Axel Vicious' Warriors at the UK GT Final

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  • Hello all.

    It’s time to write up another tournament where push about some angry red Warriors in a very aggressive manner and usually end up regretting it. Read on if you want to learn how to not to play the ninth age and may you all learn from my mistakes because I certainly don’t seem to be!
    So this weekend just gone was the UK GT Final, a 26 man, 6 game (6!) tournament in Stockport, UK. I have tweaked my list from what I took to the first heat but only slightly.

    Like many people I’ve been speaking I’ve kind of been a hobby slump lately with the imminent release of version 2.0 I’ve found it hard to get enthused about any games of 1.3. My army is far from optimal and I know the changes I need to make for it but that would involve painting some new models (a process that takes me hours and not something I take lightly), models that may end up being utterly useless shortly. So I’ve kind of been in a permanent state of hobby paralysis, wanting to write new lists and paint something but too scared to do it in case I paint something I will never be taking to a tournament ever again. Besides, I have a mountain of grey plastic and resin models to paint so I’ve been plodding my way through some of them (Monolith’s Conan board game is the latest thing on my painting table).

    I’m fairly happy with the list, everything has a role to play, some of them just don’t like fulfilling that role (I’m talking to you Dragon Centaurs!). If I could make the top half I’ll be very happy but it’s a tough field of players and it’s unlikely to happen.

    Game 1 I was drawn against an opponent I haven’t played since back in 8th Edition Warhammer where I managed to beat his whole Beastman Army with a single unit of Grail Knights, a truly epic feat never to be repeated! So I was looking forward to having a rematch. This time my opponent was using Undying Dynasties, not an army I’ve fought a lot but I have some experience against. His List:

    Nomarch: General, Glittering Cuirass, Brooch Of The Sun, Great Weapon
    Death Cult Hierarch: Hierophant Evocation Wizard Master
    Tomb Harbinger: Bluffer’s Helm, Great Weapon, Talisman Of Shielding
    2x1 Casket Of Phatep
    30 x Skeleton Archers: Musician
    3x10 Skeleton Archers
    3x5 Skeleton Scouts
    40 Necropolis Guard: Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Paired Weapons, Rending Banner
    3 Tomb Cataphracts: Musician, Ambush
    3 Tomb Cataphracts: Ambush
    Sand Scorpion
    2 Scarab Swarms

    So essentially there is a big unit of Necropolis Guard which will have WS5 thanks to the Nomarch and will have Hatred because of the Harbinger. The wise man would avoid that block and try and take out the rest of the army but I am not a wise man, I have only come along to the tournament to smash toy soldiers together and roll a lot of dice, so that’s what I intend to do! If I can weaken the block with Magic and then combo charge it in one glorious turn and wipe it off the board then I’m satisfied.

    For this tournament the deployment type and secondary objective is randomised each round and for this Game it is Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective is Break-through. My opponent has lots of drops and lots of scoring units but is hamstrung somewhat by the undead’s inability to march away from their general. The Tomb Cataphracts will be ambushing on to give my opponent two scoring units, as long as they come on before turn 4. My opponent only has a 1 Spell caster and gets the Hasten the Hour spell. My Sorcerer gets Word of Iron, Molten Copper, Corruption of Tin and Glory of Gold. My opponent doesn’t have any decent lone models to attack I don’t bother swapping any of them out for Quicksilver Lash. My main aim with magic is to weaken up the Tomb Guard with the Ring of Fire and Molten Copper. I can reduce the Armour of the Tomb Cataphracts if they get close enough to worry me.

    Display Spoiler

    As my opponent has so much chaff to drop I decide to just drop my army first and go first. My opponent then drops his whole army in the left hand corner meaning I have a bit of a trek to make to face him.

    We deploy as shown and I vanguard the dogs up, hoping to maybe get around to the rear and tackle a Casket.

    Warriors 1
    Display Spoiler

    I run the whole army forward. The Barbarians are on the right to just get the deployment and ensure I have at least one scoring unit in deployment zone. As the Warriors are so far away from the enemy I reform them and move towards the left hand side of the board.

