Axel Vicious' Warriors at the UK GT Final - Game 3

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  • Into Game 3 and I was drawn against Orcs & Goblins and an opponent who is a friend of mine using a list of his I’ve fought in practice games running up to this tournie. His List:

    Feral Warlord: General; Waargh; Great Weapon; Plates Of Tuktek; Sprout Of Rebirth

    Feral Orc Shaman: Wizards Apprentice; 2 Spells; Shamanism; Waargh Paint

    Cave Goblin Chief: BSB; Shield; Bow; Light Armour; Talisman Of Shielding

    Common Goblin Witch Doctor: Wizards Apprentice; 1 Spell; Pyromancy

    Cave Goblin Chief: Gnasher Dasher Mount; Lance

    40 Cave Goblins: Full Command; Bow; Nets; 1 Mad Git

    40 Feral Orcs: Full Command; Paired Weapons; Bow

    20 Iron Orcs

    5 Gnasher Dashers

    39 Gnasher Herd

    Gnasher Wrecking Team

    2x1 Scrapwagon

    2x1 Skewerers


    Git Launcher

    From our practice games I came to the conclusion that the biggest threat by far is that pesky Gnasher Herd. Being S5 and having 2 Attacks each they can eat all my units up in one turn. They churn out so many attacks as well that if I just put up one of my units on it’s own against them they will just die, I’ll need to throw the kitchen sink at them to stop them!

    The Gnashing Wrecking team are also particularly annoying and need to be stopped at all costs. Hopefully the dogs can do that job adequately enough and failing that the Sorcerer. The Feral Orcs aren’t all that strong but there is so many bodies in that unit that I’m going to struggle getting through them all without some luck. There’s no way my Warriors can go toe to toe with them and win, the Feral Orcs will just grind me out due to their superior numbers. Even the Goblins are nothing to be sniffed at, those netters certainly make it tougher for my army to kill them quickly.

    Then there all the Warmachines and bow fire that will be constantly shooting me, making me have to get to grips with my enemy as fast as possible. Getting into combat with the Warmachines is difficult due to the wide frontage of the army and all the random movers as well, they make it difficult to sneak past.

    We roll for deployment type and it’s Refused Flank (diagonal) and Hold the Ground for the secondary objective. We roll our spells and I get Word of Iron, Molten Copper, Silverspike and Glory of Gold. My opponent gets Awaken the Beast and Break the Spirit (they always get that one!) on his Shamanism caster and for his Pyromancy caster he gets Pyroclastic Flow.


    Display Spoiler

    As we alternate deployments to begin with i realise I have to drop my whole army down first again to ensure I get first turn, if I don’t my opponent gets a free round of shooting at me. So I drop my army and then my opponent drops the remains of his, but it was already fairly obvious what his intentions were from the off. With my Vanguard I run the dogs up towards the Gnasher Wrecking Team.

    It is a lovely looking army too. My pictures do not do it justice. They're like swamp Orcs & Goblins, the Goblins are on a pier, The Feral Orcs have a unit filler Troll who has his own house and every model is slightly different. The Git Launcer is that big rock in the back ground with a bunch of paragliding Goblins climbing up. It is truly a site to behold.

    Warriors 1

    Display Spoiler
    No charges this turn but rather than just run straight at my the Orcs I decided to do a more cautious approach with the hopes of charging next turn. I run the Daemon Prince forward as far as I can hoping to use him to kill the warmachines as fast as possible. The Warhounds go straight for the Gnasher Wrecking team, with it’s random movement it’s a hard thing to catch as he can just move it away from the dogs as there’s not a great deal I can do about it except chase it. The Sorcerer and the Horsemen move behind the wall to give themselves some cover from the shooting.

