bloodbeast.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    I have some tough choices to make this turn The Warriors and the Mauler Chariot can either charge the Citizen Spears or the Sword Masters. I decide that the Sword Masters are the bigger threat and decide to charge both the Warriors and the Mauler Chariot at the Sword Masters. In hindsight I might have been better charging the Spears as that is where the Wizard/BSB is and he is becoming a right thorn in my side. Also having the Bloodbeast fighting the flank of the Sword Masters is quite hand for him, he probably could have sat there for another couple of turns murdering Sword Masters before he got taken down.

    I charge the Daemon Prince into the flank of the Citizen Spears, basically to stop the Blot Throwers from shooting at him. They pass their Terror test. The Crushers charge the Eagle.

    The Sorcerer leaves the Horsemen and hides behind the hill so the Repeaters can’t see him but he can see the Dragon. The Horsemen then run straight forward and are just out of LoS of the Horsemen, I’m sending them warmachine hunting now, I’ve had enough of those Bolt Throwers. The Fallen run in front of the Lancers as I think they can beat them in a one on one fight. The barbarians move in to the wood.

    On to Magic and it’s a terrible roll of a 3 and a 2 and then to make matters worse my opponent channels making it 3 v 3. I should add at this point I haven’t channelled since Game 3! What are the odds of not rolling a 6 at 26 attempts?! It’s a dice off and I try to cast Silver Spike at the Prince but my opponent dispels it.

    Time to move on to an epic round of combat but we’ll start small. The Crushers Knights kill the Eagle but it does get to attack back at the same initiative step but fails to cause any wounds on the Crushers. The Crushers have to overrun (bloody Frenzy!).

    The Daemon Prince issues his challenge and is fed yet another brave unit Champion. I should have put some of the Dragon Centaur attacks into the Champion when they were fighting them, just one of the attacks would have done it. If that one dice goes on to kill the Champion great, if not it doesn’t matter because it wouldn’t have killed anyone any way. I am seriously getting annoyed with him having to challenge every round and constantly having to fight champions, especially as that’s when he gets his +1 Strength boost. I really hope the silly challenge rule for Warriors is sorted out in 2.0, or at least make it so that Champions can’t accept challenges if a Character is in the unit. The Daemon prince kills him for 2 and loses combat by one but makes his stubborn instability test. The Spears don’t reform but stay facing forward.

    The Mauler Chariot ploughs into the Sword Masters, crushing four of them under its wheels. The BSB issues his challenge and the unit Champion steps forward before getting pummelled by the BSB for the full maximum of 4 wounds. The Sword Masters then strike back killing 3 Warriors, inflicting one wound on the Bloodbeast and one wound on the Mauler Chariot, I was expecting a lot worse to be honest. I thought they would tear apart the Warriors! The Warriors, the Mauler Chariot and the Bloodbeast all attack next and are only able to inflict 10 wounds (that’s out of 25 attacks plus a thunder stomp), there’s only 16 left in the unit and I seriously thought they would have wiped them all out but that might have been a long shot. The Sword Masters have taken an absolute battering and have no chance of holding after that slaughter so they break and flee 11”, I pursue with the Mauler Chariot and the Bloodbeast has to pursue but both fail to catch those speedy Sword Masters. The Mauler Chariot reaches the woods and fails a Dangerous Terrain test. The Warriors reform to face the Dragon and this is going to hurt!

    Highborn Elves 3
    Display Spoiler

    The Prince on the Dragon charges the Warriors who pass their Terror check. The Lancers on the right charge the Fallen. The Lancers on the left swing round to face down the middle of the board. The Sword Masters fail to rally and run off the board, yay!

    It’s a terrible magic phase for the elves as a double 1 is rolled for the Magical Flux. The Wizard attempts to cast Corruption of Tin on the Daemon Prince but fails.

    The three Bolt Throwers all take aim at the Bloodbeast hoping to finish him off but all three miss (couldn’t miss my Daemon Prince though could they?!)

    My BSB bravely steps forward to face the incoming Dragon and roars a Challenge but is promptly decapitated by the Prince. Despite the loss of their beloved leader the Warriors pass their Break test and stick.