    We go to Magic and it’s an average roll of 7 giving me 7 Power dice and 6 Dispel dice to my opponent. I start of by casting Molten Copper with 3 dice and get a double 6 straight away! My opponent lets it through and the spell kills 6 Necropolis Guard which is amazing given I didn’t have any re rolls to wound. The Miscast succeeds in killing a Horseman. I try to follow it up with the Ring of Fire but it’s dispelled.

    Undying Dynasties 1
    Display Spoiler

    Only one charge from the Undying Dynasties, the Scarab Swarms charge the Warhounds and I don’t fancy the dogs chances in this fight. One unit of Skeleton Cavalry run in front of the Dragon Centaurs. The Archers on the right step back a bit and the corner of the army swings round to face me.

    It’s a bad roll for the Magic from the undead with 4 Power Dice to the Hierarch and I successfully channel getting 4 dispel dice. The Hierarch starts off by casting Evocation of Souls on the Necropolis Guard, I have to let this through as I need to stop the Caskets from casting their spell and potentially killing my Daemon Prince in one go. So 4 Necropolis Guard come back from the grave. My opponent then 1 dices each Casket but I successfully dispel both.

    Onto Shooting and the Archers on the right both shoot at the Fallen and kill 2 of them. All the shooting on the left hand side (30 Archers, 10 Archers and 10 Skeleton Cavalry) only succeed in killing 2 Barbarian Horsemen.

    In the Clash of Titans between the Warhounds and the Scarabs the Warhounds inflict one wound on the Scarab Swarm and the Scarab Swarm kill 3 Warhounds, easily winning the fight. The Warhounds break from combat and beacuase of the way I removed casualties the Warhounds are fleeing through the Bloodbeast. The Scarab Swarm gives pursuit and catches the Warhounds but overruns into the Bloodbeast.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Dragon Centaurs charge the Skeleton Cavalry in front of them and that’s the only charge this turn. The Daemon Prince flies over the Bloodbeast, hoping to get to grips with the enemy next turn. The Crushers make their Frenzy check and run towards the left side of the board, I could have charged the Archers but their frenzy overrun would have taken them out of the game for two turns and I may need them. I push the Fallen, the Chariot and the Barbarians at the Archers on the right.

    It’s a big Magic Phase with 10 dice to me and 5 Dispel dice to the undead. I cast a boosted Word of Iron on the Dragon Centaurs and my opponent lets it though, I make the Necropolis Guard flammable and then cast Molten Copper on them again and for the second time roll 2 6s with 3 dice! I only succeed in killing 3 Necropolis Guard and the Miscast kills the last two Horsemen. All my other spell attempts are dispelled.

    In combat the Bloodbeast destroys the Scarab Swarm but does take a wound in return which is annoying. The Dragon Centaurs destroy the Skeleton Cavalry and I decide to overrun, hoping to bait out the Necropolis Guard so I can then hit them with the Warriors, Blood Beast and Daemon Prince. The Dragon Centaurs overrun 10” which is much higher than I wanted and now I fear I’ve sent them to their death.

    Undying Dynasties 2
    Display Spoiler

    With the Dragon Centaurs strung out far from my lines the Necropolis Guard seize upon the opportunity and charge them. No other charges, the rest of the army reforms to try and chaff me up next time. One unit of the Tomb Cataphracts comes onto the board and stays as far away from me as possible.

    It’s a good Magic Phase with 9 dice to the undead and 6 dispel dice to me. My opponent starts by casting Evocation of Souls on the Necropolis Guard, healing 4 more making my 2 miscasts utterly pointless as the unit is now only a man down! One Casket casts it’s spell at Daemon Prince which I dispel and the second one does the same but I fail to dispel it. I then have to take a Leadership test on 3 dice and lose wounds equal to the number on the dice that exceeds my Leadership of 9. Luckily I roll 4 on 3 dice, it’s good that my propensity for 1s pays off!

    The Archers on the right open fire at the Fallen and kill 2 more, leaving me with a lone model. The Shooting on the left all focus on the lone Sorcerer and are able to pick a wound off.