    In the Magic phase I get 8 Power dice and my opponent gets 6 Dispel dice. I don’t have a great number of targets for my Magic Missiles from where my Sorcerer is placed so I start off by casting Silverspike on the Git Launcher but my opponent dispels it. I then cast Molten Copper on the Gnasher Herd and the Orc Shaman fails to dispel it. I kill 4 of them with the spell. I then follow it up with the Ring of Fire and burn 4 more Gnashers to death.

    Orcs & Goblins 1

    Display Spoiler

    No charges this turn so we go straight to the heart of the Orc & Goblin army, the random movers. The Warhounds are 13” away from the Gnasher Wrecking Team so my opponent decides to go straight for them and hopefully roll high enough to hit the Daemon Prince as well. On average it should fall short giving me a nice run at it with the Warhounds but this game isn’t decided on averages, the Gnasher Wrecking Team go 15”, easily hitting all the Warhounds and the Daemon Prince too. The Warhounds are obliterated and the Daemon Prince takes 8 hits but luckily most fail to wound and I ward save the ones that do. Now the Gnasher Wrecking Team is right in front of my army and in an excellent position, and I’m screwed!

    The Scrap Wagons go pumping forwards a good distance. The only other moves are the Gnasher Herd who come running forward and the Iron Orcs fill their gap in the lines.

    The Orcs get 6 Power dice in the Magic Phase and I get 4 Dispel dice. The Orc Shaman casts Break the Spirit on the Warriors and it’s a good roll so I have to let it through, I have no intention of charging the Warriors next turn anyway. Next the Goblin Shaman casts Pyroclastic Flow on the Daemon Prince but he fails to reach the casting value. Lastly the Orc Shaman casts Awaken the Beast on the Gnasher Herd and I dispel it, I couldn’t have that on going off.

    In the Shooting Phase the Feral orcs all shoot at the Daemon Prince but fail to cause any wounds with their 40 shots. The Goblins then open fire at the Bloodbeast with their shots and also fail to wound it. The War Machines open fire next and the Catapult and the Git Launcher both shoot at the Warriors, killing 4 of them. The Skewerer shoots at the Daemon prince and scores a wound but luckily the Daemon Prince makes his Ward Save.

    Warriors 2
    Display Spoiler

    It’s time to smash that Gnasher herd off the board. I charge them with the Bloodbeast, Mauler Chariot and the Crushers. The Crushers take a wound to Dangerous Terrain and the Mauler Chariot takes 2 wounds from the forest. I decide to charge the Daemon prince into the Skewerer to help eliminate their shooting a bit.

    I have to walk the Warriors backwards to get them away from the Gnasher Wrecking Team and hope that with it’s random movement it moves away from me and towards the Orcs. I move the Barbarians up to get the Gnasher Wrecking Team next turn if it doesn’t move very far. The Dragon Centaurs run up the flank, ready to flank the Feral Orcs if they come charging out.

    In the Magic Phase I get 7 Power Dice and my opponent get s 4 dice. I start off by casting a Silver Spike on 4 dice at the Gnasher Wrecking Team but fail to reach the minimum casting value of 10, sigh. I then try to cast Glory of Gold on the Crushers (and make the Gnasher Herd flammable) but my opponent dispels it.

    In combat the Mauler Chariot kills 5 Gnashers with Impact hits and the Charioteers kill 4 more. The Crusher Knights kill 7 Gnashers. I have now taken the Herd down from 39 to 21 so I’ve limited the attacks coming back at me somewhat. The Gnashers attack next and do 1 wound on the Mauler Chariot and 6 wounds on the Crushers, was really hoping they wouldn’t do that much damage to them. The Bloodbeast kills 4 more, the Crushers kill 2 more and the Mauler Beast kills 1 more. The Gnasher Herd automatically break from combat and explode but due to the tiny size of the remaining unit they do no wounds to any units.

