Battle Report 14 Vampire Covenant vs Saurian Ancients

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Comments 2

  • Vespacian -

    Love your bat reps. Having gotten a chance to try out the new ghoul star do you think it's fairly priced? I would expect something that can do 23 wounds to temple Guard with scrying up would cost 1500+ pts with the character.

    • Dark Wizard -

      Thanks! I do think it cold be slightly higher in points. The lord ghoul combo comes out at 1393 points. We math hammered it and the ghouls should have done 15 wounds with 3 from the lord for 18 wounds. The wraiths should do 3 wounds too. So I was a little above average on the rolling and Karen had bad save rolls. The ghast bunker with T6 from Shamanism and regen 4+ from CW may get nerfed 1st. I felt bad about both her monsters and warriors bouncing so hard.