    In Combat the Necropolis Guard manage to kill all the Dragon Centaurs in one round before they can even strike back, I was hoping their 2+ Armour Save would keep at least one alive but sadly not. Even I wasn’t expecting the Necropolis Guard to be that lethal. The Necropolis Guard don’t overrun but stay put.

    Warriors 3
    Display Spoiler

    It’s time to start charging and the Daemon Prince kicks things off by charging the Skeleton Cavalry which will leave him closer to Caskets and also near the rest of the army. The Fallen charges the Archers and manages to not get shot to ribbons on the way in. The Mauler Chariot also attempts a long charge into the Same unit of Archers and makes it (needed an 11 on the dice). The Barbarians charge the other unit of Archers in the flank.

    The Bloodbeast has to make a noble sacrifice and throws himself in front of the Necropolis Guard, Maybe he can hold them up for a turn but I highly doubt it. The Crushers move closer to the action but are careful to stay away from the Archers who could chaff them up next turn. The Warriors move forward and the Sorcerer has to step away from the action and away from the Scorpion who has his beady eyes set upon him.

    It’s a poor roll on the Magical Flux with 5 dice to me and 4 to my opponent. The Sorcerer attempts to cast a boosted Word of Iron on the Bloodbeast but he fails to cast it. He then attempts to use the Ring of Fire but’s it’s easily dispelled.

    The Daemon Prince easily smashes apart the Skeleton Cavalry and turns to face the Caskets and the Necropolis Guard.

    The Mauler Chariot single headedly kills all the Archers before they can strike back. It then reforms to face across the battlefield but the Fallen have to overrun.

    The Barbarians kill 5 skeleton archers, who fail to kill any Barbarians, and then they crumble to dust. The Barbarians overrun to get into the Deployment Zone.

    Undying Dynasties 3
    Display Spoiler

    The Necropolis Guard charge the Bloodbeast and in a surprise move the big unit of Archers declare a charge into the Daemon Prince. After the Necropolis Guard complete their charge into the Bloodbeast the Archers are unable to complete their charge into the Daemon Prince as their wheel for the charge means the Necropolis Guard are in the way so it’s a failed charge from them.

    The Scorpion heads towards my Sorcerer and the Skeleton Cavalry just pivot, waiting to make a nuisance of themselves a key point no doubt. The small unit of Archers left move forward but not as far as they can because they are unable to chaff up the Crushers. The Tomb Cataphracts that came on last turn move towards the left and the second unit of Tomb Cataphracts comes on to the board from ambush, just in time to be scoring, damn! They are also looking dangerously close to my Warriors so I need to get them out of there!

    In the Magic Phase it’s 9 Power Dice to the undead and 7 Dispel dice to me. The Casket kicks things off by casting Phatep’s Curse on the Daemon Prince and my opponent rolls 15 on 3 dice. With such a high roll on a low number of dice I have to let it go through or risk using all my dice. Luckily my Daemon prince passes his 3 dice Leadership test, what a hero! The Hierarch casts Evocation of Souls on the Necropolis Guard but I dispel it. Finally the second Casket tries to cast Phatep’s Curse again but I dispel that one too, so a good Magic Phase for me.

    With the shooting somewhat limited this time around the Skeleton Cavalry and the small Archer unit open fire at the Warriors and are able to kill one of the iron clad Warriors.

    Onto combat and my opponent is trying to decide whether to get the Nomarch into the fray or to keep him safe and out of the combat. He decides to get the Nomarch involved, knowing that he has to kill the Bloodbeast this turn or face a flank charge from the Crushers if the Bloodbeast sticks around. The Necropolis Guard are striking first before the Bloodbeast and manage to inflict 3 wounds on the Bloodbeast which at least means he gets to strike back. As the Nomarch has a Great Weapon and is striking last I put all of the Bloodbeast attacks into the Nomarch, hopefully I can kill him before he can swing. The Bloodbeast inflicts 3 wounds on the bag of bones, which would be enough to kill most characters but not this guy! The Nomarch strikes back and only scores a single wound but that’s enough to take the behemoth down. If only those Scarabs hadn’t taken that wound off earlier! It all could have been so different. The Necropolis Guard pivot to face the Warriors and the Crushers.