    I then overrun with all units hoping to get them all into the Iron Orcs. The Crusher Knight makes it and then the Mauler Chariot fails to reach them despite only needing 6 on the dice. The Bloodbeast cannot actually get the Iron Orcs from his position so hits the building and stops. He’s in an awful position now, unable to do anything. I should have put more thought into my unit placement when I charged in and thought about potential overruns. If the Bloodbeast and the Chariot got in there would be a lot of dead Iron Orcs. Instead I have now gifted him my Crushers and a lovely flank charge on the Mauler Chariot.

    The Daemon Prince smashes the Skewerer apart and turns to face the Catapult.

    Orcs & Goblins 2

    Display Spoiler

    The Warlord declares a Waaargh and the Goblins flank charge the Mauler Chariot and as they do they throw out the Mad Git (We weren’t sure if this is how it works, any ideas if we played that right?)

    I thought the Dragon Centaurs were safe from the Feral Orcs but I was grossly mistaken, the Feral Orcs seize upon my mistake and charge into the Dragon Centaurs, because of the angle I have to accept the charge . If the Dragon Centaurs can stick though I have a lovely flank charge into the Feral Orcs from the Warriors.

    As if hearing my thoughts about the Warriors the Gnasher Wrecking Team decides that isn’t going to happen and with it’s random movement it moves right in front of the Warriors but luckily doesn’t touch them. Now if I want to charge the Feral Orcs I have to run through the Gnasher Wrecking Team.

    The Scrap Wagons move next, one goes for the Fallen but fall just short, the other moves around the house to get to grips with my army. The Gnasher Dashers head towards the Horsemen and the Goblin Hero comes out of hiding.

    It’s a similar Magic Phase to the previous Orcs & Goblins one with 6 Power dice to them and 4 to me. The orc Shaman starts off by casting Awaken the Beast on the Feral Orcs and I’m able to dispel it. He then casts Break the Spirit on the Dragon Centaurs and I can’t stop that one.

    The Catapult shoots at the Warriors and kill 2 more, taking off the back rank now. The Git Launcher shoots at the Bloodbeast and scores a hit, causing 2 wounds to the Monster. One Fallen dies to shooting from the Scraplings on the Scrap Wagon!

    In Combat the Iron Orcs kill the last Crusher but not before the Crusher Knight and the Crusher kill 3 Iron Orcs. They Reform to face the centre.

    The Goblins go next and successfully use their annoying nets making me reduce the Chariots strength by 1. The Charioteers and the Mauler Beast kill 4 goblins and the Goblins do no wounds to the Mauler Chariot. I still lose combat by 4 thanks to all the static combat res and the Mauler Chariot breaks and runs flees. The Goblins don’t pursue but reform to face the Warriors and the Chariot flees straight into the Mad Git and dies!

    The Feral orcs Inflict 3 wounds on the Dragon Centaurs and the Dragon Centaurs get to all strike back and kill 3 Feral orcs. The Warlord then gets to swing with his Great Weapon and causes 3 more wounds. The 2 remaining Dragon Centaurs kill 2 more Feral Orcs with stomps but they have lost combat. The Dragon Centaurs fail their break test and run and are pursued by the Feral Orcs who run them down.

    Warriors 3

    Display Spoiler

    That last turn was pretty brutal for me and it’s looking decidingley tough for me to win this now but I try none the less. The Daemon Prince charges the Catapult and the Fallen charge the Scrap Wagon.

    I have to get the Sorcerer out of the Horsemen unit so I can try and blast off that pesky Gnasher Wrecking Team, so I run him out to the right. The Bloodbeast has to leave the cover of the building so he can hopefully do something next turn. The Warriors walk backwards again, hoping that the Gnasher Wrecking Team goes somewhere else!

    The Magical Flux is not neing generous this game as I get 6 Power dice and the Orcs get 5 Dispel dice. I cast Silverspike on the Gnasher Wrecking Team and accidently get irresistible force. The spell goes off and only does 2 wounds to the Gnasher Wrecking Team leaving it alive on 1 wound. The Miscast does nothing to the Sorcerer thankfully. I can’t get any other spell off after that.