    The Daemon Prince issues a challenge and the cowardly elven BSB slips into the back of the unit so the Daemon prince just has to murder some Spear Elves instead, killing 5 of them. The Citizen Spears do no wounds to the Daemon Prince. They can no longer use their BSB re roll for their break test as he declined a challenge but they make their break test anyway. They again don’t reform and leave the Daemon Prince in the flank.

    The Lancers come crashing in to the Fallen and kill 3 of them, the Fallen strike back and kill one of the Lancers. I didn’t think I would lose 3 Fallen, I’ve obviously seen Elven knights bounce off to me any soft targets and underestimated them because of it. The Fallen pass their breaktest though and stick.

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    Only the one charge from me as the Mauler Chariot charges the Bolt Thrower. I then have to take a frenzy check for the Bloodbeast and fail it so he also charges the Bolt Thrower!

    The very definition of over kill!

    The Horsemen fail their march block check and just move the 7” to the side of the Warriors. The Sorcerer swings round the other side of the hill so he can see the Lancers and the Dragon. The Crushers couldn’t charge the Lancers for some reason that escapes me now, maybe they were further forward than I put on the map, anyway, they move behind the Fallen ready to fight the Lancers eventually.

    In the Magic Phase the Sorcerer gets 7 Power Dice to the Highborn Elves’ 4 Dispel Dice. The sorcerer casts Silver Spike on the Highborn Lancers but my opponent uses all his dispel dice to dispel it. I follow it up with Transmutation of Lead on the Prince hoping that by recuing his Strength back to 4 I should keep some Warriors alive and hope to be steadfast for a turn. I fail to cast it with 3 dice though! Another wasted Magic Phase by me there.

    The Mauler Chariot kills the Bolt Thrower with Impact Hits making the Bloodbeast’s appearance in the fight completely pointless. The Lancers are bale to kill one more Fallen, although it was most likely the horse that did it. The remaining Fallen does no wounds back and breaks from combat this time. The Lancers don’t pursue and the Fallen flees through the Crushers.

    The Prince and the Dragon are able to kill 11 Warriors between them and suffer no wounds in return. There are only 3 Warriors left in the unit now and they auto break but the prince doesn’t pursue, the unit flees a whopping 2” inches. I made a big mistake there and I should have done what everyone does to me and just issued a challenge with my Champion. If I had I would still be steadfast and the course of the game would have gone very differently. A silly mistake to make.

    The Daemon issues another challenge and the BSB refuses again, the Daemon Prince kills 7 Spear Elves this turn and takes no wounds I return. I’ve found what he is good at killing, very basic Elves, this could be a unit of 100 and he would be ok, might take him a while to get through them but at least he wouldn’t die. The Citizen Spears again make their break test and this time they reform to face the Daemon Prince. Now the unit only has 13 models left in it and is 3 ranks deep. I get the chance to reform first but obviously I can’t really do a great deal. My opponent then reforms his unit and keeps 3 models in base to base contact with me but has left the corner of the Daemon Prince free for the Dragon to come swooping in.

    To me it seems a bit dumb that the unit reforming doesn’t have to maximise the number of models in base to base contact with the enemy as with a charge per say. Couldn’t a unit of Flagellants charged in the flank and reduced to one rank then simply reform to be facing forwards and be conga lining the unit fighting them? Give them your flank and you would hold them up for longer? Anyone have an opinion on that? Did we play it correctly? It seems this way as the rules are written at least.

    Highborn Elves 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Ancient Dragon Charges the Daemon Prince and it’s pretty safe to say that he’s going to die. The Highborn Lancers declare a charge in to the rear of the Horsemen, it’s a long charge and the Horsemen need a 10 on the dice to get in. I could flee this charge but I decide to hold and hope that he fails the long charge as it would leave him open to the Bloodbeast charge and the Horsemen would be able to charge a Bolt Thrower. If the Lancers make it then I can just charge them with the Mauler Chariot taking out a scoring unit so it seems a win/win to me. The lancers make the charge though and come flying into the rear of the Horsemen.

    The other Lancers move to chaff up the Crushers.