    Warriors 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Time has finally come to smash the Necropolis Guard! I charge them with the Crushers, the Warriors and I throw in the Daemon Prince for good measure (someone has to fight those unit champions!). The Crushers fail a Dangerous Terrain test as they are just touching the woods.

    The Mauler Chariot turns to face the Tomb Cataphracts in case they decide to push on up the board. The Barbarians and the Fallen run down the back of the board and the Sorcerer is kind of hemmed in by the Scorpion and Tomb Cataphracts. I still want him to be able to cast spells to help out in the combat but don’t want him to die next turn so I keep him as far away from the Scorpion as I can whilst still being able to cast spells. He’s 11” from the board edge and If the Scorpion declares a charge against him I can flee and be safe as long as I don’t go 12”.

    I must be blessed by the actions of my angry minions as I get 11 Power dice in the Magic phase to my opponents 6 Dispel dice. I Start off by casting a boosted Word of Iron on the Warriors with 4 but my opponent dispels it. I then cast Corruption of Tin on the Tomb Cataphracts which my opponent lets through so I make the Necropolis Guard flammable. I then attempt to cast Glory of Gold on the Crushers with 4 dice but opponent dispels it with his 2 dice!

    Onto the battle we’ve all been waiting for! The Daemon Prince roars out a challenge and the unit Champion reluctantly steps forward before being smashed to dust for3 overkill! In hindsight I should have made the BSB issue the challenge and let the Daemon Prince get stomping the unit. I thought I only one Crusher involved in this combat (it should have been two mathematically but the movement trays made it look like one, doh!) so the Crusher Knight attacks the Nomarch and picks off his last wound, killing him! We forgot about the Mummy’s Curse rule which would have taken a wound off of the Crusher most likely but never mind, we forgot many a rule I think. The Warriors are up next and because the Crusher Knight killed the Nomarch at the same Initiative step as the Warriors the Necropolis Guard are still WS 5 for this round so I’m hitting them on 3s rather than 2s, they also have rerolls to wound thanks to the Flaming Standard. The Warriors kill 9 Necropolis Guard and now have to face the wrath of the undead elite.
    The Necropolis Guard put as many attacks as they are able onto my BSB (12 I believe) and successfully kill him in one go thanks to 3 Lethal Strikes! One file attacks the Crusher but does no wounds and the rest of the unit attacks the Warriors and reap a bloody toll, 13 Warriors die! The Crusher still has yet to attack and succeeds in killing 4 Necropolis Guard which was extremely useful as after all that slaughter it is a drawn combat and my guys are looking a lot weaker than my opponents. If I lost that combat then without the reroll from the BSB I may have been running away. I reform my units to get as much in combat as possible so now all the Crushers are in combat.

    Undying Dynasties 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Skeleton Cavalry charge the Crushers and the small unit of Archers charges into the melee as well but as they can’t see the Warriors they flank charge the Crushers. It looks like an odd charge but we decide that it can be done so in they go.

    The Scorpion charges the Sorcerer and I flee with him, just hoping not roll a double 6. I don’t even roll a single 6, in fact I roll 2 twos and a three and stumble away 5”. The Scorpion needs a 9 on the dice to catch me and succeeds in doing that. I didn’t see that coming, I thought he was easily safe, at least for another turn. There’s very little other movement to speak of, the Tomb Cataphracts are happy to just sit in my deployment zone now and I better hope I can somehow get the Crushers into my opponents deployment zone.

    It’s a small magic phase this turn with 5 Power dice to my opponent and 3 Dispel dice to myself. With all my major units embroiled in combat there’s not many options open to the Casket so my opponent casts Phatep’s Curse at the lone Fallen, I let it through and spectacularly fail the Leadership test this time and roll 16 (I’m so glad I haven’t rolled that with my Daemon Prince). My opponent then casts Evocation of Souls on the Necropolis Guard but I dispel that.