    The Fallen kill the Scrap Wagon and overrun and end right next to the other Scrap Wagon. The Daemon Prince kills the Catapult but the crew of the Catapult are able to get a wound on the Daemon Prince! The Daemon prince overruns but can’t reach the Git Launcher.

    Orcs & Goblins 3

    Display Spoiler

    There are no charges but in the Random Move sub phase the Scrap Wagon goes into the flank of the Fallen. The Gnasher Wrecking Team have to move in a random direction again and this time it takes them just through the corner of the Warriors, killing 4 of them but at least now the Gansher Wrecking Team is behind my unit. I get some luck at least as the Mad Git goes through the Iron Orcs and kills 4 of them.

    The Feral Orcs turn around to face the Warrior to shoot at them. The Gnasher Dashers are feeling a bit lost but move towards the Sorcerer.

    Another low roll on the Magic with 5 dice to the Orcs and 3 to myself. The Goblin Shaman kicks things off with a Pyroclastic Flow on the Sorcerer but fails to cast it. The Orc Shaman tries to cast Break the Spirit but I dispel it.

    The Feral Orcs and the Goblins open fire at the Warriors and with over 70 shots only kill 2 Warriors but it’s a loss that hurts as there’s only 5 and the BSB left now. The git launcher shoots at the Bloodbeast but misses. The Skewerer shoots at the Bloodbeast and scores a hit, it wounds him and does 3 wounds, slaying the beast!

    The Scrap Wagon kills all the Fallen on the charge.

    Warriors 4

    Display Spoiler

    I decide to charge the Barbarians into the Goblins, they’re unlikely to win this fight but you never know, they are certainly better than Goblins stat wise so could get lucky! The Goblins stand and shoot and kill 3 Barbarians. The Horsemen charge into the Scrap Wagon that killed the Fallen. The Daemon Prince carries on his Warmachine killing spree by charging into the Git Launcher.

    The Warriors are now far too weak to even think about fighting the Feral Orcs so I have to back away and hope they fail the charge.

    I finally get a good magic phase but it’s too little too late by this point I think. I get 11 power dice to the Orcs’ 7 dispel, thanks to a channel. I start off with Silver spike on the Goblin Hero riding the Gnasher and my opponent faisl to dispel it and I kill him. I then try to get off a boosted Word of Iron on the Barbarians as a 4+ is better than a 6+ but I fail to cast it. I then try Glory of Gold on the Barbarians but my opponent dispels it, damn!

    The Daemon Prince kills the Git Launcher and turns to face the Goblins. The Horsemen do 3 wounds to the Scrap Wagon who fails to do any wounds back. The Scrap Wagon breaks from combat and the Horsemen are able to catch it but they are dangerously close to the Iron Orcs now.

    With the Barbarians I put as many attacks as I can into the Shaman and the BSB and the rest into the unit. I manage to kill the Shaman but nothing else. The Barbarians suffer 2 casualties and lose combat by 2. The Barbarians fail their Ld 7 Break test and run away. The Goblins are in hot pursuit and catch them!

    Orcs & Goblins 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Iron Orcs charge the Horsemen, I could flee it but there’s little point as the Iron Orcs are so close anyway.

    The Feral orcs charge the Warriors in the front (needed a 10 on the dice and got it). The Goblins come barrelling into the side of the Warriors too as they got a lot closer to them after chasing down the Barbarians. The Mad Git and Gnasher Wrecking Team do nothing despite the Gnasher Wrecking Team having a lovely shot at the flank of the Feral Orcs!

    It’s a very low Magic Phase with 3 dice vs 2. The orc Shaman uses the three dice to cast Awaken the Beast on the Feral Orcs and I fail to dispel it.

    The Skewerer shoots at the Sorcerer but misses.

    The Iron Orcs kill 2 Horsemen who don’t kill any Iron orcs in return. The horsemen lose combat and break, the Iron orcs pursue but don’t catch them.