    It’s another good roll of the Magic dice with 9 Power dice to my 5 Dispel dice. The Wizard casts Corruption of Tin on the Crushers and I let it through. The wizard follows it up with Word of Iron on the Lancers fighting the Horsemen but I dispel it.

    The Sea Guard reapers shoot at the Bloodbeast but both miss again, thanks to him being in the woods.

    The Lancers who charged the Horsemen kill 3 Horsemen on the charge and the Horsemen are unable to score any wounds back on them. I lose combat by 7 and need a double 1 which I don’t get. The Horsemen run and the Lancers pursue but don’t catch them, going only 5”.

    The Prince issues a challenge and the Daemon Prince has to accept. The Prince strikes first but as he only has 4 attacks he fails to hit with 3 of them (a pain I know only too well) and I am able to pass my Armour save with the remaining hit. The Daemon Prince strikes back and does 1 wound to the Dragon. The Dragon then gets to attack back and is able to knock the last wound off of the Daemon Prince, killing him. The Dragon turns to face the Crushers and the Citizen Spears turn to face the Chariot and Bloodbeast.

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Crushers charge the Lancers in front of them and I need to either kill them all or make them flee and hope I roll high on the overrun/pursue. At the moment the Dragon could reach the Crushers next turn and he would have no problem killing them, then in Turn 6 he kills the Barbarians leaving me with no scoring units.

    The Mauler Chariot charges the Lancers who flee, I never expect people to flee and it has caught me totally off guard, they need above a 9 on the dice though to get through the Spears and to safety and of course they make it. The Chariot fails it redirects and just rolls on forward but at least makes all its Dangerous Terrain tests.

    The Bloodbeast moves out of the woods to face the Bolt Throwers. The Horsemen, Fallen and the Warriors all fail to rally and keep running. The Sorcerer moves back round to the other side of his hill to see the Dragon.

    In the Magic Phase it’s 8 v 6 and the only target in range of the Sorcerer is the Dragon so the Sorcerer throws 5 dice at Quicksilver Lash on it. I roll 2 6s and get overwhelming power, my opponent lets it go. I only manage to do 1 wound to the Dragon which is a little bit upsetting, was hoping for more. For the miscast I roll a 3 for my D3 meaning I’ve scored 20. The Sorcerer forgets the spell and on a 4+ he dies, but luckily I roll less than a 4. I do end up rolling a 4+ for the Catastrophic Detonation though and take half wounds. Luckily I am able to make all my Armour Save throws for the Witch Fire so my Wizard is still alive, but barely. I daren’t risk casting anything else.

    In the only combat the Crushers destroy the Lancers and kill them all whilst suffering no wounds. For my overrun I get a double 6 and they are now out of the Dragons charge range, phew!

    Highborn Elves 5
    Display Spoiler

    The Citizen Spears declare a charge into the Bloodbeast, figuring he had a better chance of killing that than the Mauler Chariot but they fail the charge. The Lancers rally and the Dragon flies up to the rear of the Crushers.

    It’s 6 v 3 in the Magic Phase and the Highborn Elf Wizard is finally not in combat and I able to unleash some Magic Missiles so he starts off with a Silver Spike at the Bloodbeast but I dispel that one, next he casts Molten Copper on the Bloodbeast but fails to cast it.
    The Bolt Throwers both take aim at the Bloodbeast and with one shot one is able to slay the beast. The other Bolt Thrower then takes aim at the fleeing Horsemen and shoots at them, killing one of them.

    This is the first Highborn Elf turn with no combat and that’s what I like to see, combat all the time!

    Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    The Mauler Chariot charges the Spears because there is a very small chance that I might be able to break them, I need to kill 10 of them to break steadfast so if I can get a high roll on the impact hits it’s possible.

    I have a choice to make now, I can charge the Barbarians into the flank of the Dragon and although I’m unlikely to win combat I might be able to hold it up for a turn thus saving the Crushers. But as my General is dead and there’s no BSB they would be steadfast on a Ld 6 (thanks to the Fear of the Dragon). I decide it’s not worth the risk and march the Barbarians into the Deployment zone and get the objective.