    The Archers have no targets to shoot at so we go straight to combat. The Daemon Prince roars out another Challenge and this time the Harbinger steps forward so I am at least going to get a decent fight this time. The Daemon Prince causes two wounds to the Harbinger and he gets to attack back and manages to cause a wound on the Daemon Prince. The Daemon Prince then Thunderstomps the Harbinger into the ground! I only have 3 Warriors remaining in the unit and they attack back hard this time and kill 7 Necropolis Guard. The Crusher Knights kill 3. The Necropolis Guard swing back and finish off the remaining Warriors and inflict 2 wounds on the Crushers, killing one. This takes the Skeleton Cavalry out of combat now. The Archers cause no wounds and then the Crushers get to attack. I have to split my attacks with these as I have to kill at least one Archer to stop them getting a super flank charge and adding +3 to their combat res so one Crusher attacks the Necropolis Guard, killing one, and the second Crusher attacks the Archers, killing 3. I win this combat by 8 which crumbles the Archers and takes 7 Necropolis Guard down as well leaving just 9 in the unit.

    Warriors 5
    Display Spoiler

    Not a whole lot left in my army now so I move the Mauler Chariot up a bit further hoping he may be able to help in the last turn.

    With the demise of my Sorcerer we move on to Combat and the Daemon Prince and Crusher Knights kill all bar one Necropolis Guard who manages to put a wound on a Crusher before getting killed by a Crusher. I reform to face the Archers but hoping the Daemon Prince can at least get a Casket in his last turn.

    Undying Dynasties 5
    Display Spoiler

    The Skeleton Cavalry move in front of the Crushers, stopping them from getting to the Archers.

    In the Magic Phase it’s a double 3 roll, so 6 to the undead and 3 to me. One casket casts Phatep’s Curse which I dispel but the second one get’s through on the Daemon Prince but I’m lucky again and pass my Leadership Test.

    The Archers shoot at the Daemon Prince but fail to cause any wounds.

    Warriors 6
    Display Spoiler

    The Crushers charge the Skeleton Cavalry and the Daemon Prince declares a charge against a Casket but fails to make it.

    The Crushers easily kill the Skeleton Cavalry and have to overrun through the woods but make their Dangerous Terrain checks.

    Undying Dynasties 6
    Display Spoiler

    It’s straight to Magic and it’s 9 dice to my 6. I dispel one casket but can’t stop the second which targets the Daemon Prince and for the fourth time I pass my Leadership Test, he is so lucky to have not succumbed to the Curse of Phatep.

    The Game end there and after victory points are toted up it’s a 11-9 win to the Undying Dynasties and they get the secondary objective for a 14- 6. There was a lot of points in my opponents Necropolis Guard unit so getting them helped me massively but they also probably scored back their points as they killed the Dragon Centaurs, Bloodbeast, Warriors and the BSB. An impressive haul for a single unit. I was foolish to send the Dragon Centaurs in to them, I should have just used them to score the objective and mop up chaff, they’re not there to be fighting elite infantry, they’re not that good!Or i was perhaps foolish to throw them out so early on when i needed another turn at l;east to get my army in position, i should have waited another turn and then sacrificed them.

    I had some bad luck with the Sorcerer getting run down but the fact that my Daemon Prince survived 4 Casket spells was such good fortune for me that I can’t really complain about bad luck. The BSB getting murdered so quickly was a shock but he was the one who should have been issuing challenges, not my Daemon Prince, my Daemon Prince is much better a killing Infantry than my BSB anyway. I had no answer to the Tomb Cataphracts so I was glad that my opponent used them just to score the objective, if they pushed on me I would have lost big.

    It was a fantastic game and I’m happy to lose that one because my opponent was a gent, it was a lovely painted army and at least I got a good scrap out of it! I now know not to underestimate the Necropolis Guard! Onto Game 2!

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  • Jimmy -

    Sorry I'm late to the party but thanks for posting up the battle report. It was an enjoyable read for someone who is thinking about taking a dive into 9th age with an old 8th edition Tomb King army.

    I really do enjoy your army and the fast moving elements it has in it and I'm off to read the rest of your reports.