    The BSB issues a challenge in his fight against the hordes of Greenskins and the Goblin Champion steps forward. The BSB quickly flattens the champion. The Warriors manage to kill 7 Feral Orcs but are then promptly butchered by the Feral Orcs. The BSB actually manages to his break test as he only lost by 2 this round.

    Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Daemon Prince is too far away to do anything this round so I just move him up towards the goblins and away from the Skewerer. The Horsemen fail to rally and run off the board.

    In the Magic Phase I’m only able to get one spell off, Word of Iron on the BSB to give him a 1+ rather than a 2+.

    We then go straight to combat and the BSB issues another challenge and low and behold, the Feral Orc Champion steps forward this time, I then promptly murder him too but there is just too much static combat res knocking about this (8 I believe) for my BSB to take. I lose combat by 4 and break. The Feral Orcs pursue but don’t manage to catch the BSB who escapes.

    Orcs & Goblins 5

    Display Spoiler

    This turns out to be our last turn as we have run out of time now, which suits me fine. The only thing of note that happens this turn is that the General charges out of the Feral Orcs and towards the BSB, the BSB doesn’t flee far enough and he is caught by the General. The Goblins then march onto the objective and claim the secondary.

    We end it there and I have lost 14 – 6 on Victory points and with the objective going to the Orcs it was 17 – 3 victory to him.

    Unlike the last game I have only myself to blame for this defeat, I made a couple of key mistakes that cost me the game. The first was the charge into the Gnasher Herd and not thinking about how my units would overrun, If I had thought about it I would have had the Bloodbeast and Mauler Chariot on the right and the Crushers on the left so all three could have gone into the Iron Orcs (if they made their overrun obviously) if all three got in the Iron Orcs would have been devastated.

    The second mistake was the incredibly poor use of my Daemon prince, instead of wasting him hunting Warmachines (a role he is grossly over qualified for) I should have charged him straight into the Feral Orcs turn 2. He should be able to kill the Warlord and then the unit would not be able to hurt him as they would only be Strength 3. He probably could have sat their all day happily killing Feral Orcs whilst everything else would have just had to focus on killing Goblins. Although, killiing that Goblin Unit is no small feat, those netters in their make them surprisingly hard to kill and if they can get Awaken the Beast on the Toughness then it becomes a very different fight.

    I was unlucky with the Gnasher Wrecking Team making it into the Warhounds Turn 1, that left the Gnasher Wrecking Team in a great place in front of my army and left my Warriors unable to move for two turns whilst the rest of the Orcs & Goblins shot them to bits. Hunting Random movers is always tricky business though and sometimes you have to get close and take the gamble because its all too easy for them to just stay out of your march range and wait until the key time to strike.

    Again though, always nice to play a against a nice army that someone has put a lot of time and effort into.

    So Day 1 ended with three losses and only accumulating 11 points. Maybe Day 2 would hold better fortune for me….

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Comments 3

  • Nazgob -

    Really good bat rep. You guys have lovely armies and you made a good write up. The maps for unit positions are great.

  • Fleshbeast -

    Bugger. Agree that your DP was on holiday with those warmachines mate. But game-3-itis is always a difficult burden.

    Seriously good looking armies though! You seem to draw against quite a few really hobby intensive armies mate. :)

    • AxelVicious -

      One of the perks of being bad at this game and ending up on the bottom tables is that you end up playing fellow hobbyists who put painting above gameplay. My opponent in this game had the same problem as me, he had a lovely looking army that fitted the list but was unable to alter it in meaningful way as the movement trays are all set at the same size and it takes too long to paint new units to change with the meta. Not to say you an't be a great painter and good player too, i think being able to speed paint to a high standard is the key.

      I totally wasted my Daemon Prince and during the game it didn't even occur to me that i should be doing something else with him. I just had it in my head "kill the warmachines"!