    The Fallen rally and try to guard the pass so the Lancers can’t squeeze through without a fight. The Horsemen rally too but the Warriors don’t and flee off the table. I move the Sorcerer behind the wall to give him some cover from the Bolt Throwers. I should say at this point that I thought this was my last turn, I don’t know why, probably because I am so used to going first that I just assume that my opponent has the last turn so I treat this turn like it’s my last one, as does my opponent.

    It’s a good roll for the Magical Flux with a double 4. I cast Word of Iron on the Mauler Chariot to give him a 1+ Armour Save and my opponent lets it through. I put Alchemical Fire on the Lancers and I then cast Silver Spike on the Lancers and get Overwhelming power again! Despite getting re rolls to wound I’m only able to kill 3 of the Lancers and the unit is still alive, they also pass their panic test. I only roll a 1 for the D3 for the Miscast and luckily the Sorcerer suffers 0 wounds.

    The Mauler Chariot goes crashing into the Spear Elves and I only roll a 2 for the Impact hits and kill 2 of them, I cannot break the unit this turn now but despite only having 7 attacks left in the unit they manage to kill 6 more elves! The BSB attacks the Chariot and does a wound to it. The Citizen Spears then attack and although I know they get Lethal Strike against the chariot I’m not too worried as they only have 11 attacks but somehow they manage to get 3 wounds through on the Chariot, leaving it with 1 remaining.

    Highborn Elves 6
    Display Spoiler

    The Dragon charges the Crushers and the Lancers run for my deployment zone and just sneak in there.

    In the Magic Phase it’s 8 v6 and the wizard casts Corruption of Tin on the Crushers and I fail to dispel. He then follows it up with Word of Iron on the Spears which I have to let through but it’s unlikely to matter at this point.

    One Bolt Thrower shoots at the Fallen and kills him, the other one shoots at the Horsemen and kills them too.

    In combat the BSB is able to pick off the last wound on the Mauler Chariot and kills it before I can strike back. The Prince on the Dragon only inflicts 2 wounds on a Crusher so all three get to attack back. The Crusher Knights succeed in getting 2 wounds through on the Dragon and the Crushers get another one through as well, leaving it with 2 remaining, not enough to get any points but it makes me happy despite that fact. The dragon then attacks and does 4 wounds leaving one lonely Crusher who breaks and runs off the board.

    We end the game there unfortunately for me. Who knows what I could have achieved with that last turn. I could have sniped out the Dragon and got 1300 victory points for killing him or I could have killed the Lancers and got 3 Tournament points for getting the objective. I could have even charged the Spears with the wizard hoping to break them but knowing my luck I would have fail the Dangerous Terrain for going over the wall and died.

    The game ends with a 16 – 4 loss. Even though I absolutely kicked the crap out of the Highborn Elves there is still a lot of points left in that Dragon (1140) and in that Citizen Spear unit (1155) but I do get half points for the unit but it’s only 300.

    I really enjoyed that game and it swung both ways with a lot of luck on both sides. I like that I had choices to make and huge choices that would have made a big difference on the outcome of the game. I perhaps should have charged the Warriors into the Spears in turn 2 and the Chariot into the Sword Masters. Or if I had killed all the Sword Masters in one round of combat and didn’t have to pursue I could have sandwiched the Elves between the Mauler Chariot and Daemon Prince. Or if I issued a challenge with my Warrior unit Champion against the Dragon and kept him out of action for another turn I could have kept my Crushers alive and scoring. So many possibilities and such a swingy game. I really enjoyed writing this one up too.

    That is it for the Tournament though. I won Best Painted Army which is always a delight and isn’t that the real prize anyway? I didn’t win best warriors, missed out by 2 points! I finished 9th overall I think (out of 12), I can’t find the results at time of writing. It was a great event and as only a small handful turned up to Heat 1 we all get through to the Final, yay! There’s over 40 in the 2nd heat so they’re not all getting through, unlucky for them. I will write up the Battle for the Final so wish me luck. Thanks all for reading,

    Axel Vicious

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  • Agrem -

    "What are the odds of not rolling a 6 at 26 attempts?!"
    5/6^26 = 0,0087... ~0,9% ;)

    Great report as always!